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[Classroom of the Elite] Could there be a second season? Megumi Karuizawa’s booming popularity has sprouted a new anime adaptation

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We’ve compiled a summary of the possibility of a second anime season of the hit ranobe “Classroom of the Elite” being produced!
Based on the ripple effect of the anime adaptation on the original books, how it compares to the other ronobe anime, and its current reputation, we’re going to take a thorough look at whether or not the sequel will happen!

The original work surpasses “Bless this wonderful world” and “Overload” in power of animation

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The light novel “Classroom of the Elite” by Akigao Kinugasa (original work) and Shunsaku Tomose (illustrations) was first published by MF BunkoJ in 2015.
Set at one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, a highly developed high school where only the best students receive good treatment, the novel depicts the tactics and psychological battles between the students, including the protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji Kiyotaka (Ayanokoji Kiyotaka), a member of the bottom of the class D, as well as the bizarre interactions between Kiyotaka and the cute heroines, and it quickly became one of the most popular works of art, selling over 200,000 copies when volume 4 was released.
Its popularity continued to rise, and in the summer of 2017 it was made into a TV anime.

The anime adaptation within two years and two months of its publication is quite fast for a lanobe work.
It is comparable to past blockbusters.

The period from the release of the first volume to the broadcast of the anime

1 year and 07 months IS Infinite Stratos.
1 year, 11 months, wolves and spices.
2 years and 00 months, Zero’s messenger.
2 years, 00 months, no games, no life.
2 years, 01 months… After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong.

2 years 02 months Classroom of the Elite

2 years 02 months Re:Starting a different world life from zero
2 years, 02 months. There is no way my sister is this cute.
2 years, 02 months. I don’t have many friends.
2 years 03 months Is it wrong to ask to meet someone in a dungeon?
2 years, 03 months, bless this wonderful world!
2 years 06 months How to raise a dull girl
2 years, 09 months and a lesser student at a magical high school
2 years and 10 months The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
2 years, 11 months, overload.
3 years 03 months Sword Art Online
4 years and 04 months, when I reincarnated, I was a slime.
4 years 06 months To Aru Majutsu no Index
4 years and 06 months – The Youthful Piggy

As of May 2017, when the anime adaptation was announced, the total number of copies sold was about 500,000 (5 volumes + 4.5 volumes).
Since “Kono-Suba” and “Obaro” sold 400,000 copies, it is not low for the number of copies at the time of the decision of the anime adaptation.

In other words, “Kono-Suba” and “Obaro” sold well before the decision was made to make it into an anime, so it can be said that it is a work with great strength in its original work.

Even if the discs weren’t a hit, the original work is still going strong

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The year 2017, when the Yohmi anime aired, was a whirlwind year for Narou.
The Kono-Suba and Rizero anime was a huge hit in 2016, and in the winter of 2017, Yojo Senki was a hit.
It was becoming so prevalent that when you think of lanobes, you think of narou, and the presence of non-narou lanobes was fading.

In the midst of this situation, “Eromanga Sensei” aired in the spring of 2017 and was the first non-narrow light novel anime to be a hit in a long time.
There was a natural expectation for a summer broadcast as well.

However, unfortunately, the sales of Blu-ray and DVD (discs) were sluggish, and the average sales of all 4 volumes did not reach 1500 copies.
Although there were many viewers who were attracted by the storyline, the anime itself did not necessarily receive high praise, as it was ranked 3rd in the “anime category of the development of the d-anime store award 2017”. It seems that there was not.
There were many people who said that the popular heroine, Karuizawa Kei, was not treated well, and it seems that one of the reasons why the original fans did not support the work.

However, if you say that this anime adaptation was a failure, that is not really true.
Although the discs did not sell, the sales promotion effect of the original book was very high, and all volumes were always in short supply or out of stock at the time of the anime broadcast, and there was a huge reprint.

The number of copies printed was 500,000, but it rapidly increased right after the broadcast of the anime, and in August, the number of copies exceeded 1 million.
Furthermore, it reached 1.5 million copies at the end of September just before the last episode, and the total number of copies tripled in about 3 months.

It is rare to see such an effect of the original work on the original work in a work where the sales of the disc has been sluggish.
Due to the alteration of the original work including the incident in Karuizawa, it was not possible to get many fans to buy the discs, but it seems to have succeeded in making anime fans who did not read the original work think “I want to see the continuation of the story” and “I want to know what the depiction is in the original work”.



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