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[New Sakura Wars] Why did Anastasia join the Imperial Flamethrowers? The Shocking Truth

出典 : ©SEGA : 新サクラ大戦(PlayStation®4専用ソフトウェア)

We’ve compiled a summary of one of the main characters, Anastasia, from the anime “New Sakura Wars,” which will air in April 2020!
We’re going to tell you the truth about why she joined the deadly new Imperial Huaygeki Gang with her overwhelming style, acting skills, and fighting prowess, seamlessly!

Anastasia Palma Character Profile

出典 : ©SEGA/SAKURA PROJECT : テレビアニメ『新サクラ大戦 the Animation』

She is a female character in “The New Sakura Wars” and is one of the heroines of this work.
Starr has worked with many theatrical companies in Europe and has risen to one of the top positions in both name and reality.
She is the last member to join the new Imperial Huagatsugidan, the Hanagumi.

At 19 years of age, she is the oldest of the female members of the Hanagumi.
He is one year younger than the captain, Kamiyama Seijuro, who we call “Captain”.

Originally from Greece, he has several physical characteristics: brown skin, semi-long silver hair, and a height not too different from the male Seijuro.
In addition, she has quite large breasts.
He wears highly revealing clothing and high heels with a metal heel part.

Her image color is blue.
The ribbon on her chest, high heels and bottoms are all blue.

She has a cool personality that always wears a calm air, not only in her abilities, but also in her everyday behavior.
He is more mature than his age, and even when Seijuro engages in bizarre behavior (a gag option in the game), he sometimes lightly scorns him, sometimes calmly lectures him, and never lets his emotions get the better of him.
He has absolute confidence and pride in his abilities, but does not show any attitude of arrogance.

Although he keeps a certain distance from the members of the troupe, he grows closer to them as he spends more time with them, and in particular, he recognizes the talent of Amamiya Sakura, who was asked to become his apprentice.
However, his instruction is quite spartan.

She is voiced by Fukuhara Ayaka, aka Fukuhara Ayaka.

What is Anastasia’s secret? (Contains major spoilers.)

出典 : ©SEGA : 新サクラ大戦(PlayStation®4専用ソフトウェア)

Anastasia’s overwhelming name recognition, self-proclaimed acting ability, battle prowess, and mental peace of mind give her a sense of security.
In every respect, Anastasia is the mainstay of the Hanagumi.

However, why she joined the troupe has remained a mystery from the beginning.

In case you’re wondering, the reason isn’t entirely missing.
The fact that she was offered by the manager Sumire Kanzaki who saved the Teito many times in the old series and has a distinguished title of being the daughter of one of Japan’s leading financial conglomerates and the former top star of the Teigeki, the fact that there are some descriptions that suggest that she was interested in Japanese culture, the fact that she had been moving around from one country to another for a long time and other reasons.

However, the new Hanagumi at that time was just launched and did not have any accomplishments, and the members, Sakura, Shinome Hatsuho, Clarice and Mochizuki Azami were all newcomers.
Sakura is clumsy and has no sense of humor, Hatsuho is crass, Clarice is negative, and Azami is uninhibited and does not belong to the Teigeki.

It was a disaster in comparison to the old Hanagumi that used to excite the Teikageki, and naturally, the audience’s response was terrible.
Normally, the role of the Hanagumi was to protect the peace of the imperial capital, but since they were unable to do so, they ended up having the Shanghai Huageki Theatre Company defend the city on their behalf.
It is normal for Anastasia to think that joining the Hanagumi would have a negative effect on her as an active star, but not a positive one.

Nevertheless, Anastasia continues to stand on stage as a member of the troupe, instructing her fellow members and supporting the troupe as both a star and spiritual leader.
Did she accept Violet’s offer to join the troupe because she felt it was worthwhile to push an unproven troupe through on her own?

