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[Identity V] Summary of information on the smartphone version of Deadby Daylight ‘Identity V’ #Identity V #Identity V #ID 5 #Fifth Personality

出展 : (c)2018 NetEaseInc.All Rights Reserved (c)2018 Google : Identity V – Google Play のアプリ

“Dead by Daylight” released on PC and PS4 and other home-use game consoles is gaining in popularity due to its realistic graphics and realistic gameplay.
There are many live broadcasters delivering videos, and there are many who want to actually play, but if they do not have a PC or game console they can not play, and those who have only a smartphone can not do anything .

However, “Identity V” called “Dead by Daylight” for smartphone will be distributed, so that smartphone users can have similar experiences. We introduce such “Identity V” this time.

Development company “NetEase Games”

A genre that has become popular among home video game consoles has tended to be developed similar smartphone applications, and it is practiced by a Chinese company called “NetEase Games”. If you ask for a company name but you don’t come up with it, you may have heard of apps developed by this company so far.
Produced an application taking advantage of popular bateau games such as “FortCraft” in “Knives Out”. It has also evolved into a litigation problem because the content is similar.

I’m wondering if I created “Identity V” as a piggyback, “Behavior Interactive”, which produced “Dead by Daylight”, is in charge of app review. Did you say it was an official tie-up?
It is also known that the official supervised, it boasts a high quality worthy of calling the smartphone version “Dead by Daylight”. There is no dissatisfaction or problem other than the game content such as UI (user interface) and matching, and it is the top class perfection among smartphone apps.

Game content

出展 : (c)2018 NetEaseInc.All Rights Reserved (c)2018 Google : Identity V – Google Play のアプリ

It is the essential game content, but basically it is the same as “Dead by Daylight”. The players are divided into 3 survivors and 1 hunter to play the game.

Survivor’s victory condition is “Escape”, which uses a decipher on the map to decrypt the specified number of ciphers and escape from any of the two escape routes. The hunter’s victory condition is the survivor’s “vandalism”, which requires him to stick the chair a certain number of times and let the map leave.There is also a realistic presentation that the heart beats faster as the hunter approaches the survivor.
Both survivors and hunters have unique characters and each has the ability to serve the game. It is important for survivors to make good use of their abilities and obstacles, as hunters have not changed their settings to move faster.



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