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【Sword Art Online】The three charms of Yui, an artificial intelligence AI that transcends AI because of its pure innocence, are thoroughly explained!

Sword Art Online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, the Alicization Arc, is set to begin in October 2019, and it’s a popular anime that’s gaining a lot of attention.
I’m going to introduce the charm of Yui in this very popular “Sword Art Online”.

Character Overview

Yui is a young girl who collapsed in the forest of layer 22 of SAO Aincrad. Her first appearance is in the original story, “The Girl in the Morning Dew” in volume 2, and in the anime, “The Girl in the Morning Dew” in episode 11, and her birthday has yet to be revealed.
Yui was created by Akihiko Kayaba, the founder of SAO, as an artificial intelligence that observes human emotions. Immediately after the start of the horrific death game, she is forbidden to intervene directly with SAO users and loses her ego in the face of those who have taken their own lives in despair.
In the midst of all this, he meets users Kirito and Asuna, who have different emotions from the rest of us. Then, she goes to the 22nd layer forest where Kirito and Asuna are while losing her memory.
Yui is protected by Kirito and Asuna, and comes to live with them, calling Kirito “Dad” and Asuna “Mom.
Kirito and his friends go to the town at the beginning of the first layer to find Yui’s parents. When Kirito is in trouble in a dungeon that suddenly appears in the town, Yui, who understands his true identity, rescues him.
After violating an order, Yui is about to be deleted from the SAO data by the Cardinal System, but Kirito saves her by transferring Yui’s data to the local memory of his Nerve Gear.
Later, when Kirito logs into ALO after clearing the game, she appears as a navigation pixie.


Yui’s pure and innocent charm

Here, I will introduce the charm of pure and innocent Yui.

Pure and kind-hearted nature

Yui’s first attraction is her pure and kind-hearted nature.
Yui was originally part of the Cardinal system, the foundation of SAO’s system, and was an artificially intelligent AI that managed the minds of the players within it.
As mentioned above, it monitors the conversations of the players, who have been forbidden to intervene directly with the players since the start of the Death Game, and have been driven to the brink of despair because they cannot log out of SAO.
However, Yui, with her pure heart, can’t bear to see people take their own lives and loses her ego.
Yui also appears in ALO as a navigation pixie, and there is another scene where her pure nature is shown. It is the act of preventing other women from getting close to Kirito.
In Aincrad, Kirito and Asuna are married in the game and treat Yui as if she were their own child. This is why there is a scene where Kirito appeals to Leafa, who secretly has feelings for Kirito, that he has Asuna.
The pure feelings of Yui, who is an artificially intelligent AI but has human emotions, must be fascinating.

A desire to rescue my favorite mom and dad from a difficult situation

The second thing that attracts me about Yui is that she loves her mom and dad.
Yui loves Kirito and Asuna like they are her parents. That’s why Yui tries her best to save Kirito, her father, and Asuna, her mother, from dangerous situations.
Her support for Asuna when she rescues her in the Fairey Dance Arc of Sword Art Online also shows her love for her mom Asuna.
When Asuna was trapped in a birdcage on the top level of ALO, she sought out the information and went with Kirito to save her. Since Yui is only a support, and her major role is Kirito’s, it is easy to focus on Kirito, but she plays an active role in advising Kirito on how to save Asuna.
Also, in the Alicization Arc of Sword Art Online, when Kirito is diving into the Underworld and is in danger due to an enemy attack, he calls his allies together.
Yui senses that Kirito and Asuna are in a critical situation and calls upon her former friends, including Leafa, Sinon, Lizbeth and Klein, to help her. She also averted a critical situation by quickly arranging for a cab and securing a route so that Shinon and Leafa could act quickly.
I think these things show that Yui loves her dad, Kirito, and her mom, Asuna.


Overwhelming growth to protect your loved ones

The third attraction of Yui is her spectacular growth.
Yui is a navigation pixie in ALO, and she plays an active role in and out of the game as an AI with too many abilities; she could be called a cheat among SAO characters, and she can act in both the game world and the real world.
In addition, as the story of SAO progresses, new abilities are added, and as an artificial intelligence type AI
As the story of SAO progresses, new abilities are added, and as an artificial intelligence type AI, it grows in amazing ways.
For example, in the Phantom Bullet chapter, you can send messages to Asuna’s cell phone from within the game. In addition, Kirito’s research has enabled her to see, hear, and speak in the real world, albeit to a limited extent.
In the Alicization Arc, she is even able to crack the code.
The degree of Yui’s growth is astonishing, and the fact that she is using it for the sake of her loved ones is also fascinating.


I have introduced the charm of Yui.
A kind-hearted and pure character
Loves her mom and dad and rescues them from danger
Amazing growth to protect the people she cares about
These are just a few of Yui’s charms.
I believe that Yui’s childlike innocence has made her adore her parents, and she is absorbing and growing like a sponge.

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