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【Genshin】Even 3 star equipment is strong enough! What is the recommended weapon and relic selection?

I will introduce the usefulness of 3 star equipment, along with the recommended weapons for the original gods and the careful selection of relics.

Equipment has a star mark from 1 to 5 to indicate its strength. As you can imagine, the higher the number, the stronger it is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be 5! This is not necessarily true.

About weapons

Weapons can be “strengthened” to increase their attack power by consuming the necessary materials. There is also the “refining” process where you can increase the performance of the same equipment by consuming it.

Strengthening can be done at any rarity, as long as you have the materials. However, since refining requires the same weapon, it is easier to refine a 3-star weapon than a 4-star or 5-star weapon, making it easier to obtain a stronger weapon. For maximum refinement, you will need five of the same weapon.

How to get a weapon

Items 1 to 3 are obtained from treasure chests.
4 are manufactured at the blacksmith. Obtained from rewards. Obtained from various gachas.
5 can be obtained from weapons-only gachas.

4 star weapons can be obtained and refined without paying, but 5 star weapons can only be obtained from weapon gachas. In Genshin, where gacha is very reluctant, trying to refine weapons is only for those with heavy bills.

Of course, there is no doubt that the basic performance of 4 stars and above is high. However, in addition to simple firepower, the equipment of the original god always has a unique performance added to it. It is possible to have a rare weapon and not be able to use its performance. On the other hand, even a 3 star weapon can be used thanks to its unique abilities! This is why some of them can be used.

Think of the 1 and 2 star ranks as materials to strengthen your weapon.

You can use them when you first start the game, but you don’t need to strengthen them because it’s a waste.

Recommended 3 star weapons

Here are some recommended weapons for each type.

★3 Piece Hand Ken -Chiokoze-no-katana

This is one of the best one-handed swords. Its appeal is that it can deal up to 400% extra damage every 11 seconds.

11 seconds may seem like a long time, but as your world rank rises, it will take longer to defeat even small fish, so the effect is huge.

I’m not sure how to read it, but I guess it should be “Chiokoze-no-katana” since tiger fish is read as okose.

It’s a little difficult to collect because it’s obtained by random drops from treasure chests, but I’d definitely like to collect five of them and refine them to rank 5.

★3 Piece Hand Ken -dark iron sword

Basic attack power is increased only when you cause an elemental reaction. The only way to get one at the moment is through a conversation with an NPC. If you can refine it, you can expect a lot of strength.

The only other lightning-attribute one-handed sword user is Kokusei, but I think it’s a good idea to keep it for the possibility of more characters using it in the future. The appearance and name of the character is very cool and chuunibyou-ish.

There is no lock function on the item, so don’t use it as a strengthening material…

★3 two-handed sword – Rational Responsibility

The basic fighting style of the two-handed sword is to swing it around and apply normal attacks and heavy blows, so this weapon is recommended because it directly affects firepower.

You must use an elemental skill to activate it, but the 120% extra damage effect lasts for 15 seconds, which is very attractive. The club-like appearance is also interesting.

★3 two-handed sword – Flying Miturugi Sword

This one doesn’t deal extra damage like the logic blame, but increases attack power by up to 40%. Although the instantaneous firepower is inferior, it’s good that the effect is continuously demonstrated by simply punching. The fantasy look is also nice and clean.

★3 long spears- spearhead

It is a simple and straightforward weapon that deals 320% extra damage to the enemies it hits. Since there are only a few types of spears, this weapon is the only choice for 3 stars.

The only spear user we have so far is Shang Ling, but there are rumors that other spear characters will be implemented.

★3 long spears – black tail spear

Slime Specialization!

This one was more of an oddity than a recommendation, so I thought I’d introduce it to you to show you that there is such a weapon.

Slime is a troublesome enemy that you will face quite often, and it can be quite strong. There may come a time when this weapon will shine.

★3 bows – puppeteer for the literary world

As for the bow characters, they mainly use their skills and elemental explosions rather than their normal attacks, so the weapon is not that important.

If you dare to choose one from among the 3 stars, I would recommend this weapon that specializes in aiming and shooting. It’s fun to snipe hilchars from a distance without being noticed (laughs).

★3 law instruments – The Heroic Tale of the Dragon Slayer

This is the one I would recommend for law weapons. This is a weapon that I especially want to give to recovery support characters.

It lasts for 10 seconds and can be activated once every 20 seconds, so it can be activated practically every 10 seconds.

I’ll probably switch out the 3 star weapons when I get a higher level weapon, but I think the Dragon Slayer Eiyu Tan is good enough that I’ll keep using it.

About relics

In the original gods, where armor does not exist, relics play a role, and can be equipped in five locations, similar to accessories.

The difference between relics and weapons is that relics randomly add status effects. Therefore, finding the ones with good effects is one of the fun things to do in Haragami.

For example…

The relic called “Madman’s Cup” has a set effect that increases the attack rate (critical effect) by +12% when combined with other equipment called “Madman’s Fat”. If you want to use this kind of relic for firepower, you should look for a relic with an effect that increases attack power to strengthen your character.

You can use relics as materials to strengthen them. Every time you strengthen a relic by +4, an additional effect is added to it, so if a relic has a good status effect, you should actively strengthen it.

I strengthened the relic I just mentioned to +4. I wanted to get an attacker, but I got +100 HP. Unfortunately, it’s not a good choice.

How to get the relic

There are various types of rewards such as treasure chests, rewards, monster drops, and defeat rewards.
Unlike weapons, everything from 1 to 5 stars can be obtained without paying.

Higher-ranked items of 4 stars and above are more difficult to obtain and have stricter conditions, and if you are trying to find good status effects, you will need to challenge yourself many times. It’s called “relic selection” in some circles, and I think it’s an interesting play goal.

Character enhancement is more about obtaining relics with good status effects rather than weapons. In this sense, the 3 star relic with high performance is good enough to use.

4 star relics will become easier to obtain as the world rank rises, so I think it is fine to strengthen 3 star relics to a certain extent. You can strengthen them as you fight.

The only materials you can use to strengthen your relics are relics, which can be easily depleted. It’s also a good idea to keep as many materials as possible for reinforcement when you get a high rank good status item.


In this article, I introduced the fact that even 3 star equipment can be used to its full potential.

Although I focused on performance, the appearance of weapons can also change, so it is possible to equip your favorite character with something that suits him or her.

This is just my personal opinion, but it’s what I’ve felt while actually playing the game, so if you’ve just started playing Genshin, I hope you find it useful.

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