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10 Autumn-themed anime you’ll want to watch in the Autumn

【Autumn Sense Index】

No.1 This Art Club Has a Problem! ★★★★★★★★★★10/10

No.2 Sugar Sugar Rune ★★★★★★★★★9/10

No.3 Mushishi ★★★★★★★★8/10

No.4 Blood Blockade Battlefront ★★★★★★7/10

No.5 God started ★★★★★★6/10

No.6 SHIROBAKO★★★★★★6/10

No.7 Miss Bernard says ★★★★★★6/10


No.9 信長の忍び★★★★★5/10

No. 10 Mob Psycho 100 ★1/10

No.1 This Art Club Has a Problem!(All 12 episodes)



Autumn of art … it’s … autumn of a beautiful girl!

Subaru Uchimaki, a member of the art club at Tsukimori Junior High School, paints beautiful girls on canvas and calls them his wives.
His dream is to paint the best two-dimensional wife he can find.

Mizuki Usami, also a member of the art club, doesn’t like it!
Both as an art club member and as a girl!

I want her to look at me more…
I want her to see more of me, but she says she’s not interested in 3D, so how can I get her to look at me?

I want him to notice me, but I’ll just hide my embarrassment.

I can’t stop smiling when I see them.
I can’t stop smiling when I see them, but I’m so embarrassed I can’t stand it.
But I can’t help but feel embarrassed! What is this, is youth supposed to be this exciting?

Finally, the cultural festival has arrived!
Last year, we didn’t do anything!
This year, we’re going to do something that only the art club can do!
First, we’ll sell juice to collect Akikan…?

First of all, we had to sell juice to collect Akikan…? We are the art club, but we don’t seem to draw much… At the festival, we worked together to make a big work with some happenings, so we got 10 Akikan!

No.2 Sugar Sugar Rune(All 51 episodes)



Moyoco Anno’s original witch child fantasy

The characters and backgrounds are super cute! The furniture, accessories, clothes, and everything else is just so exciting!

You’d think it was a children’s anime, but it’s a treasure trove of deep and touching dialogues!

The witches Chocolat and Vanilla are both candidates to be the next queen.
Who can win the hearts of more human boys, the strong Chocolat or the whiny Vanilla?

It seems that love in the human world is different from the demon world, and there are many things Chocolat doesn’t understand!
There are many things that Chocolat doesn’t understand about love in the human world that are different from those in the demon world, and her new perspective on love and friendship makes her think.
People who are in love will be able to relate to this story!

As a witch story, it has a Halloween-like atmosphere in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, giving it an autumnal feel of 9 points!

No.3  Mushishi(26 episodes in the first season, with a continuation series, and a movie version)



To be enjoyed in the long autumn nights

There are things called bugs.

They are different from animals, insects, and plants, and are like the source of life.

Ginko, a policeman, hears rumors of mysterious phenomena caused by bugs, and visits the land.

If they attach themselves to people, he prescribes medicine, and if they attach themselves to things, he frees them.

I feel a sense of awe for nature and life itself.
At the same time, the character of the main character Ginko is light and not too heavy, a perfect balance.
It’s only because I’m an adult that I can enjoy it, and it’s only because I’m an adult that it penetrates me deeply.

People are plowing the fields, praying for a good harvest.
But the land is too thin.
Every year the rice crop is small and insignificant.
This year, with the cold summer, there is little hope for a harvest.

It is said that the village on the other side of the mountains gets a good harvest after every natural disaster.
…by sacrificing a single life.

To prevent any more sacrifices, Ginko uses the Mushishi’s most forbidden technique.

A gem of a story to watch with quiet colors, pleasant music, and the sound of bell bugs.
The 9th episode depicts the harvest season of autumn, and one man’s earnest wish.

No.4 Blood Blockade Battlefront(12 episodes in the first season, with a follow-up series)



On Halloween night, the feast of decay begins

Leonardo Watch, a boy with the prosthetic eye of the gods who can see things that ordinary people cannot.

In the city that used to be New York, Leo struggles to find a way to restore the eyes of his only sister.

Along with the members of the secret society Libras, who are working to maintain the balance of the world, Leo is caught up in the whirlpool of the city, battling with odd shapes and sometimes even people.

