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【Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba】Words of Wisdom – Muichiro Tokito Version – Confident words from a genius swordsman, but also a rational and hardworking man.

The social phenomenon that is Blade of Extinction has spawned a number of popular characters.

Among them, I would like to focus on the boy swordsman, Muichiro Tokito, who is known as a “genius”.

Muichiro Tokito is usually a quiet character, but when he faces demons, he fights with hatred from the bottom of his heart, and when he reminisces with his older brother Yuichirou, he brings tears to the readers’ eyes.

First of all, let’s take a look at some basic information about Muichiro Tokito, such as his personality and techniques.

Basic Information

Muichiro Tokito is one of the highest ranking pillars of the Kisatu-tai. He reigns as the Kasumi Pillar and is depicted as a boy genius in the work.

He uses a hazel-white Nichirin sword, which was inherited from the previous sword smith and made by the new one, Kanamori.

Muichiro Tokito has lost his memory of the time before he joined the Onisasentai, and he is one of those characters who seems to be at his own pace, often climbing high up in trees or on rooftops alone, absent-mindedly thinking.

On the other hand, Muichirou is a talented swordsman who has difficulty retaining his memory, and surprisingly, he is known as a genius who rose to the rank of pillar in just two months after starting his training.

He is a descendant of the user of the “Breath of the Sun”, the beginning of all breaths and the most powerful technique of all, and his genius has blossomed.

Muichiro Tokitoshi’s recommended technique is the Urushi no Kata Oboro. It is a technique that distracts the enemy by adding a great deal of urgency to his movements and alternating between fast and slow appearances.

When he appears, he moves as slowly as a turtle, while when he disappears, he moves in the blink of an eye. When he disappears, he moves in the blink of an eye, and his maximum speed exceeds that of Gyokko, the Corporal of the Upper Strings.

Muichirou Tokito is often indifferent to others and speaks in a spiteful manner, but he has no malicious intent.

In the story, his lost memories come back to him like a haze during a battle, and he regains his true self, gains new strength, and even though he is badly injured, he is able to defeat the Kamigens by himself in a cool scene.

The twin brother, Yuichirou, who used to speak coldly to Muichirou. But before he lost his life due to the attack of the demon, his words were full of kindness for his brother.


I was born to be happy.

This is the line that Muichirou speaks to his brother, Yuichirou, when he is fatally wounded in the battle against Black Death.

Even Muichiro, who had defeated Gyokko so easily, was cornered to the point where he could not even reach him.

He was cornered to the point where even Muichiro, who had defeated Tamatsubo with ease, could not do anything about it. Muichirou usually doesn’t smile, but in this reminiscence scene, he did, and it became a hot topic among fans.

“Don’t interrupt the lord.

When Tanjiro first meets all the pillars at the Pillar Meeting, Muichiro threatens Tanjiro with a rock.

Although Muichiro doesn’t show his emotions very often, his loyalty to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the head of the Kisatu-taii, can be easily felt in this scene.

Muichiro’s eyes were sharp at this time.

No one can help me, they’re all weaker than me, I should have done better, but I made a mistake, I overestimated my strength, unconsciously, because I’m a pillar, I made too many mistakes, and now I’m going to die.

This is the voice of Muichirou’s heart when he is trapped in a water ball by the technique of the Gyokko, the Corporal of the Ungen, and he cannot continue to breathe and is helpless.

This is the scene that leads to a big change in Muichiro’s state of mind when Kotetsu, a sword smith, takes action against him.

This line reminds us that Muichiro is a “genius” as he faces himself in the water, unable to catch his breath, and analyzes his strength accurately and logically.


No matter how great your attack is, if it doesn’t hit, what’s the point?

This is also from the battle with Tamatsubo, the Corporal of the Upper Strings. This is the line he uttered when he escaped from the water ball and completely saw through the attack, confident of victory despite the panicking Gyokko.

At the same time, Muichirou, who had also developed a “bruise” that raised his base strength to the limit, successfully slashed the neck of Gyokko with a single sword.

This scene is one of the few scenes in the story where we can feel relieved that there is no way he can lose.

Muichirou is the only one who showed the overwhelming difference in strength in the battle with the upper strings. That’s why it was such a great line in a vivid battle.



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