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【SPY×FAMILY】Yol is an assassin but a cute and innocent heroine

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From the hit book “SPY×FAMILY”, which sold over 800,000 copies in just two volumes, we pick up one of the main characters, Yol!
We’ve put together the story of how she became the mother of the Forger family from her dark days as the assassin Princess Thorn, and how she’s an assassin heroine!

Yol Forger Character Overview

She is a female character in SPY x FAMILY, and her real name is Yole Bryer.
She wears her long, black hair in a bun with a hair band or hair bands and a haircut that hangs down the sides for a long time.
Although she is very well-groomed, she does not seem to be aware that she is beautiful.

His younger brother, Yuri Briar, is ostensibly a civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but his true identity is a second lieutenant in the State Security Service.
He is 20 years old, which is a bit different from Yol, who is 27 years old.

His parents died when he was still a child, and he became the assassin “Princess Thorn” to support his young brother, and has killed countless targets through the murderous techniques he has drilled into his body.
She always follows her employer’s orders and does her dirty work in a cold-hearted manner, but her conventional personality is too serious and gentle to be considered an assassin, and she is a natural.
However, he is not a good drinker, and when he is drunk, he has a tendency to get into trouble when he is unable to think.

The main character, Lloyd Forger, a.k.a. Twilight, and his adopted son, Anya, meet by chance and start a false family, the Forger family, to the mutual benefit of both parties.
As Yol Forger, the wife of Lloyd Forger, he supports them with his gentle and kind nature and lives a life of being both an assassin and the mother of the family.

As an assassin, she is extremely skilled, and her physical and personal combat prowess surpasses Twilight’s.
On the other hand, she is unbalanced when it comes to housekeeping, and although she is good at cleaning up, she is not very good at cooking.

An assassin heroine, but legitimate

Yol, the assassin heroine, is a woman with an attribute that at first glance seems to attract enthusiasts, but in fact it is.
That’s because in recent years, the attribute of “assassin” itself has caught wind.

Many of you may have seen the term “assassin-chan” trending on Sunday mornings since September 2019.
This is a character from the tokusatsu show Kamen Rider Zero One, which has no real proper name and is referred to as “Assassination Humagia” on the official website, but since the character in the work is referred to as “Assassination-chan”, it has become a fixture among viewers and has been actively muttered on Twitter.
Although it’s a disturbing word that clearly doesn’t belong in the morning, “assassin-chan” has become a popular word, and it’s trending high every week.

Even though the popularity of Assassination-chan itself and the fact that Kamen Rider Zero-One itself has become one of the most critically acclaimed Kamen Rider series in recent years, that alone would not have been enough to make this immoral word popular.
I’m guessing that the kitchen-warming power of the word “assassination” and the impact created by attaching the cute honorific title “chan” to the disturbing word “assassination” played a large role in this.

And this is also true for the assassin heroine.
The attribute of “assassin” which stimulates the “second generation” is suitable for the current era, and the assassin heroine is attractive because of the taboo feeling and impact created by the gap of being a pretty woman in contrast to the bloody occupation of assassination.
This is an up-and-coming attribute that is currently garnering considerable promise.

One of the most famous assassin heroines is Golden Darkness from “To LOVE-ru”.
She is a character that stands out in a work that has many popular heroines.
Besides her, other characters that fall into this category include Nobueme Imai from Gintama, Liliane from Jormungand, Sonya from Kill Me Baby, and Ellen from Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom.

If you expand the range of assassin heroines to include Kunoichi, the number of applicable characters will increase even more.
This can be seen in many game characters, such as Shina Fujibayashi from “Tales of Symphonia” and Yuffie from “Final Fantasy VII”.

Yol is another character that has many of the characteristics of an assassin heroine.
As an assassin, she is always loyal and cold-hearted.
But she is cute in appearance, and her personality is far from cool, she’s a natural type, and she even has an element of a doofus.

Assassination heroines in shonen manga can be rather muddy when it comes to their work, but in Yol’s case, there are occasional scenes of her performing assassination work, and her appeal as an assassination heroine is not diminished at all.
However, she does not belong to the so-called dark heroine (anti-heroine) because her dirty side is entirely due to her circumstances, not her personality.
She is a legitimate heroine.



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