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[Pokemon]Jigglypuff’s activity is not only the main story! I tried to summarize from Gaiden to Smash! #Pokémon

出展 : (c)2018 Pokémon. (c)1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. : ポケモンだいすきクラブ

Pokemon that appeared in the game “Pokemon” series, “Purine”. There should be many people who know that it is a pink and singing character …. Actually, pudding has a soft history. This time the activity of such pudding, dare to thoroughly check from games other than the main story, Smabra, Pokemon card and so on!

“Jigglypuff “What?

The “Pokemon” series has been developed in animation, games, and various media. Speaking of the perfect pink Pokemon Pokemon coming out of the work? …… Yes, it is Jigglypuff.
Even if you don’t know Pokemon, if you know the Great Brawl Smash Brothers, you will probably know about Jigglypuff.

After all, Jigglypuff is a fighter of the first generation. It is also a full-time prize fighter, who is in line with Mario and Link.
So what kind of activity is such pudding doing?
Without daring to talk about the main story that many people would know, this time I tried to summarize the appearance of pudding in the game “Pokemon” series Gaiden + α.
Please take care slowly Jigglypuff!

“Jigglypuff of “Pokemon Snap”

出展 :

“Pokemon Snap” is a camera action game released in 1999 with NINTENDO 64.
It is a game that takes pictures of wild Pokemon who live in nature and earns points.
If you are a recent Pokemon fan, it may be easier to understand if it is a game like Poke Finder.
The Jigglypuff in this game appears around the middle of the “cave” stage. Somehow it has been chased by Dogars. Throw an item called an apple or an ear-ear ball to a dog, and if you help, it will be pretty joy!
All three Jigglypuff are chased by Dogars. When it helps pudding, it appears at the end of the stage and sings songs.
Of course the photograph is high score! Appears as many as you help, so you can watch up to 3 onstages!
Pokemon Snap has also appeared on the WiiU Virtual Console, so let’s touch it from now on!

Jigglypuff of “Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition”

出展 :

“Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition” is a simulation game released on Nintendo DS in 2012.
A jointly developed work of Pokemon and Koei Tecmo Games, this work features a battle scheme that differs from the conventional Pokemon series.
Pudding in this game appears as the initial possession Pokemon of the heroine “Oichi”. You can fight together from the early days as fellow Pokemon!
However, as with the main story, although it is excellent on the HP, because there is only one attack, defense, and quickness, there is a tendency for opportunities for activity to decrease as the adventure progresses.
If you proceed with the story without early evolution of Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff, you will get an item called “Jiggly puff of Omomari” at a certain timing, so if you want to use pudding, be sure to obtain it!

Pudding of “Everyone’s Pokemon Scramble”

出展 :

“Everyone’s Pokemon Scramble” is an action game distributed and released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015.
There are two types of games, a basic free download version and a packaged version with charge items.
It features a battle system like the “Sengoku Musou” series, operating a toy Pokémon that moves with twisting and sweeping away enemy Pokémons.
Also attractive in this series is a place where any Pokemon can be active, as long as the parameter “strength” is high.
Of course even Jigglypuff can be active on the front lines!
The pudding in this game has appeared in “The entrance, center, back ground, and sanctuary of the Institute for Transgenic Genetics at the Origin”, and “The entrance, center, back ground, and the sanctuary of the Plasma Frozen Flower Field”.
If you want to make puddings efficient, use “knockout” Pokémons and apply techniques with less damage, such as “Endeavor” and “Leech Seed”, and defeat them when they become flat.

Jigglypuff of “Pokemon Super Mysterious Dungeon”

出展 :

“Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” is a dungeon RPG released in 2015 with the Nintendo 3DS.
A roguelike game developed by Spike Chunsoft.
This work is the 5th work of the “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” series, and the series large volume that all Pokemons appearing by the original “Pokemon X, Y” can be friends is attractive.
This work is characterized by dramatic stories and spectacular music, but unfortunately Jigglypuff has nothing to do with stories. It will be appearance after clearing.
Jigglypuff becomes a friend when he talks with him bears in a calm village, and clears the “Relieve pudding in the Hushigi plains” request in the connection orb’s tweets.
The difficulty is ★ 2. Among the things that come out after clearing, it is not a difficult request so far, so let’s clear it first!

Jigglypuff of “Pokemon Quest”

出展 : (c)2018 Pokémon. (c)1995-2018 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc. : ポケモンクエスト』公式サイト

“Pokemon Quest” is an RPG distributed to Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS in 2018.
Basic play is a game system that features free movement and automatic battle.
A series of Pokemon gamers appearing in the original “Pokemon Red / Green”, including Jigglypuff.
This work can make Pokemon friends by making “cooking”, and the types of Pokemon that can be called differ depending on the material.
If you want to make Jigglypuff a friend, you should make “Good”, “Very good” of the menu “White Kakukoro Gratin” with plenty of gray, or “Good” of the menu “Kakukoro Silk Crepe” with many sweet little gray dishes. It is recommended to make “very good”.
There are places where you will be lucky if it will come, but let’s gather and try out the ingredients.



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