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【Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba:Quotes】Kanawo, the shy female swordsman who was moved by Tanjiro, rarely lets go, but the depths of her words are very deep.


In the popular anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” there are many fascinating characters that even the non-pillar characters have feelings for.

Even the enemy character, the demon, has a background that allows for emotional involvement, a characteristic that makes the members of the allied forces seem even more attractive characters.

This time, I would like to introduce Kanawo Tuyuri, who is one of the saddest characters in the series, and his famous words.

Kanawo is a swordsman who is not that “strong”, but he has a passion in his heart, and he gradually learns how to communicate with others by freeing his own heart.

The thoughts and feelings of Shinobu, who is his teacher and disciple, and Kanawo’s response to them.

Let’s start by looking at some basic information about Kanawo Tuyuri.

Basic Information

Kanawo Tuyuri is a member of the kikiri-tai. He lives in the mansion of Shinobu Butterfly, a pillar of the kisatsu-tai, and has a deep bond with Shinobu as a teacher and disciple.

He is a classmate of the protagonist, Sumijiro Kamon, and they work hard together as members of the Onisatsutai.

Kanawo has always been shy and uncomfortable expressing his feelings, but when Tanjiro speaks to him, he begins to open up and gradually begins to express his feelings in words.

Kanawo has a talent for killing demons, and has studied under Shinobu Butterfly since childhood. Also. Kanawo was also a training partner of Shinobu Butterfly since he had the highest physical ability among his peers.

She was originally an orphan, and was on the verge of being sold when she was approached by the Butterfly Sisters, who took her under their protection. From there, his abilities as a swordsman were refined, and he began to aspire to join the Onikiri-tai.

At the time, when he was unable to express his will, he used “copper coins” to make decisions, tossing them for a coin toss at hand, and deciding his will based on the side that came out, either the front or the back, making him an endearingly indecisive character.

This coin was given to Kanawo, who has no will of his own, by Kanae Butterfly, and is one of Kanawo’s most precious treasures.

The breath he uses is the breath of flowers. The hiragana sword is dyed a pale peach color, and its tsuba and scabbard are decorated with plum blossoms, giving it a lovely impression.

The technique recommended by Kanawo Tuyuri Ochiai is the “Breathing of Flowers, Final Form, Higan Shugan”. When you raise your kinetic vision to the limit, everything around you appears slower and slower, and the pressure on your eyes causes the sclera to turn red.

However, this is his “last special move”, and when he uses this move, he may go blind.

This is an “emotional” technique used by Kanawo who has made up his mind to fight the demon of the upper strings, Douma.

Now, I’d like to quickly introduce some quotes, but as a premise, Kanawo’s lines are basically the ones he uses when he fights the Kamigen no Oni Doma in his works.

The quotes I’m going to introduce this time are mainly from the battle against Douma, but he has left behind a lot of great quotes, so please enjoy them.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can imagine it as a scene where a girl grows up and makes a great contribution to the battle against demons.


“Why did you worry about my eyesight when you yourself were about to lose your life? How kind you are, how precious you are, I wanted to protect you, I wanted to risk my life to protect you, I wanted to go home with you.”

This is a touching line that Kanawo murmurs in his heart to Shinobu, who is still concerned about Kanawo’s safety despite the fact that she was fighting hard to lose her life in order to defeat Dohma.

I wanted to go home with you.” These words are only possible because Shinobu and Kanawo have a teacher-disciple relationship, and they are words that make the reader smile.

I don’t care. I don’t care about anything, so I can’t decide for myself.
This is what Kanawo said when he was still unable to decide things for himself. These are the words that Kanawo exchanged with Sumijiro in the scene of their conversation at the butterfly house.

The result of the coin toss in this scene led to Kanawo’s mind gradually becoming more open and able to express his will.




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