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【 Persona】Can the Joker really not beat the Watchman? Thorough examination

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To celebrate the release of the full version of Persona 5: The Royal, full of additional elements, we have an in-depth comparison between the main character, Joker, and the protagonist of the previous Persona 4, aka the “Bancho”.
We’ve put together a list of where the Joker is beating the Watchman, and if so, what it is!

In terms of popularity, Bancho wins hands down

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The official popularity poll in the Persona series was held in 2018 to celebrate the release of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth in 2018, “I want to be in the party in PQ2! Persona 3, 4, and 5 Character Popularity Poll! There is a
As a result of this poll, the protagonist of Persona 4 (whose name in the anime is Yu Narukami, nicknamed “Bancho”) received second place (9,460 votes) overall.
On the other hand, the main character of Persona 5, the Joker (known as Ren Amemiya in the anime), came in sixth place (1,322 votes).

While the results of this poll aren’t the whole story, there seems to be an insurmountable wall between the Bancho and the Joker.
This is because while Bancho is the most popular character in Persona 4, the Joker is at odds with his male counterpart, Goro Akechi, in Persona 5.

In the aforementioned official popularity poll, Joker was ranked 6th, while Akechi was ranked 5th (2,805 votes).
Although the rankings differ by only one, Akechi dominates the vote count with a double score.

The Persona 5 popularity poll announced at the 2017 Sega Fest also showed Akechi in first place and Joker in second place.

Although unofficial, the Persona 5 popularity poll on the game’s information medium, Inside, gave Joker first place (683 votes) and Akechi second place (647 votes), this one going to the Joker.
However, the difference between the two is minimal.

Just like the Dragon Quest series, the Persona series does not have a default name, and since it is a game where the main character is the player, the main character basically does not speak in the game.
Because of this, it is harder to get a grasp on the character’s personality compared to other characters, and players will have to guess what kind of character he or she will be by the choices he or she makes, the responses and evaluations of the characters around him or her, and the situations he or she is placed in.

Despite this, there are a number of reasons for the difference in popularity between the two.

First, let’s simply address the advantage of the one who came into the world first.

Persona is a complete change of atmosphere from the previous series after 3, with a brighter atmosphere and a greater focus on character portrayal, and a “community” (coop) system that allows the main character and each character’s individual story to be delved into.
Particularly in 4, you can establish romantic relationships with female characters and also attack them at the same time, so you can have up to seven relationships with them.
This muso status in love is one of the reasons why he is the chief of the game.

The system itself has been carried over to 5, so the Joker can fall in love with many female characters as well.
It’s a good thing that you’ve got a lot more of them than in 4. …… As expected, it’s an afterthought, so it doesn’t have the same impact as it did in Bancho.

In addition, the choice between a “decent response” and a “playful response” is the same for both the Bancho and the Joker, but the aforementioned Bancho’s is more memorable inevitably.
Therefore, both characters are “usually quiet and serious, but sometimes mischievous”, but the bancho is more attractive in this respect.

The situations and situations in which he is placed also work against the Joker in terms of popularity when compared to the Bancho.
The Joker’s disadvantage is that he has transferred to a new school because he was falsely accused of a crime and has a criminal record, and because he lives in a room in the attic of the new school.
This impression is also reinforced by the story structure, in which the police capture him at the beginning of the story and periodically cut in scenes of interrogation.

The Joker is nicknamed “Roof Trash” by some fans, but this is based on Akechi’s statement in the film that he is “a trash who has a criminal record and lives in the attic”, so it seems to be a fraud and not a fraud.
However, due to the aforementioned dark impression of tragedy, and the situation where Shura occurs in Valentine’s Day when numerous female characters are attacked at the same time, “roof trash” feels like a legitimate misrepresentation, and it’s a situation that could have a negative impact on the game.
This is in contrast to Bancho, who is given a positive impression no matter what he does and is a beloved character with an abundance of material to work with.

Also, since Bancho has appeared in various games in addition to the main story, he is considered to be better known.



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