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[Hina Matsuri] I’ve compiled a list of episodes I’d like to see animated because the second season is doomed.

While the second season of Hina Matsuri may be a bit of a hopeless affair, there have been plenty of popular episodes since it was made into an anime!
So we’ve handpicked a few episodes that we’d like to see somehow made into a video, and we’ve talked about how interesting they are!

Episode 52: Is There Anything You Want (Included in Volume 10)


This volume is one of the funniest in the Hina Matsuri, and the episode where Nitta’s poor bento and the episode where her father comes to interview for mid-career jobs with Hitomi Mishima, who is a high school student but has become the president of the company, are funny without question, but I’ve selected the fifty-twoth episode where we get to see a rare glimpse of Hina.

In the junior high school version of the anime, Hina is the one who has no sense of humor and is the one who pushes around Nitta, Anzu, and Hitomi, but as a high school student, she is said to be the most decent character in the show.
This episode is such an iconic episode of the high school version.

After becoming a high school student, Hina becomes addicted to MMORPGs, and in order to buy a high-spec computer, she decides to work at a coffee shop as a part-time worker.
Moreover, she treats customers with respect and smiles, and does the customer service work normally, which is an unimaginable growth for the girl she used to be.
She even has a regular customer, a serious old man who loves Hina-chan, who comes to the shop for 48 days in a row, which is a great contribution to the coffee shop where she works.

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Episode 57 No Work Without Passion (Included in Volume 11)

Hitomi started out as a bartender in junior high school, and as a student, she unintentionally blasted her way up the ladder.
This episode is the episode where she and Nitta cross paths in earnest.

When Nitta, who runs a management consulting company that pretends to be clean, like the yakuza of today, participates in a marketing competition for a stuffed toy for infants, Hitomi participates as a representative of her company.
While acknowledging Hitomi’s extraordinary abilities, Nitta is determined not to lose to the high school girl, but she fails miserably at the first competition.

However, he doesn’t stop there, because he is a monster of Heisei.
He bows his head, begs for another competition, and creates an opportunity for a rematch.

He makes full use of his money and contacts, and wins the competition.
Interpreting Nitta’s determination to not lose to Hitomi as a passion for his work, Hitomi, with her cheeks tinged with pride, evaluates Nitta as the first adult she can respect.
The reader is surprised by the unexpected flag.

By the way, this was the last time that Nitta managed to bite Hitomi.

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Episode 63 The Monster Still Hasn’t Awakened (Volume 12)

While not as great as Hitomi, Nitta is also an outstanding figure who has risen quickly in the yakuza world, and in the first season of the anime, he even became a young head as a result of being stuffed into a concrete drum.
Here is one of his monster episodes.

Amidst a series of attacks on the Ashikawa clan, the same Odo-kai clan to which Nitta belongs, Nitta voluntarily leaves the hospital to join the feud, despite being hospitalized with pneumonia.
Hina struggles to get Nitta, who is unable to move properly, to stand on the battlefield.
She studies the movements of the yakuza through video games and television, and uses her psychic powers to manipulate Nitta’s sleeping body and plunge him into the fray by himself.

Naturally, he takes aim, but all of the bullets change their trajectory with his psychic powers and he manages to get close to the enemy forces.
He wins the battle by seizing the enemy’s doss and licking it around with a yakuza-like menace.

In the past, Nitta was falsely accused by the media of being “a man hungry for blood, violence, and money,” but this time he was the very definition of that nickname.
Even if he’s not conscious, Nitta is a legend in his own right.

He also became a legend as a man who licked and sucked dross all over the place.

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Episode 70 Top Runner of the Dependency World (Volume 14)

In the original series, Mao was introduced at the end of the junior high school episode, but she was favored by director Kei Oikawa, who directed the anime, and got a lot of opportunities to appear in the show.
However, it is in this episode that her true nature is revealed.

Mao was finally able to come to Japan for the last episode of the anime, and after a number of things happened afterwards, she was noticed by the media as “too cute an instructor” and began her career as an entertainer after her TV appearances.
The unfamiliarity of life and bullying by her co-star idols pushed Mao into a corner, and she consulted with a former acquaintance of hers, Hitomi, about her problems.
As a result, he became a top runner in the addiction world, posting about 300 posts on the same day they exchanged lines.



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