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iMass, Nanasys, Aynana, M-mass… What is required for an idol development game anime? In-Depth Discussion

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In 2020, there will be more idol training game anime adaptations, such as the new Nanasis and Aynana anime, one after another.
So, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what’s expected of an idol nurturing game anime!
Recreating a game isn’t the only way to recreate an animation!

Is there a difference between an anime adaptation of an idol development game and an idol project?

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Idol anime are mainly divided into three categories: “Anime with original work”, which has a clear original work such as a manga or game, “Original anime”, which is produced only as an anime from the beginning, and “Idol Project Anime”, which is launched as part of a media mix project.
The original anime was not planned to be made into an anime at first, but was made into an anime after it became popular.
On the other hand, the latter two are works that started with an anime in mind from the beginning.

However, there are no clear boundaries between these three cases.
It’s because people on the outside don’t know at what stage the anime adaptation project or media mix was launched.
Therefore, we can only judge it by the testimonies of producers, staff, and other people on the production side and the timing of the anime adaptation.

With that in mind, let’s break down each work by category.

original animation

THE IDOLM@STER series (iM@S, DELEMAS, SHANIMAS, M@M@S . . etc.) . etc)
Pretty Rhythm Series
Tokyo 7th Sisters (Nanasis)
I’ll die if you go to the Budokan
An ordinary schoolgirl tries [Rokodasu].
Million Doll
Looking for the Full Moon
musical girl
Miss Monochrome.
Uta no Prince-sama!
Idolish Seven (AINANA)
An-san Buru Stars! (ANSTA)
Tsukino Entertainment Production (Tsuki-pro)
Juvenile Hollywood

original animation

Zombie Land Saga
Wake Up, Girls!
Idle Memories.
Idol Tenshi Yohkoh Yohko
Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel.

Idol Project Anime

Love Live Series (μ’s, Aqours, NijigaSaki)
Pre-Para Series / Kirat Puri-chan
idle incidents

These categorizations are important.
It is because what is required of each anime is different.
Also, even in the same original anime, the requirements are different depending on the medium of the original work.

From here, we will discuss the important points in each category.

Is “relationship” and “worldview” more important than “development” in an anime based on an idol development game?

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First of all, it is an original anime, but this is very clear and is almost the same as the original non-idol anime.
Of course, the main audience will be people who like idol anime, but this is also the first time they are exposed to this type of anime, so they have little prior knowledge of the work.
Therefore, the story, characters, character designs, stable drawings, action scenes (dance, etc.), and other aspects that are similar to normal anime are emphasized.

On the other hand, the main audience for a manga anime is the fans of the original work.
Therefore, “does it faithfully reproduce the original work” and “does it not destroy the atmosphere of the original work” are important.
It’s the same as the normal anime.

On the other hand, media mix projects are a bit more complicated.

In the case of a project like “Love Live”, which started out with a magazine and was followed by an idol group and a song, a certain amount of fans have an image of the work before it is broadcasted.
However, the image of the work is not as fixed as that of the original manga, and there are not as many fans right after the start of the project, so the discrepancy between the image and the setting of the previous medium is not as much of a problem.
Therefore, it can be assumed that what is required is close to the original anime.

And in the case of an anime based on a game, especially one based on an idol training game, it is even more complicated.

The main purpose of idol training games is literally to train idols, but in reality, not many people play them with the primary goal of training them.
Some people naturally want to produce idols as producers or managers, but I get the impression that many of them want to spend time with their favorite idols, see the dialogue and relationships between them, and immerse themselves in the world of the game, including the songs.

Therefore, in the case of anime as well, the development aspect, or in other words “growth through outside guidance”, is not that important.
Fans are more interested in the way the members improve each other and the live scenes.
Especially in the live scene, it is not only about the movements and choreography, but also who to focus on in which songs and what kind of direction to put in place, etc. In this respect, it is very important to reflect the world of the game.

Also, in the case of an animation based on a game, there is the issue of the position of the main character.
Since the game is based on the premise that the main character is the player, there is a possibility that fans of the original game will feel uncomfortable with the main character if he or she is introduced as an independent character in the anime.
If the main character is poorly seasoned, it could destroy the worldview of the game.

In the case of idol training games, as mentioned earlier, there are not many players who want to raise their own idols, so it is my impression that there are not many people who project themselves onto the main character.
Therefore, even in anime, the main character is an idol, and the main character of the game is expected to be a “stage set for connecting the storyline with the many idols”, and in fact, many idol anime seem to have them in that position.



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