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【Doraemon】Nobita’s shooting skills are the best in the universe? Summarized about the strength of the shooting ability

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Nobita has a strong image of a weak man who is no good at anything, who is bullied by Gian and cries to Doraemon. Although Nobita has such a weak image, he has a special skill of shooting that is second to none.
In this article, we’ve compiled a list of Nobita’s shooting skills in order to dispel his image of weakness.
The contents of this article will change the image of Nobita by a 180 degree degree turn, and we are sure that his image will change.

Three skills Nobita has

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In this article, we will discuss shooting from inside Nobita, but do you know that Nobita has other skills besides shooting?
Nobita has the following three skills, and all of them are as amazing as others.

・String figure

Nobita sleeps a lot, but it takes less than a second for him to take a nap. The moment he decides to go to sleep and lies down, he is breathing in his sleep. He has no problem with insomnia.
He is also good at ayatori, and as a result of wanting to be “in a world where everything is decided by ayatori” at Moshi Moshi Box, he was scouted by the Japan Ayatori Association for 100 million yen, and it’s amazing that he has a skill worth 100 million yen.
Now let’s talk about these two or more capable shooters.

The rapid-fire rate of fire is uncommon

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It’s easy to see how good your shooting ability is. The faster you are, the more likely you are to shoot your opponent and win.
Nobita’s rapid-fire speed is 0.1 seconds. Nobita is also quick to take a nap, but his rapid-fire speed is also extraordinary.

Nobita’s rapid-fire speed is one of the best in the anime world

In the world of anime, there are other characters besides Nobita who are good at shooting. The following three characters come to mind when you hear the words “good at shooting”.

・『Gorgo 13』:Togo Duke
・『City Huter』:Ryo Saeba 
・『Lupin III』:Daisuke Jigen

The three of them have more scenes to shoot than Nobita. Considering the number of scenes and their height, they are clearly stronger than the elementary school student, Nobita.
The speed of their rapid fire is as follows.

Togo Duke0.17秒
Ryo Saeba0.2秒
Daisuke Jigen0.3秒

Even three strong men cannot match Nobita’s rapid-fire speed of 0.1 seconds. If the works are different, I’m sure Nobita will be a big hit.

The best shot in the universe

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Nobita is the most skilled marksman in the anime world. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is the best shot in the universe.
In fact, he once won a quick-fire match with the best assassin in the universe. In Doraemon: Nobita and the History of the Spaceblazer, Nobita is in a quick fight with the infamous Guillermo, the best assassin in the universe.
If he loses, he will be shot to death, but he calmly simulates the situation in his mind.

・「Guillermin doesn’t miss a shot.」
・「The game is one shot」
・「Shoot even 0.1 second earlier than your opponent」

It’s hard to imagine Nobita, who is usually so frail, saying something like that. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is the best shot in the universe, as he brilliantly defeated Giramin.

It was only through extraordinary mental strength that he became the best in the universe

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It takes a lot of mental strength to calmly simulate a situation where you might die.
How was Nobita able to perform a feat that requires a very strong mental strength? Normally, Nobita is a frail young man, but in fact, he boasts a strength of mind beyond his imagination.

As a result of running away from home, Nobita washes up on an uninhabited island and cannot return. With no means of escape, he falls into a state of extremity.
What Nobita does is to believe that Doraemon will come to his rescue, and he just waits. He sat on the beach and waited patiently for Doraemon. That period of time was a whopping 10 years.
It takes great mental strength to believe in Doraemon and wait for him for 10 years under extreme conditions, doesn’t it?
This mental strength was also used in the battle against Guillermo, and he defeated the best in the universe.



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