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【BanG Dream】A thorough examination of the possibility of a fourth term! The key is that new band!

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BanG Dream!”, a media mix project that depicts the activities of unique girl bands, and the possibility that a fourth anime season will be produced is thoroughly examined!
Based on the current situation and the future of BanG Dream, which is about to have two theatrical versions, we predict whether or not a sequel to the TV series will be made!

Starting from the brink of abandonment? Reviewing the first term in question

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The nickname “BanG Dream” is now firmly established, and the game, live performances, and anime series “BanG Dream!” are all thriving, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

In 2015, the BanG Dream project began in earnest with the serialization of the manga “BanG_Dream!
The main band, Poppin’Party (also known as “Popipa”), focused on real live performances, and in 2016, they made their debut with a CD.
The following year, in 2016, the band made their CD debut, and their 3rd single “Just Started to Run Kimi ni/Teardrops” charted at No. 10 on the Oricon chart, steadily increasing the number of fans.

Then, in 2017, BanG Dream entered its year of triumph.

In January, a TV anime was broadcast, and in March, the game app BanG Dream Girls Band Party! was launched in March.
The original idea for BanG Dream came from Bushiroad’s rhythm game “Love Live! School Idol Festival”, and the game was seen as the main pillar of the project for BanG Dream.
The aim of the project was to establish the three pillars of live performances, anime, and games by quickly increasing the number of fans through anime and making the game a success.

However, it seems that the first anime adaptation of BanG Dream did not go as expected, judging from the interview with President Takaaki Kitani, the man behind the project.

Despite the positive reviews, the reaction of anime fans to the first episode was mixed.
After the “Kirakira Hoshi Incident” that occurred in the third episode, they changed their strategy to focus on the game.
In other words, at this point, the decision was made that the anime would not be able to generate the advertising effect they were aiming for.

Incidentally, the “Glittering Star Incident” is a shameful play in which the main character, Kasumi, and the other Popipa members’ favorite band, Glitter*Green, were delayed due to weather conditions, and Kasumi suddenly jumped in and stood in front of the audience and sang “Glittering Star” with Arisaki for six minutes straight to buy time. To buy time, she and Arisaki sang “Kirakirakiboshi” for six minutes straight. …… is a shameful play. (It was later corrected to 3 minutes.)
This incident is still a traumatic experience for some Bandori fans, and has become synonymous with Bandori anime in a bad way.

However, not only this incident, but also the drawing has become unstable since the middle of the story, Kashumi’s character has become a radio wave, and in Roselia, each member has a completely different personality from the current one.
In particular, the setting of Roselia was not clearly established since they had just formed, and even though the purpose of the anime was to promote the game, it gave a strong impression that the anime was a rash effort.

Toward “Animation that Delivers to Fans”

出典 : ©BanG Dream! Project : 「BanG Dream! 2nd Season」公式サイト

Although the disc sales were not so bad, the first season of the BanG Dream anime did not seem to be a satisfactory success for the management.
On the other hand, the game version of Galpa and the music aspect of the game made remarkable progress.

The number of pre-registrations for Galpa eventually surpassed 500,000.
The number of pre-registrations for Galpa surpassed 500,000, a figure that surpassed that of Scoffes, which was also released right after the first season of the anime, and the game got off to a very good start.

Since then, the number of users has steadily increased, and within a week of its release, the number of users exceeded one million.
The momentum has not waned since then, and as of July 2020, the number of users in Japan alone has reached 12 million.

On the music front, the number of live audiences has been on the rise, with Popipa and Roselia both holding their own Nippon Budokan live performances.
The popularity of Roselia in particular has been tremendous, with a live capacity of about 20,000 people, rivaling the popularity of top-tier bands.

CD sales are also strong, and it’s no surprise that every band ranks in the top 10 when they release a new song.
Singles, original albums, and cover albums have all recorded high sales, and the total number of related CDs shipped has surpassed 2 million.

With this situation, the main pillars of BanG Dream’s activities are the game and music.

In 2019, the anime adaptation project was implemented again, and the second and third seasons of the TV series were broadcasted, but they were not released as standalone discs, but were included as extras on the limited edition CD production.
The third season in particular was released prior to the TV broadcast.
The second and third seasons were not so much a sales promotion as an anime to show the drama and lively performance scenes of each band to the existing fans.



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