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【Eight men, that’s not going to happen!】I’ve put together a roundup of character and anime info and synopsis for you!

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The immensely popular novel submission site “Let’s Become a Novelist”, “Eight men, that’s not going to happen!”. This time, the anime adaptation of “Yatsuo, that’s a yes! We’ve put together a summary of the characters, synopsis, and anime info for!

“Eight men, that’s not going to happen!” What is?

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‘Eight men, that’s not going to happen! is a popular web novel that has been at the top of the “Let’s Become a Novelist” website for many years. It is popularly known by the abbreviation “Yatsuo”. The author is Mr. Y.A. The serialization period is from June 2013 to March 2017, and a total of 163 stories have been posted. It is a high fantasy work of the so-called otherworldly reincarnation, which is popular as a Narrowcast work.

It is popularly known by the abbreviation “Yatsuo” by fans, and was published as a book by MF Books, the label of “KADOKAWA”, from April 2014. The total number of copies of the series, including the comic book version, is over 1.6 million. By the way, the illustrator Choko Fuji is in charge of the illustrations for the book version.

“Eight men, that’s not going to happen!” Synopsis of

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Shingo Ichimiya, 25 years old, is a salaryman working for a reasonably famous company. One day, Shingo Ichinomiya suddenly found himself reincarnated in a strange world, and was reincarnated as the child of a low-class aristocrat called the Baumeister family. The child’s name is Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, and his age is 5 years old.

The Baumeister family is a rather impoverished and poor aristocracy, and since Wendelin was born as their eighth son, his future stability is not guaranteed. So Wendelin decided to gather information about this world in order to survive on his own in his new world. As a result of Wendelin’s research, he discovers that this world is a western fantasy style world and, to his surprise, the concept of magic exists.

Furthermore, it turns out that Wendelin has a talent for magic. Wendelin finds hope for the future in the fact that he has a talent for magic. Wendelin has mastered magic, and will be able to use it to survive in this new world.

“Eight men, that’s not going to happen! “place to be

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“Eight men, that’s not going to happen!” is not a story about saving the world as a brave man like other other otherworldly stories. This work is basically about the main character, Wendelin, living his life freely. What is the highlight of this work? Next, such as “Eight men, that’s not going to happen! We will focus on two of the highlights of

A free life with magic

“Eight men, that’s not going to happen!” The first highlight of the first part of the game is still the free-spirited life that Wendelin leads. After his reincarnation, Wendelin quickly realizes his magical aptitude and is free to explore the territory, albeit in a daze.

In the process, he hunted, fished at sea, and developed soy sauce and other seasonings from his previous life, and lived a life that was not roughly like a nobleman. Wendelin, the eighth son of an aristocrat, is unable to take over the estate, so he becomes an adventurer and goes on adventures with his friends. Wendelin enjoys a freedom that he cannot enjoy in the real world. One of the best parts of the story is that we get to watch Wendelin’s life in a leisurely fashion.

Hallem of Wendelin

In this film, many heroines are introduced to Wendelin in the process of his rise from a poor aristocrat. Some of them are attracted to Wendelin’s personality and brilliance. Some are attracted by Vendelin’s personality and brilliance, others are connected with other aristocrats. And all the heroines are cute and attractive, which is one of the reasons why there is no such thing as an eighth son! It will be one of the highlights of the



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