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【Resurrection! 】 Most popular Anison singer · Aoi Eile’s divine song summary

From their debut in 2011, they released popular animated theme songs such as “Fate / Zero” and “Sword Art Online (SAO)”
Mr. Aii Aile who was constantly running as a top artist, including appearing at Animelo Summer Live (Anisama).
We had been suspended indefinitely activities at the Nippon Budokan in August 2016 but announced the resumption of activities in February 2018, the theme of “Sword Art Online Alternative – Gangale Online -” broadcast from April the same year I will be in charge of singing!
So I’d like to introduce five things that “I can not remove!” From among the many famous songs that she sang!

MEMORIA / 『Fate/Zero』ED


First of all, from this song of the debut song! It is the ending song of popular animation Fate series “Fate / Zero”.
Eile was always hiding the lower half of the face with CD jacket, PV, interview shooting etc., and there was a mysterious atmosphere.
I think that there are also a few people who think that Eile’s powerful and seductive song is characteristic, “Aei Eile is the best!”


AURORA / “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE” OP


From the popular anime Gundam series of the past year, the opening song of “Mobile Suitable Dead Gundam AGE”. By this time my face was officially released.
It is this song that I learned Mr. Aii Eile, I heard that PV is flowing on the street and remember that the goose bumps of the impact stood up w
Unlike debut songs, it is impressive that there is momentum and powerful.


INNOCENCE / “Sword Art Online” OP


It is not too much to say that this song is her representative song!
This is also the first work of the popular series “Sword Art Online (SAO)”. It is the opening song of that Fairy · Dance story.
Speaking of Aoi Aile SAO, SAO is a lot of people thinking that Aii Eile?
This is a must!

Sambika / “KILL la KILL” Insertion Song


Insertion song of the original animation “KILL la KILL” produced by TRIGGER.
Why is not “Sirius” of the opening song “Sambika”? That is because I love it.
I think that it is “Aoi Eil like support song” that enhances the heat of the animation further and listens only by listening and w
I would like you to listen with animation by all means!



At the end this song of a feeling that he said that it is a slightly changing ball. It is a non-tie-up song, but what I offered this song is HISASHI of GLAY.
There are also in common that they have “Hokkaido origin” and “Anime love”.
It is a song that HISASHI seems to be a guitar sound in front of you and you can feel the charm of Mr. Aii Eir who is different from the one I have ever had.

Honestly, to be honest, I just do not feel like I’m missing this at all
There are so many wonderful songs, so if you have not heard yet, please take this opportunity to listen to those who are not!

And the theme song of “Sword Art / Online Alternative – Gangale Online -“, which will become the first tie-up for returning, is also a song like Aii Aile! So why do not you watch it with animation?



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