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[Touken Ranbu] approaching the charm of candlestick Kirimitsuda! I tried to put together the game, animation, historical fact, and the stage! ! # Touken Ranbu # Torubu

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This description is a summary of his activities in all directions and his intentions associated with it, with regard to the familiar  Syokudaikiri Mitutada in Touken Ranbu. Not to mention the relationship between the character and the character and the character of the Syokudaikiri Mitutada that can be read from the game reminiscence, he has been active in the anime “Token Ranbu-Hanamaru-” and “Katugeki-Touken Ranbu”. Degree of interest in the Lord based on historical facts. We thoroughly analyze the stage production (musical) and so on.

Character settings

・ Swordsman have with long sword. Character height is 186 cm.
Blow is Mituo Odenta, third place after the Okanehira in long sord. The appearance of the character also shows that it is muscular.
・ It is a work of the uncariae said to be the de facto founder of the Bizen Osafune faction, and the work of Mitsutada , which was owned by Masamune Date.
・ The story that Masamune Date cut the verge of the verge when it cut the vassal in the Syokudaikiri Mitutadai is the origin of the name.
・ By the way, the person is unhappy with his name. “There is no bad feeling against Masamune, but the origin of the name is because it was cut to a Syokudai near me when I cut a person,” says the swords account.
・ I am stuck with the goodness of being a dater. Former principal: After Masamune, the right eye has an eye-band, a black-tailed dress-like appearance.
・ Always seek good looks by saying, “You should always be ready. You don’t know when who is looking you.”
・ The voice actor is  Sato Takuya. There are many second-place characters such as the role of  Kai Toshik in “Card Fight !! Vanguard” and the role of Caesar A. Tepperi in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. It is known from the fan by the voice appearance of the senior voice actor Yonaga Tubasa and the radio appearance from the fan by the nickname of “Takuchan”.
・ “Touken Ranbu” is designed only by the image of the number one host, and when appointed as a captain, they say “No name?” Or they say “newcomer” noob.
・ class that can be soft and ready-first even if it is called a host image.
・ First person is “I”. Honoree title is “the Lord”
・ Voice actor: Sato Takuya also interprets the goodness of taking care of the referee as “a look like a guardian”.


・ On the contrary to the cool appearance based on black but with a cool appearance, the elder brother’s type is calm and has a good-looking look.
・ It seems that she is working hard on field work, etc., and she says, “You can’t get rid of it because it is your free time.” “I can not lend you money even if I wasted it.” It is also one side like.
・ I want to get dressed anyway, but he is recognized as a disappointing character. It is not a type that hangs your own appearance on your nose, but it is preferable that you always aim for good looking as alive without saying “If you don’t get rid of it quickly, it’s not good!” It is from. It can be seen that he is a hard worker.
-The phrase “Sada-chan is coming here? Sadamune Taikogane. It is a so-called Sada-chan,” is a voice that has been around since “Taikogane Sadamune” has not joined as a swordsman. In addition, his coordination and sociability can be seen from the serif that cares for Ookuri Kara Tori Mandala, “It is obscene to say that Mandala is missing.”

Treatment from fans

・ It is positioned as “Okan” of Honmaru from the viewpoint of good looking. In particular, I give up the mischief of Tsurumaru Kuninaga called Datesumi, worry about the lack of sociality of “Ookuri kara”, and act as a stopper for Turumaru Kuninaga from being called innocently with “Taikogane Sadamune” It is recognition.
・ On the other hand, because the chest muscle is somewhat lonely and slightly thicker than others despite the fact that the person is concerned about goodness, from the fan, it is said to be “muchimuchi” “deb” and the person also cares about the figure There are many secondary creation settings of that.
・ Because it is sociable and bright character from ordinary times, as a good guardian of the daggers, it is an existence that is in line with one strike and one strike. Also, unlike Hasebe, who is perceived as euphoric by the referee, the fan opinion is that the candlestick of the recognition of the preacher, Okan, is likely to be small. And because it is such a high spec, it is also a character that lights up the dark route.
・If it is a dreamer who dreams of being a female auditor, it is a majesty, good-looking, personality-good, and a good all-you-canon Syokudai Kirimitsu will be a high-specs boyfriend.


In order to better communicate the above settings and character characteristics, I picked up the words that clearly indicate the goodness of taking care and the insistence on the coolness of the candlestick clear light particularly this time.

“I think Hasebe-kun seems to feel pretty well, but he does not agree with him because he hates the original Lord.”

Hasebe, who takes control of the main circle, is a guardian of the main circle, which is different from the Syokudai Kiri, because the loyalty to the presiding judge is hot. It feels like Hasebe feels like I do feel like it, but I can understand that Hasebe who still scolds the former lord and Hasebe who hates the former lord can not understand their character, and I want to get along well but I can’t get along well. Understand

“Are you nominated? Well, don’t meet your expectations.”

It seems that the host-style wording is simmering, but the voice is strong and it is a line in which the intention to fulfill the mission is felt. It is a scene where it is understood that he is not a flirt.

“Oh, what should I do to support everyone?”

Even if you are not in a prominent position, it is a serif that is well understood that Salari and his lines appear because they support the swordsman from behind as a supporter rather than Syokudai Kiri as a leader. It’s a true brother.

[Hands-on (light injury)]
“I will prepare my hair a little.”

He cares about even his hair style and understands his adherence to his goodness.

Naihan (field work)]
“Organic vegetables, please. Sada-chan (in the case of a pair with Taikogane Sada )”

Work in the field work in a jersey, sweat well and the Syokudai Kiri fresh and handsome, but the smell of the mother does not go out without hesitation. The part that says is connected to the fan’s second creation.



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