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【How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?】A thorough examination of the potential for a second term! It could be a Netflix exclusive and web-animated!

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The controversial 2019 summer anime “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?” We’ve put together a summary of the possibility of a second season being produced for
After dominating the buzz of the first half of summer 2019 with the huge hit of the theme song and its outstanding impact, we’re taking an in-depth look at whether or not the film will get a sequel!

The theme song is a huge hit and it’s going great in the beginning

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The summer of 2019 saw a number of popular anime second seasons and spin-offs lined up, such as “Karakai Gude no Takagi-san 2” and “Is it wrong to seek encounters in dungeons? II”, so those works were at the top of the anticipation rankings based on advance surveys.
However, when the show started to air, the question was “How many kilos of dumbbells can you hold? is set to dominate the conversation.
The d-anime store “Summer 2019 Anime, What to Watch? Number 20, anime! Animation! What are your high expectations for summer 2019 anime? Outside the Top 20, eb-i Xpress “2019 Summer Anime Overall Ranking Top 20” of eb-i Xpress “2019 Summer Anime Overall Ranking” ……, this anime, which was not expected much in advance, exploded in popularity from the first episode.

The main factor is the hit of the OP song “Please Muscle”.
The song has a catchy melody, lyrics that are too straightforward to remember with the desire of “Please Muscle, I want to be very desirable, I want to be very skinny, YES!
Moreover, the music video starring muscle idol Reika Saiki and bodybuilder Naotaka Yokokawa became even more popular and received over 5 million views.

With the momentum of the theme song, the anime has also attracted a lot of attention, and it ranked 4th in the d anime store “What are you watching this season?
It also skyrocketed on Amazon’s Blu-ray/DVD (disc) pre-order rankings, and quickly rose to become the dark horse of summer 2019 and a hot topic.

At this point, there was even a certainty of a second season in the air. …… This is where the ‘lack of excitement’ that is the fate of everyday gags becomes a bottleneck.

The hit anime reaches its peak in the beginning, middle, and end of the story, and that is where it gains fans.
It goes without saying that story-centered anime, even works that are mainly gags in the beginning like “Zombieland Saga”, have a lot of serious stories inserted here and there to create the main story and increase their centripetal force.
On the other hand, a work like “Dumbbell”, which is an everyday gag, has the advantage of being easy to watch, but it also has the disadvantage of not being able to create scenes that will attract strong fans other than the impact it had in the beginning.

Also, “moe” is becoming an obsolete word nowadays, but the character moe element is still alive and well, and daily life anime such as Kirara series have more scenes that show off the main characters, which increases the level of fans.
However, in the case of the main gag anime, the characters are not explored in depth due to the fact that they prioritize laughter over cuteness and moe, and even if you become a fan, there are many times when you don’t buy the discs, and the number of discs pre-orders for “Dumbbell” showed sluggish growth despite the momentum in the beginning.

The number of views on Nico Nico Douga was over 900,000 for the first episode (always free) and 500,000 for the second and third episodes, but after the middle part of the episode, the number of views was sluggish, and the number of views for the final two episodes, episodes 11 to 12, was only 270,000.



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