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Summary of why “Kasumibashira Tokidou Muichiro” is so strong (Spoiler alert!)

A very popular manga that is serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”, Blades of Annihilation!

The series started in February 2016, and the anime (Kamon Sumijiro Tashi version) will be broadcast on TV in April 2019. It was!
Blades of Demise] op theme song ‘Kohirenka’ sung by LiSA has participated in the 2019 Kohaku Uta Gassen (2019).
In the “Oricon Annual Comic Rankings 2019” by title, [Blades of Onimusha] sold during the period. It took the number one spot with 12.058 million copies sold. In the “2019 Shueisha Book Rankings,” “ONE” with sales of 12.7 million copies in the period. After “PIECE”, the 10.8 million-selling book came in second place!
An anime sequel, “Blade of the Devil’s Blade: Infinity Train Edition” will also be shown on October 16, 2020!

And what makes [Blades of Demise] so popular are the fascinating characters!
One of the reasons for the popularity of “Onimatsu no Blades” (Blade of Onimatsu) in short is that not only the members of the Onimatsutai, to which the protagonist “Kamon Sanjiro” belongs, but also the demons led by Onimatsuji Nashiro, are full of unique characters.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the character of Muichiro Tokidou, the first swordsman to have a bruise appear in a pillar since The First Breath!
I summarized the reason for the strength of Muichiro Tokidou, the first swordsman to have a bruise appear in the pillar after The First Breath!


Name: Tokidou Muichiro
Grade: Pillar
Birthday: August 8.
Age: 14 years old
Height: 160cm
Weight: 56kg
Swordsmith in charge: Tetsu Ido, then Tetsu Anamori Kozo

Kasumi Bashi, 14 years old, uses the breath of “haze”. He is the youngest pillar of his generation and a genius swordsman who became a pillar after only two months of holding a sword. He is an expressionless character with little interest in others, but he is also a thoroughly rationalistic person. and is willing to use force against those who hinder its activities as a pillar. It is.

The shock of being almost killed by a demon when he was 11 years old caused him to have memory problems, but his anger at the demon was the only thing that mattered. He never forgets and works hard at his training. Despite my teacher’s concern about my memory impairment, I endured the rigorous training and became a pillar of strength.



Muichiro Tokidou is a talented swordsman, but surprisingly, he was not born a swordsman, but in the mountains in the middle of nowhere When Muichiro Toru lost his parents at the age of 11, he was left with his twin, Muichiro. He lives with his brother Tokidou Yuichiro.

One day after they started living together, Amane, who was a member of the house at the time, invites them to join the demon killing squad, but Yuichiro turns them away, thinking that they must be up to something.
Then one night, when he was asleep at night, he was attacked by a demon, which fatally wounded Yuichiro. . When Muichiro sees Yuichiro, he becomes furious, and in a fit of rage, he destroys the demon in a fit of rage, then uses sunlight to annihilate it. let. I was able to annihilate the demon, but the mortally wounded and weakened Yuichiro died.

The event left Muichiro Toru with amnesia when he was in deep shock, both physically and mentally, but he joined the Onion Killer Squad and became strong enough to climb to the pillar in just two months.

Breathing in the mist Type list

The haze breath is derived from the wind breath, and when attacking, it’s like a hazy fog. The effects are drawn. Kasumi’s breathing is characterized by a lot of slashing from fast movement.

Type 1: A distant view of the heavens
Type-2 Yae Kasumi
Type Sanno: Splashes in the mist.
Four-rowed cut
Type 5: Sea of clouds
Land Type: Tsukino-Kashiro (Moonlight Eraser)
Oboro, the lacquer type.


The only pillar that defeated the demon on the upper string all by itself.

In the village of the sword smith, he was attacked by the four half-tengu and the five half-tengu, and initially he and Sumijiro worked with the half-tengu They engage, but are blown away by a strong wind and forced to leave. He regains his footing and begins to give top priority to rescuing the most skilled village chief.

He sees Kotetsu being attacked by the Jade Jar messenger on the road, but he almost abandons him as a low priority, but I remembered the words of Kenjiro, “What you do for others comes back to you in a roundabout way”, and I went to rescue him. We go. Next, in the hut where Steel Mound sharpened his sword, he and Kotetsu were protected and engaged in a battle with the Corporal of the Upper String, Tamatsubo. The Corporal of the Shang-string, Tamatsubo, is blocked from breathing by a blood demon technique, the “water prison bowl,” which traps the enemy in a pot of water. Kotetsu blows air into the jar that seals Shigetsu in, despite being hurt by the monster created by the Jade Jar. Tokidou uses the air to unleash the “Breath of Kasumi, Nino Type Yae Kasumi” to break free of the Water Prison Bowl.
Inside the water prison bowl, Tokidou regains his forgotten memories and awakens as a bruise person. He then cuts off the neck of the Jade Jar, a demon of the upper string said to be the size of three pillars, and defeats it.

Unexpected relationship with Kamon Sumijiro

He is deeply grateful to Sumijiro Kamon for the opportunity to regain his memory, and he treats him very favorably, coupled with his rapid improvement in pillar training, but he has a harsh scene with a badly swallowed trooper.

There are very few scenes in which Muichiro gets along with people outside of his family. Of those scenes, only Sumijiro is depicted as being close to Muichiro.

Actually, Muichiro is said to be a descendant of the “Swordsman of the Breath of the Day”, but to be precise, his twin brother, Tsugoku Iwao He is a descendant of Katsu (Black Dead Mu). The ancestors of the Kamon Sumijiro were also associated with the “Swordsman of the Breath of the Sun” and were allowed to see the Breath of the Sun once and “Breath of the Sun” to future generations.
Neither of them are direct descendants of the original family, but they have ancestors similar to the Swordsman of the Breath of the Day.
In addition, the fact that the bruises appear next to those of Sumijiro, and that Sumijiro and Muichiro have similar bruises, indicates that Sumijiro is exceptionally close to Muichiro.

No wonder Tohru Muichiro was so strong when he was close to the Kamon Sanjiro who defeated Onimai Tsuji Musashiro.



Tokidou Muichiro became a pillar as early as two months. In fact, he is close to the Hearthstone Sumijiro and is related to the “Swordsman of the Breath of the Day” by blood, which is also the case with the Shangguan It makes sense that he was able to defeat the demon by himself.
I’m looking forward to seeing scenes of Muichiro in action on video. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future anime and movies!

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