Then, in the hospital cemetery, Leo meets a girl who calls herself a ghost.

He doesn’t know that this encounter is the signal for the countdown to the end of the film.

The opening song is by BUMP OF CHICKEN.
The ending song is by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, who is no exaggeration to say that they made their breakthrough with this song.
You’ll want to sing along when you hear it (it’s quite difficult, so be prepared), and it’s worth a listen!

The background is stylish and well-designed, so the scenes are all picturesque!
It’s worth a look to find your favorite episode because it’s a complete episode with a main storyline!

In the first season, the original story is depicted in a single episode, while an original story that can only be seen in the anime is developed.

In the first season, the original story is depicted in a single episode, while the original story is told in a way that can only be seen in the anime… What is the world-shattering plan that these charming characters are planning to carry out on Halloween night?
And will Leo be able to stop them?

7 points for the fantastic description of Halloween.

No.5 God started(13 total episodes in the first season, with a follow-up series



No house, no money, no divine power

Nanao Momozono is a high school girl who is lost in the streets after her house is foreclosed due to her father’s debt.

She rescues someone from a stray dog in the park when she is worried about her future.
When she explains the situation to him, he gives her his house. He gives her his house.

If there is a God who gives up, there is a God who picks up.

When I went to the place on the map, I found it to be a rundown shrine!

“Welcome back, Mikage-sama!

Mikage? Who is it? I don’t know. The land god?
I’ve been given not only a house, but also the title of land god!

Tomoe, a beautiful wild fox, is the former messenger of the Land God.
The beautiful wild fox Tomoe, a former messenger of the land god, is determined not to serve the human Nanao, so she leaves.

Will Nanao be able to make a contract with Tomoe to be a Shinto messenger and successfully develop a romantic comedy?

It’s been a few months since Nanao became the god of the land, and maybe the neighbors think it’s an abandoned shrine?
How about an autumn festival to attract more worshippers?
It’s so frustrating that Tomoe always keeps this shrine so clean!

Kawagoe’s kura-zukuri cityscape, the atmosphere of the autumn festival, a romantic comedy with lots of gags, and a good amount of calmness add up to an autumnal feeling of 6 points!

No.6 SHIROBAKO(24 episodes, with theatrical version)



A Peek at the Production Site of the Fall Anime Broadcast

I’m already at the end of my first episode of “All’s Well That Ends Well!
This is where the animation production really begins!

The five members of the Kaminoyama High School Animation Club each move to Tokyo with the goal of one day creating an anime together.
Two and a half years have passed since then, and Aoi Miyamori, a rookie production assistant at Musashino Animation (Musani), is still running at legal speed to collect the original drawings in order to keep to the schedule!

“One hour? What are you talking about? 20 minutes is plenty of time.

The characters are drawn in a humanistic and pop way, and even though it’s a work anime, you can escape from reality with this fast-paced feeling!

The president is cute! I want to eat the president’s curry!

I want to eat the president’s curry! Be careful when you hear the phrase “strange story”, this is the difficulty of work…!

Each character becomes more colorful as you learn about their perspectives and emotions.
A tightrope walk where adults are literally pouring their hearts and souls into animation production!

Because it’s an animation production, it’s mostly depicted indoors, and the autumnal atmosphere is expressed in the girls’ clothes and the baked potatoes.

No.7 Miss Bernard says(All 12 episodes)



If you’re going to talk about science fiction, you need to read a thousand books

A bungaku gag short anime about a high school girl who loves to read and wants to act like a reader that takes place in a library

It’s quiet in the library.
Hmm? I’ve never been Shizuka, but…

I want to read, but I can’t read long books!
This is the story of Sawako Machida, who’s always wondering if there’s a way to pass the time without reading.

I want to read, but I can’t!
Shiori Kanbayashi has a tendency to be talkative when it comes to books because she loves them so much.

Shiori wants to complain about Sawako’s approach to reading, and drags her into the reading swamp with her book recommendations.

It’s a good way to look at it and say, “Wow, I didn’t know there were books like that.
Or you can empathize with a book lover.
It’s good to look back again and again to find a book you want to read.
Or, you can warmly watch Sawako and Shiori’s friendship grow.

