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【HELLO WORLD】 “SAO” Ito Tomohiko’s new work is a new dimension original theater animation that made use of 3D

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“HELLO WORLD” released in the fall of 2019 as a new film directed by Ito Tomohiko, well known for sword art · online, was compiled!
We will deliver together the profile of the production staff and the current state of 3D technology that will be used in this work as well!

“SAO” Director Tomohiko Ito’s latest work

The original animation “HELLO WORLD” released in fall 2019 is a movie work directed by Ito Tomohiko for the first time in 2 years.
As of December 2018, titles, image visuals, and main staff have not yet been clarified.
In the comment that Director Ito announced at the first report of the opening decision, it says “I will do my best until completion so that it will be an entertainment work that will be enjoyed by people all over the world!”, Content that many people can enjoy as an entertainment work It is suggested that it will become.

Speaking of Ito, the first work of the 2012 broadcast recorded a big hit and since then it is famous as a director of the long-lasting “Sword Art Online” series, but the start of career belongs to Mad House and progress of production He seems to have served.
After that, he turned to a director and supported the director Mamoru Hosoda as an assistant director in 2006 “Summer Wars” published in 2006 “Summer Wars”.
I talked about it in a later interview that Mr. Hosoda learned about “Attitude to stand up to the movie”.

The first director’s work is the “Occult Academy at the end of the century” of the 2010 broadcast.
Although it was original animation, it was originally planned to be directed by Hiroyuki Kitagakubo, so it seems that it was before the appointment of Director Ito as a plan.
As this “Academy at the end of the century” gained a high evaluation, it became a supervisor of SAO of the same A-1 Pictures production, and it will be a great success.

After that he also served as a director in “Silver Spoon of Silver” and “City where I am Not the Only” and I was highly praised for being selected as a recommended work by the Jury Committee of the Media Arts Festival Animation Division of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in my town.
“Theatrical version Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale -” published in 2017 recorded a box office income of 2.5 billion yen (worldwide 4.3 billion yen) and now attract attention not only from TV animation but also from the film industry It is.

Production is “Ginnika of Paradise Expulsion”

出展 :

As an element suggesting what animation “HELLO WORLD” will be, the point that the company responsible for animation production is GRANNICA can be mentioned.
That’s because Gra- nika is a production company whose main business is the 3DCG team and whose main business is 3DCG video / VFX production.
Therefore, “HELLO WORLD” is very likely to become a work using 3DCG.

The establishment of Graphico is 2009.
Although it was originally Gonzo’s digital image department, it was handed down as Gonzo’s management slumped, and it became a comprehensive digital studio which also deals with 2D and 3D.
Immediately after its establishment, CG production of TV animation and theater animation began, and after 2010, a lot of popular works such as “Girls & Panzer”, “Theatrical version Macross F Love away airfly ~ Sayonara no Tsubasa ~” “Strike Witches Theater version” I am working on 3DCG.

At this point it was an impression that “a special company that undertakes the 3DCG part in the animation”, but from 2011 it will be producing as a primitive, and in 2014 Mr. Seiji Mizushima director, CG animation “Exposed paradise – Expeled from Paradise -” got a very high reputation, dramatically improving the name recognition as a production company.

In the animation industry, 3D animation has increased its presence year by year, and in recent years full-CG popular works such as “Jewelry Country” and “High Score Girl” have come to frequent in TV animation too.
In the past, 3DCG was an image that “expression looks like a doll”, “movement is unnatural and eerie”, “there is sense of incongruity in appearance”, but the expression of “Celluk” that pulls 3DCG to the 2D animated visual and 3D expression of 2D animation “Facial animation” to reproduce with the evolution of 3D CG characters of texture similar to 2D animation has been made.
It is expected that utilization of 3DCG will increase in the future because it has merit of animation such as “can move null null” and “drawing is stabilized”, and it has merit in terms of management which can increase cost performance in total.

Currently, digital studio specializing in 3DCG such as Sanzigen, Orange, Polygon · Pictures, White group, Sublimation etc is playing the original promise as well as Graphico.
There are many cases where the digital division is spinning out and becoming independent from major animation production companies, and the digital studio entering the original order will increase further in the future.
Among them, it is important to note how much presence GRANNICA can demonstrate with “HELLO WORLD”.



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