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Who is the No. 1 character with the strongest muscle image?

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We’re ranking the muscle characters with the strongest “muscle” image!
We bring you the top 20 muscle characters of all types, including the macho-bodied characters, the rash and rash “brain muscle” characters who leave nothing to chance, and the muscle-loving “muscle maniacs”!

No. 20: Inosuke Hasibira Inosuke

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He is one of the most famous swordsmen and one of the most famous characters in Blades of Destruction.
He doesn’t look very macho, but he was raised by a wild boar, and he wears a boar’s headdress and is always looking after his own body. He is the epitome of a brainy character, as he is a wild child who goes down the road.
The fact that he is constantly exposing his upper body is also a key point.

He grows as the story progresses, but his brain muscle is still intact.

The voice actor in charge of the anime version is Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.

No. 19: Momo Chiyoda

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Peach-colored magical girl who appears in “Machicado Mazoku”.
Although she is a magical girl, she is also a brain-powered magical girl who is good at attacking enemies physically.

She doesn’t look muscular at all, but she is an extreme muscle fanatic and forces the main character, Shamiko, to put on muscles whenever she can.
She even broke her own bones and did muscle training right afterwards, making her a pretty good muscle character.

The voice actor in charge of the anime version is Kito Akari.

No. 18: Psyche

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The protagonist of “One Pan Man”, he is the strongest candidate for the strongest character in this work as well as the manga and anime worlds.
In the process of gaining this strength, he does push-ups and other muscle training, so he is included in the category of muscular characters in the sense of “a character who has gained invincible muscles with the highest efficiency”.
However, his appearance is not that muscular and he is often portrayed as deformed, so his muscle image is not that strong.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Makoto Furukawa.

No. 17: Akemi Soryuin

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“How many pounds of dumbbells can you hold? He is one of the main characters of
She is a regular at the Silberman Gym, where the guys go, and has an extreme muscle fetish.
Her knowledge of muscles and training is so tremendous that it’s hard to believe she’s a high school girl, and she’s especially fond of her pectoral muscles.

She is the type of girl who looks up to men for their muscles as well, and is a big fan of the gym’s trainer, Machio Naruzo, who has world-class muscles.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Amamiya Sora.

No. 16: Touichiro Izumida

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A second year student of the Hakone Gakuen Cycling Club, who appears in “Benjyushi Pedal”. (Later, she was a junior.)
He’s a sprinter known by the nickname “The Fastest Man in Kanagawa.

He is a character with strong eyelashes and muscle claims, as Midosuji calls him “Kinnik Matsuge-kun”.
He has a particularly strong commitment to his muscles, and he loves them so much that he even names each part of his body after them.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Atsushi Abe.

No. 15: Mikasa Ackerman

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She is the heroine of “Shingeki no Kyojin” and a pioneer in the muscle girl genre.
She doesn’t have a muscular physique, but the gap between her seemingly slender appearance and her crunchy abdominal muscles was a big hit with many manga and anime fans.
She is different from other muscle characters in that she has a bit of a yandere temperament.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Ishikawa Yui.

No. 14: Crocodyne

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He is a lizardman who appears in DRAGON QUEST: Dai’s Great Adventure as the leader of the Hyakudan, one of the six major armies led by Hadler.
He first fights the heroes Dai and his friends and loses, and then accompanies them on their adventures.

With his steel-like body, he is a representative tank (shield) of the manga and anime characters, as it has become a legend that he twice withstood the special move Giga Break of Baran the Dragon Warrior, one of the strongest in the series.
For that reason, I’m sorry to say that most of the scenes that are shown are the ones where he is beaten.

The voice actor in charge of the old anime is Ginga Banjo.

No. 13: Kamoi Swallows

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“My maid is so annoying! She is the main character of a yucky maid in
She is a former Airman First Class in the Air Self-Defense Force, and her strong, well-trained body is truly worthy of the title of a muscle character.
Even after she quit the Self-Defense Force, she continues to train and keeps her strength intact.

He seems to be a pervert with a penchant for young girls.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Numakura Manami.

No. 12: Trunks

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Many of the characters in Dragon Ball are muscular, and many of them are named as muscle characters, such as Goku and Broly, but he is particularly memorable.
In the Android Cell Arc, he proudly proclaims that he has surpassed Vegeta, and the scene where he shows off the third stage of Super Saiyan 1, where his muscles have grown to an extreme size, astonished many fans.

However, he ended up relying on his power, which had the drawback of greatly reducing his speed, and he was sunk.
Because of this, he was given the disgraceful image of being the best abdominal muscle character in the series.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Kusao Takeshi.

No. 11: Biscuit-Kruger

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A character from “HUNTER x HUNTER” and an important character in the G.I. Arc .
Normally she looks like a girl, but in her natural form she is over two meters tall and has a rugged build.
She is one of the most macho of all female characters.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Kimura Akiko, and her true form is Hagino Takashi.
The previous version was played by Higuchi Chieko.



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