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[Evangelion] What is the meaning included in the lyrics the lyricist of the cruel angel ‘s thesis says


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Japanese national animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion”

It is an animation that became a social phenomenon from broadcasting at that time with a story that overturned the common sense of past animation, such as the hero Ikari Shinji, Ayanami Rei, Soryu Asuka Langley etc., A unique and attractive character, Evangelion.

Today, animation also became a citizenship right, even though it is said to be a popular Japanese culture from overseas, but at that time it has not yet acquired citizenship so far, animation is a child It was a thing that it is a thing to see.

Meanwhile, Eva has a high support from adults, and there is a memory that it seems from around this time that animation fans called “otaku” are recognized worldwide. (Later, the drama named Train Man got to know Otaku and Akihabara pretty in the world)

What is the popularity factor of Eva?

Evangelion is like that, why has it become popular so far? \\ Although this is a personal idea, I think that it is in the hero’s Ikari Shinji.

Although the attraction of female characters such as Ray and Asuka is certainly of course, there are parts where Shinji has been put on and there is a feeling that comes from there, there is a part that can feel empathy in Japan at that time, and Shinji and I I wonder if there were many people who got into and out quickly while overlaying.

Shinji who almost forced to ride Eva who did not know the translation and had never seen it.
Shinji, who kept her expectations that her father would recognize himself if he did not know the truly meaning that he was fighting, as well as maneuvering, had been expecting to get a job at a good company that could enter a good school It looks exactly like the children at that time running the rail for the time being

By the way, the last round of the animated version is pretty much divided between pros and cons, and when I first saw it, it became “What?”
But when I looked back again after becoming an adult a little more, I cried at the final round w

Last time, please once look at it once you see it.
Evaluation may change



Theme song “Cruel Angel ‘s Thesis”
Eva’s animated theme song “Cruel Angel ‘s Thesis”

Even now it is still popular songs that will be ranked number one in the karaoke rankings, and many people know even people who have never seen Eva,

As well as the animated cartoons, it has a unique world, especially the lyrics are discussed among the net, so it became a topic even among fans as much as the battle was spread.

Although various considerations are spoken on the Internet, what do you know that the lyricist himself was talking about the lyrics of the brutal angel ‘s thesis?

There are many people who do not know unexpectedly, but it was quite a shock personally

The lyricist is Mr. Oikawawako who is also a songwriter of Wink and Yashii Kana’s songs.

Mr. Oikawa talked about lyrics of “cruel ~” when you appeared on your own Twitter and a TV program.

The summary is as follows

• Cruel ~ was a light meeting for 30 minutes and wrote it in about 2 hours
• There is no special meaning to link lyrics with works in particular
• I have not seen Eva yet just by reading the plan of Eva (I watched the final story as a lyric material with only two episodes of “Fast Forward.” I did not know anyone)
• The rewrite occurred only in the last “boy, become myth” part
• Pachinko’s royalty exceeds just 100 million yen
Shock w

Anyway, aside from songwriting, I have not seen animation, and I do not understand the characters well · · ·

Originally it seems that Mr. Oikawa is pretty much flying, it seems that 300,000 yen is being cheated by the younger Turkish husband (the person himself was being laughed)

Well, the artist may be a profession that can not be accomplished if it has not been flying this way, but the scale is quite different w

People who were considering Mr. Oikawa’s exposure from that time may have been disappointed, but I personally became more respected.

It is not that amazing that such amazing lyrics will be applied in that situation? w

It is exactly such kind of talent, sense, and so on.

I will come out even if I still get the truth of this time, please check out the person you are interested in.

The log of Twitter is also left!


What do you think.

Even now there are works that are overflowing with a lot of thought, but there is no surprising meaning. But it is also the real pleasure of enjoying various works of art as well as animation and music to do such consideration.

It is appreciated to do so in a few years to show us the truth.
Even the truth that it is meaningless in content!

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