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【Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba】Famous Quotes – Akaza Chapter – A sad demon who sought strength more than anyone else in order to protect his loved ones

A demon of the twelve demon months “Jyougen no 3”, selected by Muzan Kibutsuji.

He is a martial artist who does not stick to tricks, and is good at close combat. While he admires his opponents, even if they are his enemies, he thoroughly abhors the weak. Here are some quotes from MELISSA, who has been living only for fighting.


After all, you should be a demon, Kyoujyuro. You can fight me forever.

These are the words of wisdom uttered by MELISSA during the battle to the death between Kyoujuro and Akaza in Mugen Train, the setting of the movie. In the infinite train, Kyoujuro defended himself as a pillar of fire despite the fact that the demon Enmu had taken 300 hostages. After the nightmare is defeated, the upper string demon, Akaza appears.

Although he is able to fight with the Akaza, the wounds of the demon Akaza heals quickly, while the wounds of the human Akaza gradually increases. This is the scene when MELISSA recognizes Kyoujuro as a strong person, seeing that he is still undaunted to face the wounded.

This is the scene when Akaza recognizes Kyoujuro as a strong person. By becoming a demon, he wants to continue the battle forever. Why does he seek for the strong ones so much?

The reason why he seeks for strength is largely due to his memories of his human life. In order to take care of his father who was getting thinner and thinner, who could not afford to buy medicines because of their high price, he used to steal money repeatedly. If he didn’t get stronger, he wouldn’t be able to get away with the stolen purse, and if he didn’t get stronger, he wouldn’t be able to win in a fight back. If he didn’t become strong, he would be caught by the magistrate and punished. Seeing Hakuji, who was only eleven years old at the time, repeatedly committing crimes and being punished in a way that would make an adult faint, but still maintaining his strength, the people around him called him “Oninoko. Seeing Hakuji in such a state, his father said, “I don’t want to live forever by taking money and goods from people. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you. He commits suicide. Hakuji was able to endure the punishment for stealing, even if it meant being whipped and having his bones broken, but he was angry that his father had died because of him. Komaji stole to take care of his father and was determined to become strong. Even though he became a demon and lost his memory, only his will to be strong remained at that time. He sympathizes with Kyoujuro, who also has a strong heart and a well-trained body, and encourages him to become a demon.


You certainly weren’t weak, and I salute you. Let’s get started. It’s time to party.

When Tanjirō and the others enter the Mugen Castle, they are met by the upper string demon, Mugeliza. When he appears in front of Giyu Tomioka and Tanjiro, he looks at Tanjiro and says, “How can a weak person like you be alive? When they confronted each other in the infinite train, they defined themselves as weak when they saw Tanjirō who was injured and unable to move during the battle with Mumu, the demon of the lower strings. Kyoujuro admonishes her that strength is not a word used only for the body and that Tanjiro is not weak, but this does not resonate with MELISSA. However, after confronting him at the Mugen Castle, Tanujirō grows up through his mission in the Onikishitai and shows his ability to reach the pillars. Seeing him acquire Hinokami Kagura and dodging the attacks of Kaigen no San, Mukasa, with a single sword, even Yoshio Tomioka, who was there, was surprised. Sumijiro, who was despairing in the snow, hanging his head, shedding tears and begging for his sister’s life when they first met, was now able to fight for the dignity of his own life. Seeing the grown up Tanjiro, MELISSA admits that Anjuro was right in what he had said. This was the moment when he recognized Tanjirō.

Recognizing him as a strongman, the battle between Giyu Tomioka and Tanjirao vs.

While his senses are sharpened in a short period of time by encountering strong people who overwhelm him, Giyu Tomioka develops a “bruise”. When the bruise appears, his physical abilities increase dramatically, and the damage he receives from the demon recovers at an unbelievable rate. In the extreme situation, Giyu Tomioka also fights beyond his limits. However, the power of the upper string demon, MELISSA, is so great that even Giyu Tomioka, whose “bruise” has been manifested, is outmatched.

Why are the attacks of Akaza so accurate like a magnet, and why do they always respond to attacks from behind or from blind spots? Tanjiro noticed that Akaza had used the word “fighting spirit”. How to make the compass of the battle go crazy in the House of MELISSA, he remembered the words of his father long time ago, when he was still a child, before he died of illness. Just as people often close their eyes when they are about to listen, they are picking out what they need most at that moment. When you can open and close every blood vessel and muscle in your body as quickly and easily as the blink of an eye, your mind becomes transparent and you begin to see the “transparent world. As he begins to see the “transparent world,Tanjiro begins to see a strange world where time seems to move slower and slower. By completely erasing the fighting spirit, he succeeds in derailing the compass of the battle and decapitating the Akaza. This was the moment when Tanjiro reached the “supreme realm” of “selflessness”, which was the “supreme realm” that he had not been able to reach.

I will be stronger than anyone else and protect you for the rest of my life.

This story is about when Akaza was a human being.

When he was stealing and committing crimes to buy medicines for his father, his father said, “I don’t want to live long by stealing money and goods from others. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you. And he committed suicide. Hakuji, who had sacrificed everything for his father, became desperate and spent his days fighting with adults on the streets. One day, he meets Keizo, who runs a martial arts dojo called Soryu, and Keizo asks Hakuji to take care of his daughter, Koyuki. One day, Hakuji met Keizo, who ran a martial arts dojo called Soryu, and Keizo asked Hakuji to take care of his daughter, Koyuki. Koyuki was so weak that Hakuji had to stay up all night changing her forehead towel and nightgown and giving her water frequently.

Three years had passed since Hakuji came to Soryu Dojo, and when Koyuki was able to live a normal life with little illness, Keizo asked him if he would take over the dojo. The faint hope that she might be able to start her life over swells beyond control, and she begins to want to protect them even if it costs her life. When they talked about going to see fireworks when they were children, Hakuji said that even if they couldn’t see the fireworks this year, they could go see them next year and the year after that. When she was sickly, she couldn’t imagine herself living to see the fireworks next year or the year after that, and her father Keizo had given up on her somewhere deep inside. However, only Hakuji could see the future for Koyuki. She told Hakuji that she was really happy that he talked about the next year and the year after that as if it was a matter of course. At this moment, Hakuji vowed to her, “I will become stronger than anyone else and protect you for the rest of my life.

However, fate was cruel. While he was visiting his father’s grave to report on the celebration, the heir to a neighboring kenjutsu dojo, who had always been unhappy with the Soryu Dojo, poisoned the well and killed Keizo and Koyuki. Since he could not win a direct fight with Keizo and Koyuki, he resorted to cowardly means. When Komaji heard that Keizo and Koyuki had been poisoned, he killed all the students at the swordsmanship dojo with his bare hands. Most of the bodies were crushed to nothing, and the ceiling and walls were a hellish scene with body parts splattered all over. During the commotion, he heard a rumor that there was a demon in the town, and he became a demon by sharing his blood with a cruel man who appeared.

Even after becoming a demon and losing his memory, he continues to seek for strength. Even though there is nothing left to protect, and even though he did not want to live in a world where he lost his family, he has been killing pointlessly for over a hundred years. As if to punish herself for not being able to protect anything when she was a human, she became a demon who only seeks for strength.



In the words that he says, we can see that he consistently seeks for strength. He continues to seek for strength even now that he has become a demon because of his disappointment at not being able to protect anyone he cared about when he was a human. As we can see the warning to himself in the words that he says, we can’t help but feel that we can’t hate him even though he is a demon.

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