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【Voice Actor】 Yusuke Shirai’s official channel! 4 Recommended Videos for the Shiraim Channel!

Recently, the number of celebrity youtube channels has been increasing. Voice actors are no exception to this trend and many of them, such as Yuki Kaji and Natsuki Hanae, have started their own channels.
Among them, we’d like to introduce the appeal of “Shiraiimu Channel” which boasts 213,000 registered users.

What is the Shiraimu Channel?

This is a youtube channel of Yusuke Shirai, as you may know. He plays Yamato Nikaido from “Idolish Seven” and Ranka Amemura from “Hypnosis Mike”. The name “Shiraimu” is taken from his nickname.

Too many different video content

Most youtube channels have a specific theme, such as live gameplay, but Shiraimu’s channel has a variety of topics ranging from making cola to quiz sessions with guests.
However, Shiraimu Channel, however, challenges various things such as cola making and quizzing with guests.
I’m sure you’ll agree that the concept of this channel is “a personal channel where people can freely and spontaneously try out various fun things.
It’s hard to predict what the next one will be about, so we’re looking forward to seeing what it will be about. (*The update is scheduled for Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm.

Did you miss it? 4 Recommended Videos

Many videos have been released on the Shiraimu Channel since the channel was launched in March 2020.
It’s hard to decide which videos to watch first, isn’t it?
Sometimes the videos with the most views are shown as recommended videos, and you may have already watched them.
This is why the number of views is low compared to other videos. But if you’re missing out, you’re missing out…” here are four videos that have low views compared to other videos.

When a voice actor goes all out with a drone….

‘Outbreak: Yusuke Shirai vs. Drone Tug-of-War and he gets attacked by a drone’

Mr. Shirai plays tug-of-war with the drone indoors. He asks his manager to operate the drone, but he can’t do it right and is attacked by the drone. The result of the tug-of-war is what the video is about.
The highlight of the video is Shirai-san’s flailing around after being attacked by a drone.
It’s something you don’t get to see very often, where you can watch from the sidelines as a good (voiced) adult is swept up by a drone.

A man throwing an axe while shouting the name of a voice actor

「[Runaway] Voice actor Yusuke Shirai awakens to wildness」

Mr. Shirai goes to a restaurant where he can legally enjoy “what not to do” as much as he wants. For starters, he starts throwing an axe.
He tries to throw the axe while shouting his special move, but before he knows it, his words are the names of the voice actors… Check out the video to see who’s name they’re shouting.
Starting from the second half of the video, the voice actors of the Ikebo voice cast do their best to make their insane behavior look good.

You whisper sweet words to that head….

「Professional voice actors and apologetic Damije’s own work.」

Mr. Shirai started making his own Damihae because he couldn’t use the dummy head microphone in his office.
He attached a binaural microphone to his head, prepared a paintbrush and a wig, and created his original Damihae. In the middle of the session, Mr. Shirai boldly put brushes into the head, and it was a bit chilling to see what would happen, but a very solid Damije was completed.
I heard that his parents are art supply store owners, and he is also a good painter.
However, his appearance makes you want to ask, “Are you whispering sweet nothings into his head?
To see the full picture, please watch the video.

Fascination? The “Shirannyan” episode of

「If Yusuke Shirai were a cat [Working Form Imitation Video]」

Lastly, I would like to recommend the “Shiranian” episode.
Here is a video of Mr. Shirai at a cat cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, where he is pretending to be a cat for nearly 30 minutes. Rather than Mr. Shirai playing with the cat, the cat is observing Mr. Shirai from a distance.
The cat which stands gracefully and Mr. Shirai who tries to act as a cat in it.
If you play it back, you might be able to spend a relaxing time….
It looks like there may be more to come, but for now, this is the only episode of the series that I don’t know about.

In addition, this is the only one of the archived live streaming
Archived] Live for the 200,000th anniversary! Live negotiations with that very popular voice actor & a big announcement! Mr. Shirai himself introduces the recommended videos like an audio commentary.


Due to the social situation, many voice actor channels have been opened. Among them, one of the most appealing things about the Shiraiimu channel is that you can see how he is groping and challenging himself to do interesting things.
We are grateful for this channel because it shows us the appeal of Mr. Shirai’s ability to go all out and have fun with things he is interested in outside of his main job.

I’m looking forward to seeing more videos on “Shiraiimu Channel” in the future.
I hope you will continue to do so without any difficulty.

He recently started a channel membership program.
Let’s support Mr. Shirai by registering to the channel and clicking on the high rating button!

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