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【Genshin】What is elemental familiarity and elemental reactions? Understanding them will give you a huge advantage in combat!

This section will introduce you to elemental familiarity, one of the attack statuses, and elemental reactions, which are combo attacks. The more you understand about the elements, the more efficient you’ll be in battle!

Just increase your attack power, both physical and magical!

When fighting enemies in Genshin, the first thing you need is attack power.
Of course, physical damage caused by striking characters with swords and bows, but also legal damage caused by magical characters is affected by attack power. I tend to think that since it’s magic, it has to do with familiarity with the elements. If you are familiar with RPGs in particular, this is one area where you might misunderstand.

Solo play. If you are playing solo, or if you want to fight without switching characters, the most effective way is to increase your attack power.
There are three ways to attack: normal attack, heavy attack, elemental skill, and elemental explosion, which is a special move.
When an attack hits, it is indicated by a white number, which is physical damage without attributes.
If the number is colored, the elemental attack will have the attribute of the character, which is also affected by the attack power.

Some characters, like Noel, have defensive abilities that lead to firepower, but in most cases, if you simply want to hit the target, you can just focus on attack power.


What is elemental familiarity?

When different elemental attacks collide, an additional damage called elemental reaction occurs, and elemental familiarity is deeply related to this strength.

As the enemies get stronger, it takes longer to attack each character by itself, and there are times when you want to deal with a lot of mooks at once. In such cases, switching between characters with different elements and aiming for elemental reactions can greatly increase your firepower.

Even though attack power is the only thing that matters, elements do have affinities, so it’s best to keep that in mind.
Water is strong against fire, lightning is strong against water, fire is strong against ice, and ice is strong against lightning.
There is no effective element for wind.
Rocks are effective against rocks only for shield destruction.
Flames are effective against grass and cause continuous damage due to the burning effect.
Attacks with the same element are invalid.

In the next section, we will introduce elemental reactions and elemental explosions that are related to elemental familiarity.

Mechanism of elemental reactions

Each character has a different weapon and attack method, as well as various elements.
Except for the non-elemental elements and the grass elements that some enemies and installations have, there are six different elements that the controlling character has. Each of them has its own influence and you can aim for synergy effects.

The elemental reactions are a bit complex and complicated, but just knowing the basic reactions first will be effective. When you get used to it and want to increase the effect further, you can look into it in depth.

The combinations are as follows

When you use elemental reactions, your firepower will be much higher than when you are fighting with only your attack power status. And the higher your Elemental Familiarity status, the more effective it will be.
This is the most efficient way to fight in Genshin i, so it is a good idea to be aware of elemental proficiency when you get used to fighting.

How to increase elemental familiarity

Since they are randomly added to relics, you should choose equipment with higher values to use.
You should carefully select relics and strengthen the ones that you think “This is it! You can choose from a number of sets, such as those that focus on attack power or elemental knowledge. It is also a good idea to make several sets, such as one that focuses on attack power and one that focuses on elemental knowledge.

Elemental explosion is a must!

One of the attack methods is the elemental explosion, which can be triggered by accumulating an elemental gauge.
You can think of it as a character-specific special move. Some are super-firepowered, some are ranged attacks, and some restore health.

Even though it is a special move, when used alone, it is only a slightly strong attack or a special effect.
However, by causing an elemental reaction, you can expect a significant increase in firepower. Especially in multiplayer, you may be required to play in a party with other characters who are well versed in the elements, and even in solo play, switching between characters and aiming for elemental reactions will greatly increase your time of destruction.

The elemental gauge is increased by defeating enemies and by the abilities added to weapons. The fastest way to accumulate the gauge is to fight directly, but it will also accumulate a little at a time on standby characters.
In addition, you can shorten the time it takes to accumulate by raising your elemental charge efficiency status. For characters who want to use elemental explosions in particular, it’s a good idea to equip them with equipment that focuses on elemental charge efficiency.


The above is the difference between attack power and elemental familiarity. This is the difference between attack power and elemental knowledge, and how to increase firepower by elemental reactions.

In my impression of playing the game, it was hard to just focus on attack power at around world rank 4, and I was able to fight with about 10 elemental knowledge, but it took a long time to destroy multiple enemies.
So I raised my elemental knowledge to about 100, and just by using the wind element to spread out, I was able to dramatically increase my ability to destroy enemies. It’s really a big difference.

I hope you’ll find this useful!

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