Just as there are many different ways to look at books, the way you look at this anime is up to you!

There are times when Sawako’s light-hearted ideas are somehow inspiring.
I didn’t know there was such a way to read a book…!

You may find the perfect book for the autumn reading season. Six autumnal sensations that make you feel autumn from the opening and the description of the transition to winter.

No.8 My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected(12 episodes in the first season, with a follow-up series)



The main character gets into trouble at the big autumn event, the cultural festival

Whenever he opens his mouth, he’s always quibbling, arguing, and talking back.

After being told by the life guidance counselor that his spirit is rotten, Hikigaya Hachiman is forced to join the service club to rebuild his spirit.

There, he meets Yukino Yukinoshita, the most beautiful girl on campus.

You’d think this would be the start of a boy meets girl story, but Hachiman’s twisted personality doesn’t make it a romantic comedy at all!

For that matter, what does the Service Club do?
Surprisingly, Hachiman’s oblique (and sometimes condescending) way of thinking sometimes saves the people who come to him for advice…?

On the contrary, there’s no one who lives with such a straight and twisted mind, it even stirs up protective desires!

There are people who understand the goodness of Yahata… right?

And the season is autumn, and Yawata has become a member of the executive committee because he was dozing off during homeroom.

Nevertheless, this year’s festival was a fulfilling one.
Up until the middle of the festival, it was good. We were all youthful.

But when it came to the end, it turned into hell for Yawata, or rather, applause for Yawata who chose to fall into hell himself!

After the summer break comes the cultural festival! Leaving an aftertaste worthy of ending the first season with an autumnal feeling 5 points

No.9 ninja of Nobunaga(26 episodes in the first season, with a follow-up series)


There are many theories

Short animation of less than 4 minutes per episode
The tempo of the story is very smooth, making it easy to watch!

Chidori, a ninja from Iga, travels to Owari Province to serve Oda Nobunaga.
She may look cute, but when she takes down her enemies, she’s outrageous!

The story is full of jokes and comedy as it traces history, and even when she is cut down in battle or pierced by an arrow, there are moments when she can’t help but laugh!
It’s hard to believe that this is the Warring States period, but the pop depiction of it might make you more interested in history…!

The characters are cute too!
The girls, such as Chidori, Nene, and Nobunaga’s wife Kichou, as well as the uncles, such as Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Hideyoshi Toyotomi), who was called a monkey, and Yoshimoto Imagawa, who fought in the Battle of Okehazama, are all deformed in a cute way!

The first period is from the Battle of Okehazama to the Battle of Kanonji Castle and then into Kyoto

The Battle of Okehazama is in the rainy season, and the Battle of Kanonji Castle is in autumn!
Oda Nobunaga, a sweet-tempered tsundere underdog, sends Hideyoshi on an errand for Mino persimmons! 5 points for autumn feeling

No.10 Mob Psycho 100(12 episodes in the first season, with a follow-up series)



The only time the original picture moves is at the end

Shigeo Kageyama is a junior high school student who seems to be a simple man with no special qualities.
Also known as Mob, he is a psychic.

Reigen Arataka, a self-proclaimed psychic who uses his words to manipulate others and get them into a good mood.
He also runs a psychic consulting service.

The two form a teacher-student relationship, with the mob taking care of the small fish and Reigen taking care of the big ones, saving the people who come for consultations by removing spirits and giving massages.

The mob seems to be used by Reigen, but there is a real love between the two… I think.

He just wants to be normal and be popular if he can, but assassins with supernatural powers keep showing up in front of him!
When Mob’s emotions get the best of him, will anyone be able to stand up to him?

At the very end of the last episode, what? Did the artwork change? You’ve made the right decision!
A sighting of the Aardvark has Reigen plotting to capture it for a bounty.
Reihen calls his assistant Mob on the phone and comes to a mountain with beautiful autumn leaves, but he’s too busy picking matsutake mushrooms to care about the aardvark.
But then a giant monster appears!
Together with the mob, they aim to get rich on someone else’s private property!

This is a short episode for the fans of the original work, so I give it a score of 10 Autumn-themed anime you’ll want to watch in the fall

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