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[Goblin Slayer] Second season is within range! Do you want to continue with the label’s “Danmachi”?

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An in-depth look at whether or not a second season of Goblin Slayer will be produced, with new episodes hitting theaters in February 2020!
Based on the reputation of the first season and the new one, nicknamed “Gobsled,” as well as the stock of the original and the status of the production company, I’m predicting a possible second season!

It’s been talked about as a realistic dark fantasy that doesn’t float with cruelty

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The first volume of Goblin Slayer was published in February 2016, but this work was not created until two years earlier.
This work was originally posted in a thread called “Yobusu Thread”, which uses AA (ASCII art) to develop stories, and was not a work of fiction in the form of a novel.
As far as my background is concerned, it’s similar to “Maoyu Majo Yuusha”.

The work that was submitted to GA Bunko caught the attention of the editorial department of the GA Bunko, and the author, Mr. Kume Snail Kumo, finished the work as a novel for submissions, which led to the realization of a book version.
Moreover, even before the first volume was released, there was an announcement about the serialization of the work into a comic book in the Monthly Big Gun Gun magazine, so it can be seen that there was a lot of expectation for the work.
The expectation came true, and the first volume released by GA Bunko was reprinted immediately after its release, and sold more than 100,000 copies.

I think there are several factors behind this brilliant start.

One is the novel approach.
The goblins that are the main monsters in this title are like the slime in Dracula, which appears as minnow monsters in the hit RPG series “Final Fantasy” and other games.
While goblins have a high level of fame, their lack of cuteness meant that they were not as popular as slimes, and therefore there were very few novels in which goblins were the main characters.

In this novel, the goblins are defined as having the lowest individual fighting ability of all the monsters, and are portrayed as threatening because of their ugly appearance, which is easy to imagine: “they are a threat because they form a group” and “they are cruel to women and children without mercy”.

The realistic depiction of the “world of monsters” should not be overlooked.
The fantasy world, which tends to be portrayed in a light-hearted manner, is thoroughly and severely depicted, the setting is well-developed, and there is a great variety of strategies and tactics.
There are often talked about the scene where the goblins torture the female characters and the gory scenes, but these things can happen in the severe world view of this work and there is no impression of being a prop in this work.

And the biggest attraction of this work is that it is a series of hot developments in spite of such a dark and heavy worldview.
Therefore, despite being a dark fantasy, the reading experience is surprisingly refreshing and you won’t feel full in one book.

In fact, the book followed a relatively unusual path until it was made into a book, but after its release, it went on a straight line on its way to becoming a hit.
It continued to sell steadily from volume 2 onwards, placing 5th in the paperback category of “This Light Novel is Amazing!” 2017 (new release) (No. 1).
The comic book version of the series was also popular, and at the time of the release of the fourth volume of the original work, the total number of copies sold exceeded 500,000.

After that, new comic adaptations such as “Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One” were published one after another in various Gan Gan Gan affiliate magazines, and they were a massive hit.
Nicknamed “Gobsled” by many fans, the series’ total circulation quickly reached 1.5 million copies, and at that point it was announced that it would be made into an anime for television.

Disc sales were about 4,000! What are the chances of a second term?

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Because the anime was made into an anime at a time when it was growing in readership at a furious pace, Gobstool was one of the most popular anime of the fall of 2018, which was the airing coolest season, and it was a particularly big draw for the show.
In fact, the d anime store survey conducted before the show aired, “What do you watch this season? 2018 fall anime popularity? It also ranked 6th in the “Voting” category.
While the majority of the top rankings were for sequels, such as SAO season 3, the third season of Forbidden Book, and JoJo part 5, it was pretty high, second only to Tensura as a new series.

And when it started to air, because of the shocking content of the first episode, Gobsule became a hot topic among the new works.
It was especially enthusiastically received by international anime fans.

However, this cool has been a rare battleground in recent years.
In addition to the above sequels, “Zombieland Saga”, “SSSS.GRIDMAN”, “Seishun Buta Bastard Due to the influence of a succession of popular films such as “Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Nemeru” and “Eventually You Will Be The second half of the year seems to have been somewhat overshadowed.

Nevertheless, the Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales were still strong, averaging about 4,000 copies.
The result was enough to make it a hit.

After that, the new OVA “Goblin’s Slayer -GOBLIN’S CROWN-” was produced, and was released in theaters in February 2020.
Despite its small nationwide release of 32 screens, the show has been operating at a high rate.

Based on these results, let’s consider the realistic possibility of a second season of Gobsled being produced.

An average of 4,000 copies sold is a good figure in this disk slump, but it does not mean that a second season is in the cards.
It’s just above the borderline.

However, even with that in mind, there is a good chance of a second season.
The basis for this is the strong sales of the original work and the similarities with the label’s work, “Is it wrong to seek encounters in dungeons?

Before the anime began airing, the total circulation of the Gobsule series was 2 million copies.
Since then, thanks in part to the effects of the anime adaptation, the circulation has grown even further, and as of February 2020, that figure has reached 6 million copies.
This is the second record for GA Bunko, after Danmachi (12 million copies), and it is now one of the two most popular works in the series.

Danmachi reached a total of 6 million copies in the series in 3 years and 11 months since it was first published.
It’s the same pace as “Gobsule”.
Also, the disc sales of the first season of the anime are relatively close (about 5000 copies for Danmachi), and they have a lot of comical works in common with Gan Gan Gan related magazines.

The second season of Danmachi will air four years after the first season, and the third season is scheduled to air in the summer of 2020.
An anime adaptation of the outer story “Sword Oratoria” was also made.
It is a work that has focused on visualization.

It seems quite likely that Gobsled will follow this trend as well.



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