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【Dead by Daylight】 Collaboration with popular horror movies! Movie is the original neta killer summary # Dead By Daylight #DeadbyDaylight

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“Dead by Daylight” has many killers to annihilate survivors. Although there are original killers developed for games, the homicide horror movie of popular horror movies also appears as a killer.
This time we gathered the information of the four killers of “killer appearing in the game” “shape, cannibal, nightmare, pig”.



出展 : © 2015-2018 Behaviour Interactive Inc. BEHAVIOUR®, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT® ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. : プレイステーション | プレイステーション

Shape That Michael Myers.
It is a homicide demon appeared in “Halloween series”, first appeared in “Halloween” released in 1978.
It is said to have been a masterpiece of the director John Carpenter, a masterpiece that is said to have made the base of splatter movies since the 1980s.

The feature of Shape is its superhuman body. Even if it is shot with a gun it will not die and I have a tough physical body that will persistently attack humans.
It is a superhuman body which became a classic to the murderer, but if there was no shape, this setting might not have been born.

The origin of the shape is a shadow. The depicting figure in the play was compared to a shadow and named Shape.
It is impressive that you are gazing at the target person in the play from the distant shade, but its appearance is also reproduced in the game.
“Evil evil” of the unique park rises in level by gazing at the survivors for a certain period of time and the ability increases. Because the theme song composed by John Carpenter also flows, you can play as if you are in a movie.

A white mask that can not read the expression and further stimulates fear. Originally there were several candidates in the shape of the mask, and it seems there was also a clown mask in it.
If the clown’s murderous demon appeared here, the popularity of ‘IT’ penny wise may not have been as high as it is now.
It is recommended only for Halloween costumes because it can only be covered with a mask covered with a mask and the difficulty level of cosplay is low.


出展 :

Baba Sawyer, the cannibal.
The youngest child of the Soya family who first appeared in “devil’s sake” published in 1974.
The Sawyer family is a homicide demon living by killing travelers and eating and selling meat.

It is an eerie mask worn by the cannibal, but it is made by using the skin of a traveler who killed him.
There are 1 types of masks that appear in the game, but the masks that appear in the play are “KILLING MASK, OLD LADY, PRETTY WOMAN”.
“KILLING MASK” is a thing to wear when working such as killing a traveler, this mask is also worn in the game.
“OLD LADY” is worn when doing housekeeping such as meals, sometimes we also wear aprons and women’s wigs.
“PRETTY WOMAN” is a mask that Kanibar is dressed as regular and wears it with a suit at night. Since the cannibal has a habit of wearing clothes, it is also possible to apply eye shadow or lipstick on the mask.

In the play there is a scene hanging the target on the hook.
It is thought that setting “hanging survivors with hooks in the game is also” model of devil “is a model.

Two parks, “Barbecue & Chile Franklin’s tragedy” which is the unique park of the cannibal reproduce the event in the play.
The barbecue & Chile is related to Drayton, the eldest son of the Sawyers.
The barbeque is famous for its exquisite cuisine at the store operated by Drayton. Although meat used in barbeque is human flesh.
It is a unique park modeled on this barbecue.
Franklin’s brother, brother of heroine, is involved in the tragedy of Franklin.
Although Franklin was running away from the cannibal, the position is bald and killed by the light of the flashlight I had.
Because this event was modeled, a flashlight is drawn on the icon of the park.

There are not many depictions in which the blood pops out like the other horror movies in which the murderer appears in the “devil’s family series”. I’d like to see scary things, but it is a recommended series for people who are not good at blood.



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