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【Genshin】Overall Rating Review Summary. Realistic impressions after playing with it.

Overall evaluation review of Genshin.
Here are two points that I found particularly interesting after actually playing Genshin.

Games that can be played endlessly

The story is fascinating and makes you want to go on and on, but you also need to do quests to advance your level.
Genshin is a so-called “shadow game” system where more stories and quests are added through updates.
If you keep going back and forth between the story and quests, before you know it, some players will have finished all the quests that have been implemented.
Even if you are one of those players, you can still enjoy random quests, achievements, and the stories of each character that can be viewed by increasing the character’s likability.

Gacha is subtle. But enjoyable.

Genshin can obtain characters and weapons through gacha.
However, the gacha system is not very good.
The weapon gacha only gives you weapons, which is good, but the character gacha also gives you weapons, so the chance of getting an important character in Genshin is very low.
It is also not a good gacha from the point of view of the possibility that the gacha will emit characters that you already have, since there are ways to get the same characters and strengthen them.
However, in Genshin, even if you don’t get a strong character from the gacha, you can still progress through the story without any problems, and you can also do challenging elements called end contents.

What kind of game is Genshin?

For those of you who don’t know much about Genshin, here’s a brief introduction of what the game is about.

Anime style open world RPG

Genshin is an “open world RPG” with a strong anime style.
The game uses an anime style with clear colors and thick borders, and you can explore with cute characters in beautiful scenery.
In addition to the open world map, you can climb cliffs, swim, and even glide, so there is no shortage of action.
There are endless ways to enjoy the game, such as advancing the story, exploring the map, and looking at the characters.

New Combat with Elements

The Genshin have a concept similar to attributes called “elements”.
The difference between the elements and the attributes is that the combat is not based on affinity, but on elemental reactions that occur when elements are combined.
Since elements are similar to attributes such as fire and water, people tend to think that they need to be aware of compatibility, but in reality, elemental reactions have a specific effect on any enemy.
In fact, any enemy can cause a specific effect by reacting to the elements. The use of the elements, which are close to, but different from, the attributes, is a fun experience unlike any other.

The fun of Genshin

Here are some of the points that I found interesting that are unique to Genshin.

I can go anywhere

The map of Genshin is not only open world and vast, but also has highs, lows, and even oceans.
You can climb up cliffs without having to find a way to get to high places, and you can use the Wings of the Wind to glide down, and you can swim across oceans and lakes or use the elements to freeze water.
There is no place you can’t go on the implemented map, as there are ways to cross islands that are not on the map.

Scattered “particulars”

It is often thought that the fun of just going anywhere can only be enjoyed by those who play for sightseeing or worldview reasons, but Genshin has been designed in such a way that even players who are looking for the story or treasure chests will want to explore.
For example, when I casually climbed a mountain unrelated to the quest, I found treasure chests in places with no markings at all, and essential items and gimmicks at the top of the mountain.
This is the kind of ingenuity that only Genshin can provide, where anyone can experience the fun and value of exploring.


Is there a flaw in Genshin?

Even the most interesting Genshin has its subtleties.
Here are some of the things that current players find disappointing.

Movement Speed x Stamina

The movement speed in Genshin is slow for an open-world game, making it a hassle to move around to complete quests.
The combination of slow movement speed and too little stamina makes long distance travel a real hassle.
The warp reduces the burden in some areas, but there will always come a time when you are forced to move a little far from the warp for some of the ruins and bosses.
If travel could be made easier, even if it’s just a route to a meaningful land, Genshin would be much better.

The sooner we fix the mess, the better

People who love or hate Genshin clearly say that gacha is a ‘no-no’.
I don’t agree with the system where you have to get seven of the same character to get the maximum amount of power, while all you get are weapons and not the characters.
There is a “ceiling” where you can always get a character, but if the ceiling is set as a basic rule, you have to do the gacha a ridiculous number of times.
This is a point that unanimously needs to be improved.

Genshin is about to get more interesting

As a shadow game, it has a number of updates planned and probably hasn’t even shown 50% of its full potential yet.
Here’s an introduction to Genshin, which is about to get interesting.

Multiplayer makes it more exciting

Currently, there is no advantage to playing multiplayer.
It’s just a fun way to play with friends, and there are no specifications that allow you to progress through the story together, or work together to defeat special dungeons or strong bosses.
In the early stages of the game, the main focus is on solo play, but with multi-events being held and cross-play being implemented, there is no doubt that multiplayer will become more popular in the future.

Expanded map

There are two initially implemented regions, each with an element assigned to it.
Since there are seven elements in total, there is a great possibility that there will be seven regions on the continent.
The map is still in its infancy, and there is no telling how much it will expand in the future, so the fun will surely continue to grow along with the map.


Genshin Review Summary

Genshin is still in its early stages of development, with a dense story, numerous quests, and good scenery to enjoy.
I can say that it is a game that I am very much looking forward to, considering that it will become more and more interesting.
There are some shortcomings in the gacha and movement, but if enough people say it’s too subtle, there’s a good chance they’ll fix it with more updates.
I have high hopes for Genshin in the future.

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