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Is nothing really going to happen in [Gochusa]? A thorough examination of the films and OVAs.

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Sakura Ayane, known for her role as Cocoa, commented on the daily life anime, saying that she initially wondered if it would be okay if nothing happened, and we thoroughly examined it!
After re-watching the first two seasons of the Gochiusa TV anime, the movie and the OVA, I made sure nothing really happened!

Surprisingly, something is happening, but…

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The story of Gochiusa begins with Cocoa moving to a wooden house and a cobblestone town for her entry into high school.
Normally when a protagonist-level character is introduced in such an introduction, the reasoning behind the move is explained… but no such explanation is given here, and we meet Chino, who works at the Rabbit House non-brake.

Later on, the first episode of the anime ends with a gentle scene of Cocoa taking up residence at the Rabbit House and interacting with Chino and Lizze, who works there part-time.
There is an event where the main characters meet each other, but other than that, there is no other noteworthy activity, and the majority of the first episode is “Everyday life at Rabbit House”.
There is no “Ki”, the so-called “Ki” of the storyline, and the cute dialogue between the girls continues.

So, does the first episode end before the “Ki” is reached?
In the second episode, she meets Chiya, who will later become Cocoa’s best friend, and in the third episode, she meets Shalo, the last main character, and from then on, the “kyakki-yaufufu” daily life of the five main characters is depicted.
From the middle of the episode onwards, Chino’s friends Maya and Meg, as well as the regular customers of Rabbit House, Blue Mountain Aoyama, join the show as semi-regulars, and the day-to-day life of the show becomes more lively.

Here’s a summary of the main events of the first two seasons of the TV anime.

Cocoa and Chiyo collapsed in the park (episode 5 of the first season).
Lizzy became Rosé (season 1, episode 6)
Cocoa died of ketchup (season 1, episode 7).
Sharo’s regretful parents’ house was exposed (season 1, episode 7)
It is revealed that Cocoa met Tippy when she was a child (1st season, episode 9).
The origin of the title was revealed (1st season, episode 9)
The relationship between Ao Bulma and Tippy is revealed (season 1, episode 9).

For some reason, Chino’s mother’s face was revealed before the original story (2nd season, episode 1).
Cocoa’s sister, Moka, appears and becomes a warrior (2nd season episode 5)
Most of the main characters become victims of the stalker (8 episodes in the second season)
Cocoa’s screams are dirty (season 2, episode 9)
Most of the main characters become zombies (2nd season, episode 11)

When you look back at it, it seems like a series of catastrophic events happened… but when you actually watch it back, it’s hard to overturn the popular theory that “nothing happens in Gochio-usa”, even with these events.

“Nothing happens” is the definition of an everyday cartoon

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In 2017, Gochiusa released a new anime, Gochiusa wa Usagi wa Usagi? ~Dear My Sister~ was released in theaters.
Officially introduced as a “special anime” and “special episode shown in theaters,” the film is shorter than most movies at 60 minutes, but it is undeniably a movie.

The movie always brings episodes that are larger in scale than the TV anime version.
That’s no exception, even for everyday anime.
For example, the film version of “Nonononobiyori” was set in an unusual place, a trip to Okinawa, and depicted a few days of extraordinary life.

Dear My Sister is no exception.
It is a more emotional story than the TV anime episodes as it depicts the week of Cocoa’s return in a two-dimensional relay system from the point of view of Cocoa and Chino, and they meet again at a fireworks display at the end of the week.
Cocoa’s life at her parents’ bakery and Chino’s life at the Rabbit House without Cocoa are depicted as different from the usual.

However, it may be difficult to say that “something is happening” in this movie as well as in the first two seasons.
Even with the unusual events of Cocoa’s return home, many people will still get the impression that this is the usual Gochirusa when they actually watch it.

This is the same as in the OVA “Is Your Order Usagi? ~Sing For You~” is no different.
Starting with an incident in which Chino is selected for the solo part of the concert, the episodes in which each character shows off their beautiful voices have been made into a video, and this is where the “usual Gochiusa” is found, which is very lively and laid back.

The first two seasons of the TV anime, the movie, and the OVA, all of them are made up of “cute girls talking to each other”.
Even if it is in a different setting or in a different situation, it does not change.
This is not a story where Cocoa and the other main characters are trying to achieve a clear goal, and there is no antagonist.

There is no opportunity for the viewer to feel that the story has moved on in a big way.
And that’s the definition of an everyday anime, if you will.

Sakura’s initial concern that she felt it would be okay for nothing to happen is a concern that when the Alaska and 40-year-olds first read a four-frame manga with no punchline, they wondered, “Is this working? It’s probably the same feeling that I had in mind.
It’s not a matter of whether or not it’s good or bad, it’s just a feeling of groping, “If there’s no punchline, where can I find the fun in it?”, and that’s a sentiment we can all relate to.

Of course, nowadays there are plenty of four-panel comics without an ending.
It’s because it’s been decided where to find the fun in them.
In the same way, daily life anime is different from other genres of anime in that it is recognized for its “unchanging nature” and it is because the number of viewers who are looking for it has increased that it has become a major genre.

Therefore, the original conclusion should be that “it’s okay for nothing to happen to Gochousa”…

In fact, it’s not like nothing is happening in Gouchousa.



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