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[Major Second] Does Mutsuko still love Daigo? Thorough examination

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This is a summary of the heroine, Mutsuko Sakura, from “Major Second”, which is airing its second season from April 2020!
She doesn’t describe much of her love life for the heroine position, but we thoroughly investigate whether or not she still loves Daigo!

Introduction of Mutsuko Sakura

She is a female character in Major Second and the heroine of this work.
She wears her black hair down her back and her patsuit bangs are arranged horizontally in front.
She wears her hair back during games.

She has been in kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school with the main character Daigo Shigeno.
She was attracted to Daigo when he was directly involved in baseball practice, but she suffered from the gap between her lack of talent and the expectations of the people around her, and was disillusioned with him when he spoke to her unkindly.
Nevertheless, he couldn’t break the ice and joined the same Mifune Dolphins as Daigo, and after entering junior high school, he joined the baseball club of the same school and became a teammate of Daigo’s.

He has been playing catch with his older brother who played baseball for a long time, so even as an amateur, he has good catching ability and a great batting sense, and is good at returning balls to center field.
After entering junior high school, she started pitching on Daigo’s recommendation and has become the ace of the school with her ability to control pitches.
However, his shoulders are on par with the rest of the guys, and his velocity is quite slow, so he often struggles with his pitches.

She is worried about the fact that other boys in her position will fail to become regulars after she joins the Dolphins, and she is reluctant to make an error on purpose during the test to select the regulars.
On the other hand, she has the strength of will to push through a decision once made, such as by half-heartedly convincing her parents, who were reluctant to allow their daughter to play baseball.

In her first scene, she says, “The pudding for tomorrow’s school lunch has turned into a soggy pudding, hasn’t it? For a while, he was called “Mozuku” and “Mozuku-chan” by some fans. I was there.

The voice actor in charge is Hanazawa Kana.

A healthy approach to the elementary school version?

Mutsuko could only gaze at Daigo from afar, as he was the son of Goro Shigeno, a major league baseball player, who was highly praised by everyone around him, even though she had been close to him since kindergarten, but when he was in the same class with her for the first time in sixth grade, Mutsuko decided to talk to him.
To her, Daigo was a “cool boy who was trying his best to play baseball” regardless of his Nisei status. It was like, “How did you feel about me for so long? Daigo showed a lot of aggressiveness and implicitly showed his favoritism by asking her if she would like to be involved in baseball again.

However, Daigo, who is sensitive and insufferably complex by nature, couldn’t take Mutsumi’s words for granted, and completely rejected her modest plea for him to be involved in baseball again.
Disillusioned with Daigo’s abusive remarks, Mutsuko, with tears in her eyes, says, “Give me back my first love! I was screaming in my mind.

Normally that’s where the 100-year love affair would have cooled down… but he didn’t cut ties with Daigo after that, practicing with him, and he continued his healthy approach, joining the same Dolphins as Daigo, who was going to start playing baseball again.
Perhaps the disillusionment he once felt with Daigo has taken a toll on him, and he no longer treats her favorably, but he begins to share time with her as one of his close teammates, happily going to practice and going to Daigo’s house every now and then.

After that, he didn’t have as many opportunities to express his feelings for Daigo as he did in the beginning, but he did show some mild jealousy when Daigo invited Michiru Mayumura, his next pitcher, into his house, so we can assume that he still has some affection for Daigo at this point.

Is the love interest sealed in the middle school version?

After moving up from elementary school to junior high school, the two went on to the same private school, Fu-Rin Gakuen, where they both joined the baseball club.
Daigo supported Mutsuko, who became a pitcher, as a catcher, and they spent more time together than they did in little league…
However, the first year of junior high school is barely shown in the story, so it is hard to tell if there was any adolescent-like interaction between the two.

The relationship between Mutsuko and Daigo after their sophomore year is completely that of two friends on the baseball club.
They talk almost exclusively about baseball, and they don’t go out to play or discuss their problems outside of baseball; they just devote themselves to baseball.

In elementary school, they used to call each other “Shigeno-kun” and “Sakura”, but they have become “Daigo” and “Mutsuko”, and there are descriptions of them eating lunch together at the same desk during lunchtime, so it seems as if they are only going out together… but in reality, they make no progress.
There are six (and later seven) girls on the Fu-Rin baseball team, but there is no particular scene where Mutsuko gets jealous, and none of the scenes clearly show her fondness for Daigo.

So, has Mutsumi’s love interest disappeared?
When they advanced to the final of the All Japan Softball Tournament for Boys, their opponent in the final, O Junior High School, had a base. In the scene where Daigo notices that Mutsumi is there and shouts “Michiru-chan! The scene where Mutsuko is depicted in the background of Daigo’s face. I was.

It’s only one frame, and there wasn’t any particular exchange of ideas after that, but I got the impression that there was a slight feeling that Daigo didn’t like the way he was looking at Dourou.
From this scene, it seems that Mutsuko’s first love isn’t over yet.

However, after more than a year of dealing with Daigo, who has been so devoted to baseball that it can be said that he is immersed in baseball, and is always busy making practice menus and managing his schedule as the captain of the team, Mutsuko must have realized that the current Daigo has no room for anything other than baseball.
I get the impression that she dares to keep her romantic interest in Daigo under wraps and keeps him in a buddy role in his youth.



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