On the other hand, another possibility is also hinted at in the film.
Although Anastasia is a world-class stalwart, when she is in contact with Seijuro, she is somewhat shady and shows a different side to her usual glamorous side.
In addition, she is alone in the operation control room, behaves as if she is hiding something, and is clearly acting in a suspicious manner.

And the best part is the information that there might be a spy in the Imperial Theater.
Seijuro, the leader of the Hanagumi, tries not to suspect her, but he is betrayed.

On the morning of the final battle of the World War II, Anastasia shoots Reishi Shiba Reigi, who is in charge of the maintenance of the Reiko fighters, and takes out Sakura’s sword, Amamiya Kunisada, without permission, and sails off without permission in her own fighter, Mugen.

The Amamiya Kunisada is not just a weapon, but a key item called the imperial key, which is necessary for the appearance of the Phantom City, the city that seals demons.
If the key falls into the hands of the enemy demon, it will resurrect the strongest demon, the demon emperor, who was sacrificed by the predecessor Hanagumi (excluding Sumire) to seal up the demon, so the demon must not be taken away.
Therefore, even its owner, Sakura, had not been told of its original use.

Anastasia’s purpose was to take it and hand it over to her real employer, President G (whose true identity is the head of the demon, Genjian Sotetsu).
In other words, Anastasia was a spy sent to do just that.
Her purpose in joining the Hanagakudan was to pass on information about the Huagakudan to the demon side, to find out where the Imperial Key was, and to retrieve it.

Anastasia was an orphan, taken in at an early age by President G and raised as a convenient pawn for him.
She knew that President G’s identity was a descent demon, but she was devoted to him, hoping that his words of “I will bring my parents back to life” would give her a sliver of hope.
However, she failed to do so, and soon after handing over the imperial key, she was discarded as useless.

With the help of the troupe, Anastasia narrowly escaped with her life, but she decided that the Hanagumi, which had accepted her as a family member without blaming her for being a traitor, was her place.

Strongest overall offensive power

出典 : ©SEGA/SAKURA PROJECT : テレビアニメ『新サクラ大戦 the Animation』

Anastasia’s Reiko fighter is Mugen, just like all the other Hanagumi members except Sakura.
Her coloring is blue, the same as her image color.
She uses a handgun and a banana-style rifle as her weapons.

They attack by gunfire, so they are naturally of the long-range attack type.
She and Clarice are the only two members of the Hanagumi that excel at attacking from afar, but while Clarice’s attack motion is large and supportive, this one is a super-attack specialist that uses overwhelming firepower to annihilate her enemies.
She is also useful for close-range attacks with a dash and a strong attack.

The overall offensive power of this character is the strongest among the members of the group, with a large number of moves and a large amount of damage.
It is an all-around good unit that can be used in group battles, aerial battles, boss battles, and any battle situation with outstanding annihilation power.

Its only weakness is its lack of physical strength.
For this reason, there are times when you get too drunk with the sheer power of the attack and charge in alone, only to find yourself in a pinch with only a few HP left.
However, it has enough offensive power to defeat enemies before they get close enough to it, so it’s not a major weakness.

The special move “Apolito Midden” is a powerful move that locks on to enemies in a straight line and attacks through them.
Since it’s not a wide area, it’s better suited for boss fights than small fry fights.

You can defeat most enemies by simply hitting the button repeatedly, making it the most beginner-friendly unit.
It’s no exaggeration to say that one of the reasons why the battle part of this title is said to be less difficult is because of her presence.


Speaking of cool, tall characters, she reminds me of Maria from the old series.
She was also 19 years old when she first appeared in the series.
They also share a commonality in that they have a dark past.

However, as the game progresses, the differences between the two become more pronounced, and I get the impression that Anastasia is more mentally fragile, and she’s desperately trying to cover it up with her dependence and acting.
I’m sure there are many users who were taken aback by the weakness she shows in such a dignified and seamless character.

It’s unclear how much of her past will be touched upon in the anime, but she will probably be portrayed as the most talented member of the Hanagumi, and I’d like to see her bravery first!

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