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[Dragon Ball] A collection of memorable quotes and ramblings! And a description of the scene

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The hugely popular “Dragon Ball” manga, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for about 10 years, is still very popular today, regardless of its age!
In this issue, we’ve compiled a list of famous quotes and scenes from the characters in “Dragon Ball”.
I’m sure that all the “Dragon Ball” fans out there are going to get excited just by the lines.

12 choice quotes & 3 choice myths

Selected famous lines are collected together with each scene in chronological order.

Quote 1:”Give me my gal’s panties!!!!

Goku and his friends are held captive after Pilaf and his gang steal the Dragon Balls they have finally collected.
Pilaf calls up Shenlong and is about to accomplish his ambition to conquer the world, when Oolong escapes and asks Shenlong to make a wish to prevent him from doing so.
Incidentally, this was the first request using the Dragon Ball in the movie.

Quote 2:”Combat power…only 5…trash…

When Goku’s older brother, Raditz, first came to Earth, he measured the farmer’s uncle’s fighting prowess with a scouter and uttered a few words in a ridiculous manner.
This was at a time when Goku did not yet realize that he was a Saiyan.
The scene where he and Piccolo fight together in the battle against Raditz that follows is a highlight.

Quote 3:”Goodbye Mr. Heaven please don’t die”

Raditz is defeated and Vegeta and Nappa, who had been listening to the conversation through the scouter, attack the Dragon Balls and the Earth for the purpose of invading the planet.
At this time Goku was training with the Lord Kaioh and was unable to arrive in time for the Saiyans, who arrived earlier than planned.
Krillin, Tenshinhan, Gyoza (Chaozu), Piccolo, Gohan, and Yamcha challenge him, but they are unable to match Nappa’s strength.
When Gyoza sticks to Nappa’s back and tries to defeat him in exchange for his own life, this is what he says.
You can feel the despair when Nappa is pinned up after the attack.

Quot 4:”There is no need for a floundering saiyan!

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Goku, who has trained and returned stronger than ever, unleashes a one-sided attack on Nappa, who seems to be an unbeatable opponent.
Goku drives Nappa into a corner with overwhelming strength.
When Vegeta sees Nappa, he says this line, and with a single blow, he obliterates Nappa.
The strength and ruthlessness with which he defeats an opponent that everyone else has had to deal with to this point in an instant makes you feel the harshness of the battle ahead.

Quot 5:”Huh! Nice fireworks!”

After being defeated by Goku on Earth, Vegeta recovered and headed to Namek for the Dragon Balls on the planet Namek.
Freeza, who had collected the Dragon Balls on Namek earlier, was aware of Vegeta’s ambitions and ordered Cui to defeat Vegeta.
The two were originally evenly matched, but Vegeta had greatly improved his fighting strength after the battle on Earth, so he overwhelmed Cui and said this line at the time.
It’s one of the most famous lines of all time. There’s probably no Dragon Ball fan who doesn’t know it.

Quot 6:”My combat value is 53,000″

Frieza is collecting Dragon Balls with his subordinates, but goes to the Eldest himself.
There, Nail, the strongest of the Namek alien battle types, confronts him.
After measuring Nayl’s strength with his scouter, Frieza is unfazed by the 42,000 figure and tells the elder his strength.
At this point, even Goku’s battle strength using Kaio-Ken was 18,000, so it was clear that he was overwhelmingly strong.
And Freeza, who is at 53,000 and has not been taken seriously…. He’s too strong.

Quot 7:”I… please… push… freeza… please… push… freeza… with… sa… saiyan… hands… and…”

This is the line that Vegeta said to Goku with tears in his eyes after the battle with Frieza, before drawing his last breath.
Many people must have been surprised to see Vegeta, who had more pride than any other character in the series, talking about this scene in detail with such hostility towards Goku.
You can feel his anger towards Freeza for using and discarding the Saiyan for good, and his frustration at not being able to stand up to him at all.



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