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Ultraman can fight for more than 3 minutes? Converting height to human size turned out to be a surprising fact

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Nearly 50 Ultramen have been born from 1966’s Ultraman to 2019’s Ultraman Taiga. They are called giants of light, and their stature is incomparably larger than that of humans.
When the height of these Ultramen is converted to human size, it turns out that they are surprisingly tall. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of facts that were revealed when the height of Ultraman was converted to human size.

List of successive Ultraman heights

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Since it is difficult to list the heights of all of the nearly 50 Ultramen of all time, we have compiled the heights of the Ultraman brothers and the Ultraman who are the titles of the TV series.
Sub Ultramen and Ultramen of unknown height are omitted.

・Ultraman Zoffy:45m
・Ultraman seven:40m
・Ultraman Jack:40m
・Ultraman Ace:40m
・Ultraman Taro:53m
・Father of Ultra:45m
・Mother of Ultra:40m
・Ultraman Leo:52m
・Ultraman Tiga:53m
・Ultraman Dyna:55m
・Ultraman Gaia:50m
・Ultraman Cosmos:47m
・Ultraman Nexus:49m
・Ultraman Max:48m
・Ultraman Mebius:49m
・Ultraman Zero:49m
・Ultraman X:45m
・ Ultraman Orb:50m
・Ultraman Geed:51m
・Ultraman Taiga:50m

ncluding the omitted Ultraman, but the height is often set in the range of 40-50 meters.

Human-sized fighters can fight for more than 3 minutes

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Speaking of Ultraman, there is a setting that says he can only fight for three minutes on earth.
Why three minutes? This is due to the fact that the solar energy required for Ultraman’s activities does not reach us sufficiently. On Earth, which is far away from the sun, solar energy is difficult to obtain, which is why there is a three-minute limit.
This three-minute limit is only for the case of Ultraman’s gigantic activities. So how long would a human-sized Ultraman be able to operate on Earth?
Let’s assume that a 40-meter-long ultraman becomes a 170-cm human-sized man.
Height is reduced to about 1/23th. The activity time, which was 3 minutes at 40 meters, would be extended by that amount because of the reduced volume.
A day is 1440 minutes, so 36,000 ÷ 1440 minutes = 25, meaning that Ultraman can stay active on Earth for 25 days by becoming human-sized.



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