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【The Misfit of Demon King Academy】Anos Voldigård is the strongest Naro-kei protagonist! Verification Summary

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From the TV anime “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” that will be aired in the summer of 2020, we are featuring the main character Anos Voldigård!
He’s been called the strongest of the Naro-kei protagonists, and we’re going to take a thorough look at whether or not he’s really that overwhelmingly strong!

Anos Voldigård Character Overview

A male character who appears in “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” and is the protagonist of this work.
He is the founder of the Demon Kings who destroyed all races in a war 2000 years ago.
He was reincarnated as a human child 2000 years later, and was invited by the Demon Lord Academy Delzogade, which trains Demon Emperors, and enrolled in the Academy.

His appearance is extremely neat, and he is a legitimately handsome man with long slit eyes.
He wears an accessory that looks like a devil’s tail hanging from his belt loop.

He still has the blood of the demon king, but his body is pure human and his magical power is temporarily reduced.
On the other hand, his knowledge, physical abilities, and magic are the same as before his reincarnation, and his power is overwhelming.

His personality is that of a demon king, always cool and calm.
Even if his opponent is far below him in rank, he doesn’t simply overrun him, and seems to have the tolerance to go along with him to some extent.
He also has a rather mischievous side, and seems to be slightly concerned when his jokes are not received.

His voice actor is Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

An unparalleled power to control enemies with only a heartbeat

出典 : ©2019 秋/KADOKAWA/Demon King Academy : TVアニメ「魔王学院の不適合者」公式サイト

Not just any demon king, but the founder of the demon kings who reached the pinnacle in the age of mythology, Anos is the owner of a power that is so out of the ordinary.
His power is demonstrated early on in the first battle, against Zephes.

The character Zepes is like a bite dog at the beginning of the story, but he is highly regarded at the Demon King Academy, the institution that trains the “Demon Emperor,” the closest thing to the founder of the Demon Lords. He has the power to deploy five multiple magic circles.
By human standards, he is one of the strongest people in the world.

Against Zepes, Anos proposed a handicap.
The handicap was that he would not move a single step from the spot, would not use magic, and would not use his arms, legs, eyes, or hair.

The handicap of not being able to move a single step is often seen in other works, but not being able to use your arms, legs, or even your eyes is quite a restriction.
In spite of this, Anos instantly puts Zepes into a full-body wound.

The reason for this was the “beating of his heart.
The beating of his heart was filled with magical power, and the sound of it shook Zephes’ body violently, damaging his blood vessels and internal organs and causing blood to gush out from his entire body.
Of course, the beating of the heart could not have been an attack, and Zepes was driven to the brink of death by Anos’ merely natural heartbeat.

Afterwards, when Zepes wanted to continue the game, Anos said, “Oh dear,” and then, somewhat happily, launched his first attack.
It was a “finger snap” attack.
As a result of this attack, Zepes’ whole body was cruelly torn to pieces.

Attacking with a single finger, so-called “decopin” or “finger patching,” is a technique that has long been used by the strong to show their overwhelming power.
In the Naro-kei series, the brother’s “Sonic End” in “Magic High School for Inferior Children” is famous.

In the case of Anos, it is so powerful that it can tear apart the entire body of a reasonably strong person, and such destructive power is rarely seen in other works.
This kind of destructive power is rarely seen in other works. It is truly out of the ordinary, a power befitting the founder of the Demon King.



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