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[Gal and Geek do not understand. ] Soberko Idol’s Lily Rice #Jal Geek

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The comic “Gal and Geek are incomprehensible in the comic manga series. Pick up!
We will deliver the attractiveness of Lily comedy by the type of gal that stands out in class (hidden idol geek) and the class of sober type of girl in the class (hidden idol)!

The true identity of the class is a classmate

“Gal and Geek do not understand. 』Is a comic work serialized by Kawai Akira at Comic Kun.
Comic Kuen was originally a magazine in the magazine which was planned to commemorate the 100th issue of the monthly Comic Alive, and was established after that, but was independently launched in October 2015.
This work is one of the works that started as a new series at the time of its first issue.
As of December 2018, three volumes have been published.

The characters who become the protagonists are two members of the Gal Group, Maria Saetome, who stands out even in class, and the girl who is not so prominent in class, Amane Otonashi.

It is a glamorous appearance like a gal, and the classmate has a bias that says, “I’m doing a sloppy part-time job or companionship ……”, but in fact it is a hidden idol geek.
Moreover, it is not a male idol but a female idol TEN (ten), and, of course, collecting goods, in the live, it is a gachi group that raises a voice more than any other fan.

The story begins with the fact that it is known to Amane that such a Maria is a slapstick.

Although Maria desperately worships or tempts to hug him somehow, it will be scolded as being good by the musicians by the musicians, in proportion to the local authorities.
And later, it turns out that, in fact, that Amane was TEN, which is a prophecy.
“Gal Geek” is a bright and fun lily rice that can be developed around this strange human relationship.

Even if it turns out that TEN’s true identity is a classmate, and her character turns out to be small devilish, violently back-to-back, and poisonous, she continues to push forward as before.
Amane, who has been saved many times by her direct feelings, while taking such maria with a cool attitude.
This powerful 2 top is the biggest feature and attraction of this work.



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