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What will the second season of “Hataraku Cell” be about? A thorough examination of the scope of the animation

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The second season of “Hataraku Cell” to be broadcasted from January 2021 is a major feature!
We’re going to look back at how far we’ve come, the excitement during the anime airing, and more, as well as anticipate the scope of what we’ll be able to visualize in the second season, and prep for what we’ll be getting into!

Anthropomorphize every cell in the human body! A big hit at home and abroad.

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The second season of “Hataraku Cell,” the sequel to the very popular anime “Hataraku Cell,” which aired in the summer of 2018, “The Harakaru Cell! is scheduled to begin broadcasting in January 2021.
The spin-off work “Hataraku Cell BLACK” will also be made into an anime.
Ahead of the broadcast, a special screening of “Hataraku Cell! The strongest enemy, again. Inside the Body is a “Gut” Frenzy! is also set to be released in theaters.

Let’s look back at the progress of “Hataraku Cell” as it continues to be revitalized.

The original of this work is a manga work by Ms. Akane Shimizu, which was first serialized in the monthly Shonen Sirius in 2015.
The manga, which is Shimizu-sensei’s debut work, is a serialized version of “The Story of the Cell,” which won the grand prize at the 27th Shonen Sirius Newcomer Award.
Anthropomorphic content was already past its prime at the time and had long since entered a period of stability, but this work dealt with the theme of “anthropomorphizing the cells in the human body,” a theme that is familiar to everyone, and combined with the unique appeal of anthropomorphism – “knowing the characteristics of each cell allows you to enjoy learning about your own body in a fun way” – it became a hot topic of conversation from the start of its serialization.

The first volume of the comic book was released in July 2015 and sold out instantly. It was well-received, winning 7th place in the “Amazing! 2016
The TV anime adaptation was announced in 2018 and began airing in July of the same year.

Hataraku Cell was known for its popularity of male characters such as white blood cells (neutrophils), killer T-cells, and helper T-cells, and for having a large female readership, but immediately after the anime began airing, the juvenile character, Platelet, attracted a great deal of attention, and the number of male fans surged.
After it was broadcasted, the series was well supported by female fans and achieved commercial success with average disc sales of less than 5,000 copies.

The film’s success was not limited to domestic audiences.
It recorded 170 million views on the Chinese video sharing site “Biri-Biri Douga”, and has also gained a lot of anime fans overseas. It has become a popular film that is watched from

The work is also known for its many spin-offs.
In addition to “Hataraku Bacteria”, “Hatarakunaai Cell”, and “Hataraku Cell BLACK” that started before the anime adaptation, after the anime adaptation, new spin-offs were born one after another such as “Hataraku Cell Friend”, “Hataraku Chitakkoitai-chan”, “Hataraku Cell Baby”, and “Hataraku Cell LADY”.

Originally a huge hit, the anime version and the spinoffs further increased sales, and the series’ total sales surpassed 3.5 million copies.
The original work, anime discs, and overseas distribution of the series continued to do well in all aspects, and won a second season.

How far will the second season be animated?

出典 :

The episodes that were animated in the first season of “Hataraku Cell” and special editions are as follows

Episode 01: Pneumococcus pneumoniae (Volume 1)
Episode 02 Scratch (Volume 1)
Episode 03 Influenza (Volume 1)
Episode 04: Food Poisoning (Volume 2)
Episode 05 Cedar Pollen Allergy (Volume 1)
Episode 06 Erythroblasts and Myelocytes (Volume 2)
Episode 07 Cancer Cells (Volume 2)
Episode 08 Blood Circulation (Volume 3)
Episode 09 Thymus Cells (Volume 3)
Episode 10 Staphylococcus aureus (Volume 4)
Episode 11: Heat Stroke (Volume 2)
Episode 12: Hemorrhagic Shock Part 1 (Volume 4)
Episode 13: Hemorrhagic Shock, Part 2 (Volume 4)
Special Edition Cold Syndrome (Volume 3)

Volumes 1 and 2 have all been visualized, and some of the installments are still in volumes 3 and 4.
Therefore, the episodes that will be visualized in the second season will be from volume 3 onwards.

Next, let’s take a look at the episodes that were not visualized in the first season.

Thymocytes (Volume 3)
Acquired immunity (Volume 3)
Pimples (Volume 3)
Dengue Fever (Volume 4)
Peyer’s board (4 rolls)
H. pylori bacteria (Volume 5)
Antigen Mutation (Volume 5)
Cytokine (Volume 5)
Bad Bacteria (Volume 5)
Cancer Cell II Part 1 (Volume 5)
Cancer Cell II, Part II (Volume 5)
Tancredo (not included)
Leftward movement (not included)

As of May 2020, this is the only stock of “Hataraku Cell” available.
There are a total of 13 episodes, so it’s likely that all of these episodes will be filmed in the second season.

The special screening version of “Hataraku Cell” will be released in theaters in September. The Strongest Enemy, Again. Inside the Body is an Intestinal Disturbance! is a screening of the episode included in volume 5 of the second season, and the original episode It’s not necessarily a movie of
Looking at the footage in the special report PV, it’s a sure bet that “H. pylori” and “Cytokine”, both of which are included in Volume 5, will be made into a movie.

Special Video

Each episode of Volume 5 is connected to each other, so it’s possible that they are including “Bad Bacteria” and “Cancer Cell II: Before and After” into one work.
However, it is unlikely that 5 episodes of the TV anime (a little over 100 minutes) will be screened as is, so it may be a compilation of episodes.

In any case, it is certain that the special screening version will overlap with the second season of the TV anime, so those who want to see it first on TV need to be careful.
That said, there is no guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to see “Hataraku Cell” with the powerful sound and visuals of the movie theater in the future, so depending on how infected you are with the new corona, I recommend going to see it if you can.



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