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【Pokemon】 10 theme songs of the anime “Pokemon”! The first famous song and that song that became a topic! [Rika Matsumoto, Aki Okui, etc.] # Pokemon

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In anime, theme songs such as opening and ending are indispensable. Even in such anime, how many theme songs of “Pokemon” do you know? This time, we will introduce the recommended theme songs of the “Pokemon” series.

How many do you know? Many of the famous songs.

More than 20 years have passed since the first broadcast, and the still-popular anime “Pokemon” is still very popular.
If you were watching as a child, you might still be watching now?
We pay attention to the theme song of such a “Pokemon” series this time. I tried to put together 10 selected songs.
Please look for a song of nostalgia or a favorite song by all means!

Fantasy in the pocket

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The first thing I want to recommend is “Fantasy in the pocket”. It is the ending theme song of no mark ‘Pokemon’.
The song released in 1998, the artist is Sachi (Sachiko Kobayashi) & Juri.
The song is based on adults, children, and children, and is divided into an adult part by Sachi played by Kobayashi Sachiko, and a child part played by Juri, played by Juri Ibata, who belonged to Pokemon Kids at the time. Is the feature.
The longing for the adult by the child and the longing for the child by the adult cause nostalgia.

People who used to be children may now be able to agree with the lyrics of the adult side when listening now, but rather the lyrics on the child side may bite into the mind a little (laughs)

Type: Wild

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Speaking of the end of the unmarked ‘Pokemon’, many people may remember this?
It is “Type: Wild” where Satoshi and Pikachu running on the background of the pictorial book are impressive.
The song was released in 1999, and the artist is “Rika Matumoto” who is familiar with the main character Satoshi.

One song that features unique lyrics with strong tempo and strong melody lines.
Also, I want to pay attention to the song intro. “Pokemon” fans may already know.
Yes, the first phrase of the movie version “Pokemon” and the same phrase as a part of the chorus of “with the wind” ending theme of “Mewtwo’s Counterattack” is used.
Please enjoy “Mewtwo’s Counterattack” by all means.

To my best friend

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Among the ending themes of the unmarked ‘Pokemon’, this song is particularly impressive.
It is “To my best friend,” a song depicting Satoshi’s best friend, Pikachu.
The song released in 2001, the artist is Hiromi Iwasaki.
The lyrics that undermine Pikachu at the beginning are very impressive. A painfully comfortable melody spells the trajectories of Satoshi’s journey so far.
When I listen to this song that talks about Pokemon as a friend, I remember a little bit of Pokemon, who has traveled with me so far in the game (laughs)
For those who love games, it is a song I want to recommend.


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We introduced the theme song of ending so far, but introduce the theme song of the opening here.
It is “Spart!” Of the late opening theme of “Pokemon Advance Generation”.
The song released in 2006, the artist is Rika Matsumoto.
If you were looking at anime at the time, you might see the silhouette of Satoshi’s Pokemons gathered for the battle frontier saying, “I’m burned up!”
There are many songs that Ms. Matsumoto sings in the anime “Pokemon” series, but “Spart! Is a song with a particularly high degree of burn!
It is a song I want to listen to when you want to inspire your feelings or when you try to challenge something.

Because there is sky there

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The ending theme song in the early days of “Pokemon Advance Generation” is “There is a sky there”.
The song released in 2003, the artist is Toshiko Ezaki.
Although widely known as animation for children, it is a “Pokemon” series, but this song is an adult-like one with an impressive calm atmosphere.
Lyrics that allow and encourage failure are inspiring and strongly encouraged. If you somehow get lost or hear it when you feel sad, you will surely get better.



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