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【Fire Force】A thorough examination of the possibility of a third season! Overseas popularity and strong sales of the original work are the keys

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We thoroughly examine the possibility of a third season of the popular anime “Fire Force”, which has been aired for two seasons!
Based on the anime’s disc sales and distribution results, as well as the impact on the original comics, we predict whether or not a sequel will be made in the future!

Disc sales are sluggish, but distribution is strong! Theme song is also a big hit!

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To be clear, Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales of “Fire Force” were weak in both the first and second seasons.

The first season, which aired between July and December 2019, sold only about 100 discs.
The second season, which will air from July to December 2020, is even lower than the first season, and the profit from disc sales is negligible.

Also, in the interview with the producer on the official website, he said that the second season was “decided before the first chapter was aired”, which means that it was effectively a four-course split.
So, considering the poor disc sales, I was almost tempted to take a pessimistic view that the third season was hopeless …….

In reality, however, this is not the case.
There is a good chance that a third season of “Flameless Fire Brigade” will be produced.

The reason for this is that in an interview with the producer, he talks about many positive aspects of the show, such as “it’s a very good business work” and “it’s been a great success so far.
This can be attributed to the strong performance of the distribution and the success of the overseas expansion.

At the beginning of the planning stage, the concept of a second season of “Fire Force” was not yet concrete.
However, during the production of the first season, they came to the conclusion that a sequel would be possible soon.
In other words, they were able to raise funds without waiting for the results of disc sales and distribution.

It has been announced that bilibili from China and Funimation from the U.S. have joined the production committee of the Fire Force.
Both of these companies provide distribution services.
It can be assumed that the early decision to obtain investment from these distribution companies has made it possible to produce the second season.

Flaming Fire Brigade has many flashy battle scenes involving flames, and the content is easily accepted overseas.
The production team that started the project seemed to have taken this point into consideration and started overseas development at an early stage, and it is said that the presentation went well.
It can be said that the anime was able to decide on the second season in a way that is unique to the modern age.

Therefore, whether or not a third season will be produced depends on whether or not they can continue to get funding.
On Biribiri Video, the number of views for Flame-Fire Force is 80 million for the first season and 40 million for the second season (as of December 2020).
It’s not top class, but it’s still going strong, and it’s likely to be even more popular in the US and Europe, where the action genre is strong.

In addition, the theme song is also a tailwind.
The song “Inferno” by Mrs. Green Apple, which was used as the OP theme for the first school year of the first season, has become a huge hit, with over 100 million streams and almost 100 million views on Youtube.
With this achievement, we can expect a lot of investment from record companies.

Sales of the original comics are up significantly!

The biggest factor driving the third season of Fire Force is the positive impact on the original comics.
The effect of the anime adaptation of this work is quite evident in the sales of the comics.

When the anime adaptation was announced, the total number of copies sold was 2.3 million for 15 volumes.
Although 150,000 copies per volume (volume average) is a good enough record for an anime, it is not yet at the stage where it can be called a big hit.
In fact, at that time, the name recognition of the Fire Force was not very high.

Total number of copies of Weekly Shonen Magazine titles at the time of the anime adaptation announcement

24 million copies, 500,000 divided by volume Ahiru no Sora (Volume 48)
15 million copies, volume ratio 430,000 Dia no A (Volume 35)
*3 million copies, volume split 380,000 The Seven Deadly Sins (Volume 8)
*3 million copies, volume split 230,000 She’s Yours (Volume 13)
*5.8 million copies, volume split 210,000 Knights of the Area (Volume 27)
*5,000,000 copies divided by volume 170,000 Baby Steps (Volume 29)
*3.5 million copies divided by volume 160,000 Kimi no iru Machi (Volume 22)
*3 million copies divided by volume 160,000 Domestic Girlfriend (Volume 19)
*2.2 million copies, volume split 160,000 Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (Volume 14)

*2.3 million copies, volume-wise 150,000 Fire Brigade (Vol. 15)

*1,000,000 copies, volume split 140,000 Juliet of Boarding School (Volume 7)
*700,000 copies, volume split 140,000 Bride of the Five Equals (Volume 5)
*1.5 million copies, volume split 110,000 DAYS (vol. 14)
*1.2 million copies divided by volume 100,000 Kazenatsu (Volume 12)
**500,000 copies divided by 1.5 million copies divided by 100,000 copies

However, as soon as the anime started airing, the popularity and recognition of the series quickly increased.
As a result, the number of copies sold increased significantly, reaching a total of 13 million copies worldwide as of November 2020.

Total number of copies of “Fire Force”

Aug 2017 *1.6 million copies (Volume 10)
Jan 2018 *1.8 million copies (Volume 12)
May 2018 *2,000,000 copies (Volume 13)
Aug 2018 *2.2 million copies (Volume 14)
Nov 2018 *2.3 million copies (Volume 15) Announcement of anime adaptation
Jul 2019 *3,000,000 copies (17 volumes) First anime season begins broadcasting
Dec 2019 *4.5 million copies sold (21 volumes) Anime 1st season broadcast ends
Jan. 2020 *5.5 million copies (21 volumes)
Mar. 2020 *6 million copies (22 volumes)
Jun. 2020 *7 million copies (23 volumes)
Jul. 2020 *7.5 million copies (24 volumes) Second anime season begins
Jul. 2020 10 million copies (24 volumes) worldwide total
Oct. 2020 12 million copies (25 volumes) worldwide total
Nov. 2020 13 million copies (Volume 26) worldwide total

Looking at the volume rate, before the anime aired, the number of copies sold was 150,000-170,000, but after the first season of the anime ended, the number rose to 210,000.
By the time the second season started airing, the number of copies had surpassed 300,000, indicating that the number of readers has doubled in Japan alone.
And the total number of copies sold worldwide has reached 500,000, which means that the number of readers has tripled as a result of the anime broadcast.

Currently, it is one of the most popular magazine serials after “Hajime no Ippo”, “Dia no A”, and “Ahiru no Sora”.
The effects of the anime adaptation have been clearly seen not only in the first season but also in the second season, so the production of a third season is quite realistic.



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