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【3DS】20 Nintendo 3DS software recommendations that you should play at least once!

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Recently, the Nintendo Switch, which can be enjoyed both as a handheld and as a video game, has been changing the way portable game consoles are used.
Although the Nintendo Switch is the most powerful portable game console in terms of graphics and game volume, it is still far behind the Nintendo 3DS, which has been the leading portable game console for many years, and there are still many software titles that can be enjoyed only on the Nintendo 3DS.
Here is a lineup of software from the Nintendo 3DS that can be played for a long time and is still fun to play, based on scenarios, game systems, and challenging elements.

Dragon Quest VIII: The Sky, the Sea, the Earth, and the Cursed Princess

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This is the first “Dragon Quest” game to use 3D graphics with a lot of depth, and you can fully enjoy the royal RPG story that is the origin of the series.
In order to save the princess and the king from being transformed by the clown Dolmages, the protagonist and his friends set out on a journey to save the world.
The game also features an alchemy kiln where you can develop items, additional scenarios after clearing the game, and other challenging elements that allow you to enjoy the world of Dracula for a long, deep time.

The Authentic Descent of the Goddess DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY

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It is a millennium work created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of “the Authentic Descent of the Goddess.” It maintains the unique features of the series, such as an abandoned mine world set in the near future and a wide variety of demons, while providing a moderate level of difficulty and a well-balanced game system that makes it easy to play even for those new to the series.
This is a remake of a game that was originally released on the Nintendo DS, and the 3DS version has made it even easier to play.

Xenoblade 3DS

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It has a vast collection of fields and characters that can be played for a long time and is full of challenging elements.
The game features an original worldview, and in keeping with the game’s concept that the world is spread out over the wreckage of two giant gods that pierce the heavens, the arms, legs, and backs of the gods are set in various areas.
The combination of the beautiful graphics and the original world view makes the world of “Xenoblade” a powerful experience.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: The Mysterious Mysterious Key of Il and Luca

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The scout attack, blending, and skill system, all of which were popular in “Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2” of the same series, have been adopted.
The blending system, including reincarnation monsters and newborn blending, has also been redesigned to make the game more challenging.
By acquiring clothes in the game, you can change the main character’s clothes, which allows you to enjoy customizing the character in addition to the game system unique to the series.

Fantasy life LINK!

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This is an RPG with a cute design released by Level-5, the game maker known for “Yokai Watch”.
The player selects an occupation with different characteristics called “Life”, and can enjoy the game world more realistically by defeating enemies in the field and creating things with the manufacturing type of Life.
The entire game, including the scenario and game system, is designed to be simple, but its cute design makes it enjoyable for both children and adults.

Luigi’s Apartment

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In this action game, you control Luigi, a popular character from “Super Mario Bros.
The vacuum cleaner can suck in not only ghosts, but also items and elements, which can be used to attack with fire, ice, and other attributes.
In addition to the unique action of sucking up monsters with a vacuum cleaner, the game also has a moderately difficult puzzle-solving element, making it suitable for a wide range of users, from children to adults.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

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The basic concept of creating and playing with stages from “Super Mario” has been retained, but a new “Super Mario Challenge” has been added to the “Play” mode, in which players aim to complete all 100 courses.
Creating and playing is the most important feature of this game, and it can be enjoyed by both children and adults as they can freely create and play from low to high difficulty stages.
In the 3DS remake of the WiiU version, there are a few features that were removed from the original version, but this has streamlined the game itself and made it more playable.



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