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【Voice actor】Announcing the top 10 characters played by Asami Seto! Many popular characters besides Nobara!

This is a special feature on the popular voice actress Asami Seto, who has played heroines in many works since her debut!
We’ve picked out 10 of the most popular characters that Seto has played so far, and compiled them into a ranking!

No.10:Nishi Kinuyo

A character in “Girls und Panzer”, which began its TV series in 2012 and has since been expanded with a theatrical version and a theatrical OVA.
She is the captain of Chihadai Gakuen, and in the 63rd National Tank Do High School Tournament in the TV series, she was overwhelmed by Kuromorimine Girls’ Academy led by Maho Nishizumi in the first round, so she almost didn’t appear in the series, but she made her first appearance in “Girls und Panzer: The Movie” released in 2015.

She is a polite girl with a military-like firmness, and treats everyone with a polite tone.
She struggles to lead the people of Chibadai Academy, who have a tendency to rush into things, but she also has a bad habit of not listening to people until the end and making hasty judgments.
In the last chapter of the Infinity Orbital Cup, she directly confronted Oarai Girls’ Academy and made a lot of appearances.

Ms. Seto has many opportunities to play military type characters, and this Captain Nishi is one of them.

No.9:Miyamoto Konatu

The main character of TARI TARI, which aired in the summer of 2012.
Although she is a regular student, she loves to sing and was a member of the vocal club, a music club, but when she was banned from singing due to a failure at a recital, she left the club and decided to start a chorus club.
Since then, as the head of the Shirahamasaka High School Chorus (and sometimes Badminton) Club, he has been leading all the club members with his cheerful and positive personality and caring nature.

Ms. Seto made her debut as Yoshino Takatsuki, the other main character in “Wandering Son,” which aired in 2011.
This coming summer, she will be another character who can be called the “other main character” in “TARI TARI”.

No.8:Higuchi Ichiyo

A character in “Bungo Stray Dogs,” which has been adapted into an anime since 2016.
He is a subordinate of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, the head of the Port Mafia, which controls the underworld of Yokohama.
He calls Akutagawa “Senpai” (senior), and is so loyal and affectionate that when Akutagawa is kidnapped, he attempts to rescue him by himself.

She is a beautiful woman who looks good in a black pantsuit, and her appearance has been praised by Osamu Dazai as “as fragile and lovely as a water lily flower.
While she speaks respectfully to the members of the martial arts organization Black Lizard, she looks down on the Armed Detective Agency and makes a clear distinction between her own people and others.

Ms. Seto has more opportunities to play dignified female characters than cute ones, such as Ayaka Kagari in Witchcraft Works and Aoi Tomosato in Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

No.7 Run

The main character of ” Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne”, which was broadcast in two separate episodes in 2012.
She is a princess of the planet Le Gallite, and her real name is Fin-e-Ludo Sui Raffinti.
She landed on Earth with a mission, and begged Madoka Kyono, whom she met there, to get on the robot “Vox”.

She’s usually cool and determined to do her best for the mission, but she’s full of clunkers: a natural blur, a do-gooder, a scaredy-cat, and a klutz.
However, he is also full of clumsy elements, such as being a natural blabbermouth, a screw-up, a cripple, scared, and clumsy. He is taught by Asteria, the acting president of the Noamundus Foundation, to say “wan” as a greeting from Earth, and this has become a habit of his.

She has been very popular since the beginning of the series, and is the most beloved character among the fans.

No.6:Mirage Farina Genus

The heroine of Macross Delta, which aired in 2016.
A pilot in the Delta Platoon of the Cayos Laguna branch, her initial rank was Second Lieutenant.
Her initial rank was Second Lieutenant, and she was later promoted to Lieutenant.

She is a stalwart soldier, too serious and inflexible.
He is irritated by the unrestrained behavior of the protagonist, Hayate Immelmann, and punishes her for breaking the rules with an iron fist, especially in the early scenes.

Normally, this character should be introduced as one of the main heroines who plays a role in a love triangle, as is the tradition in Macross, but as mentioned above, her scenes where she is annoyed with Hayate are all too noticeable, and there is no atmosphere of romance, so she hardly seems like a main heroine.
It was a somewhat detrimental role for the character.



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