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【SPY×FAMILY】Lloyd is a disqualified spy! Verification summary

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Pick up one of the main characters from SPY×FAMILY, which has become a Shonen Jump+ mainstay, Dusk!
We’ve compiled a summary of his struggles and espionage skills as he becomes a psychiatrist, “Lloyd Forger” and creates a fake family and spies his way through his unfamiliar days!

Lloyd Forger Character Overview

A male character in SPY×FAMILY.
He has short, blond hair of a standard length for a man.
He has a face that is regarded as “handsome” and “handsome” by those around him.

At first glance, he appears to be a handsome man, but he is a spy for the Western Empire (Westeris) who carries out espionage activities in the East (Ostania).
He follows orders from above and has cleared many difficult tasks, such as “infiltrating a nefarious terrorist organization” and “stopping the launch of a nuclear bomb”.

He abandoned his real name when he became a spy more than a decade ago, and uses the code name “Twilight” during normal times.
During missions, he uses an alias and disguises his occupation, depending on the situation in which he is to be put in order to accomplish the task.
In the story, he is assigned to Operation Owl, and takes on the role of a psychiatrist named Lloyd Forger.

He is a cool, calm, intelligent, and basically soft-spoken young man.
While he tries to carry out his duties with a cool head, he has a strong sense of justice and is easily influenced by his emotions, which becomes more pronounced when he has a family, albeit in disguise.

In addition to being able to do all sorts of household chores, such as cooking, she is a jack-of-all-trades who can do most things smartly.
While his combat prowess is not as good as Yol’s, he has sufficient physical ability and skill.

A very capable spy

Lloyd’s abilities as a spy are extremely high, and he is claimed to be the No. 1 spy in the West, and is quite relied upon by the organization.
He is especially good at flexibility and environmental adaptation.
He can play a variety of personalities and professions and blend in with the region where the mission takes place, allowing him to go undercover without being suspected by others.

She has a high level of awareness of the task at hand, and is able to find the best solution to the impossible task of having a child within a week, and does it all with flying colors even when the missions are flooded with people.
He is also willing to give up his humanity for the sake of espionage, such as by starting a relationship with a local girl and breaking up with her immediately after the mission.

He also has an excellent memory and information processing skills, and is a gem of a person who can find a way out of any situation.

He has been given a new directive, Operation Owl, and his target is the president of the National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond.
He is a powerful politician who threatens the peace between East and West.

He is cautious and cautious, rarely making public appearances and making contact with him is a challenge.
Nevertheless, he is the only one who shows up to the social gatherings at his son’s prestigious Eden School, so it’s important for him to infiltrate the event in a natural way.

So the order given to Dusk is to form a false family and enroll his child in Eden School.
The reason for this is that if your child is enrolled in Eden School, he or she will be able to participate in the social gatherings in a natural way.
In addition, they need to establish a normal family environment with parents and children so that they don’t stand out from their surroundings.

Eden School is a prestigious and narrowly defined school, and you must be a good kid to get in.
Dusk visits the orphanage and chooses Anya, the smartest girl in the orphanage, to play the role of a child and adopts her as his child.
Furthermore, he takes in Jor Bryer as his wife, who lied to his brother that he had a girlfriend and was looking for someone to play the role of his girlfriend, and he is the father of the Forger family, a fake family, where the three of them live together and spend their days on duty.

Of course, it’s a secret to the girls that they are spies.
However, Dusk also doesn’t know that Anya is a “psychic” who can read other people’s minds and Yol is an “assassin”, so he plays the role of a family member without letting anyone know who he really is.

Lloyd believes that acting normal without standing out is the essence of being a spy, and in order to do so, he needs to establish a good relationship with his children and his wife, so he tries to understand …… but it’s not easy to get his way.
Dusk has completed every mission perfectly, but for a man who left his ordinary happiness behind the day he became a spy, building a normal family seems to be the most difficult thing for him to do.

Thus, Operation Owl has become the most difficult mission for Dusk to complete in history.



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