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An anime for adults is “an anime that makes you feel like an adult”? I’m serious about adult animation

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There are many works that are introduced as “anime for adults”, but what makes them suitable for adults?
To answer those simple questions, we’ve picked the type of anime that’s fun for adults only!
We’re going to dissect all the adult cartoons!

What are the requirements for adult animation?

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When you hear of an anime for adults, the first thing that comes to mind is an anime with adult content.
It is a work with scenes that strongly remind you of sexual acts or scenes that remind you of sexual acts.

In fact, it is rated as “R15+” or “R18+” for sexually extreme content.
In other words, it is a “anime that is not recommended for children = anime for adults”.

But that doesn’t mean that the anime that is actually rated R is for adults.
Many of these works are broadcasted on terrestrial television in a regulated version that does not have an R rating.
This means that children are in the target demographic.
When it comes to sex scenes, children are considered to be more biting than adults, so it is not surprising.

Then what makes it an anime for adults?

The most appropriate condition is that most of the main characters including the main character must be adults.
Basically, in manga and anime, the age range of the characters is the age range of the target audience, and in children’s anime the protagonist is usually an elementary school student, and in boys and girls’ anime the protagonist or heroine is usually a middle or high school student.
Of course, there are exceptions, but the majority of works focus on the age range of the main characters as the main target audience.

According to this common sense, an anime with many adult characters, or an anime that is set in a company or social setting would be considered an anime for adults.

However, in reality, it is not possible to be so rigid.
For example, if you ask me if “SHIROBAKO” or “NEW GAME! It will never be that way.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as an adult anime.
There are many people in their 40s and 50s who prefer otherworldly fantasy and daily life anime.
It can be said that children who do not yet know the society are more likely to enjoy watching work-related anime than adults who have had a hard time in the real world.

The readership of manga, video games, and anime is growing rapidly.
Nowadays, these are not just children’s entertainment, but content that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
Therefore, there may not be any anime for adults anymore.

Still, if I had to choose one answer for anime for adults, it would be “anime that makes you feel like an adult”.
An anime that makes you think that you are an adult who can enjoy this story and that the reason you can understand the main character’s thoughts is because you have grown up.

From here, we will pick up several genres of anime that will make viewers become adults.

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An anime with a sloppy love story

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Anime that deals with romance can be broadly divided into “romantic comedy” and “love story”.
Love comedies are works that comically portray romance while emphasizing on character development and situations.
On the other hand, a love story is a work that focuses on romantic feelings, relationships related to romance, and the actions of the characters that accompany them.

Of these, the anime that makes you feel like an adult is the latter.
Moreover, the daytime drama type works that are more of a sludgy romance drama than the ones that are full of good guys getting along are the ones that make you feel more mature.
If you can enjoy that kind of anime that messes up your heart, then you are an adult with an open mind.

A famous example of such a sloppy romance anime is “true tears”.
The characters are high school students, but the romance in this work is not refreshing and is much more complicated than a bad romantic comedy for working people.

The “WHITE ALBUM” series and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) are also sloppy romantic anime.
In recent years, romantic comedies with one main character and one heroine have become the norm, but these works depict a perverse love triangle and expose the ugly side of human nature.

When I watch these anime again as I get older, I often feel very differently about them than I did back then.
It’s not uncommon for a heroine that I thought was cute and had a lot of affection for at the time to become an adult and seem quite juvenile and selfish.

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