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【 Voice Actor】Announcing the top 10 characters played by Kenichi Suzumura! What is the rank of that character from Onimei no Blade?

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We have a special feature on Kenichi Suzumura, a popular voice actor with a career spanning over 25 years, husband of Maaya Sakamoto, and a well-known president!
We’ve picked out 10 of the most popular characters that Mr. Suzumura has played so far, and compiled them in a ranking format!

No.10:Romani Archiman

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A character in “Fate/Grand Order,” a game application that began distribution in 2015 and was adapted into a TV anime in 2019.
He is a young doctor who belongs to the “Human Continuity Assurance Organization Finis Chaldea” and is the head of the medical department.
He leads the journey of the protagonist Fujimaru Ritsuka and Marsh Kirielight in their search for the Holy Grail.

He has a good sense of humor and often speaks and acts in a light-hearted manner, but he is also the central figure who tirelessly manages the activities of Chaldea.
She and Leonardo da Vinci (CV: Maaya Sakamoto) are bad friends, and when they see an opportunity, they communicate as if they were husband and wife.

Ms. Suzumura has a long history with TYPE-MOON, starting with her role as the main character, Tono Shiki, in “Shingetan Tsukihime” broadcast in 2003.
Since then, she has been involved with TYPE-MOON’s works in several roles including this Romani.

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No.9:Kokuto Mikiya

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A main character in the theatrical anime “Kara no Kyoukai,” which ran from 2007 to 2013.
He is a former classmate of the main character Ryogi Shiki, a young man who dropped out of university after meeting the puppeteer Aozaki Touko, and ended up working at her office “Garan no Dou”.
He is an ordinary person with no particular abilities, but he is warm and caring, and has a single-minded love for Shikishi.

Mr. Suzumura has played many main characters in the 2000s, but at that time, there were relatively many so-called “ordinary people” main characters.
The same can be said for Junpei Manaka in “Ichigo 100%” and Yuichi Ebisuzaki in “The Half Moon Rising Sky.
There are also many characters with glasses, such as Shiki and Joji Ushinomiya from “Umineko no Naku Koro ni”.

No.8:Hideyoshi Hikaru

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A main character in the 2006 broadcast of Ouran High School Host Club.
A member of the host club and older brother of the Tokoroin Brothers.
He has a devilish personality, likes to play pranks, is a troublemaker who often causes trouble, is jealous and short-tempered, and gets into trouble when he doesn’t get his way.

In the beginning, he often pranks the main character, Haruhi Fujioka, and shows his douchey side, but he gradually becomes attracted to her.

In the first half of the 00’s, Suzumura-san often played quiet and timid looking characters, but from the middle of the 00’s, he started to play more twisted and light-hearted handsome characters.
The same can be said for Rabi in “D.Gray-man” and Chika Akatsuki in “ZOMBIE-LOAN”.

No.7:Mrasakibara Atushi

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A character from “Kuroko no Basket”, which aired from 2012 to 2015.
A first-year student at Yosen High School who stands 208cm tall and is a member of Kiseki’s generation.
His position is center.

He doesn’t understand the fun of basketball and continues to play because he has talent, but he hates to lose and practices more than others.
However, he hates to lose and practiced more than others. He is basically a slow learner when it comes to anything other than basketball, and seems to have a childlike personality.

Tsubaki Asahina from “Brothers Conflict” is also the type of person who works hard at what she is good at and is completely useless at everything else.

No.6:Asuka Shin

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The main character of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, which aired from 2004 to 2005.
Born and raised in the neutral nation of Orb, he is a second-generation co-designer who lost his family in the war and joined ZAFT with a traumatic experience.
He becomes the pilot of the Impulse Gundam and clashes with the main characters of the previous game, Aslan Zala and Kira Yamato.

His antagonism with Aslan and his friends, who had a large number of fans due to the popularity of the previous work, his personal directness and selfishness, and the fact that he was not the main character made him quite unlikable, and at the time of broadcast, Mr. Suzumura received letters of criticism.
For this reason, despite being the main character of a mega-hit, not many people consider Shin to be his masterpiece.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the sympathetic view of Shin as a “poor protagonist who became a victim of the script.



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