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【Dropout Idol Fruit Tart】Is Ino Sakura a lecherous yuri character with unique pink hair? A thorough examination

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From the Kirara anime “Dropout Idol Fruit Tar,” which is airing in the fall of 2020, we’re featuring Ino Sakura!
She’s a girl full of dreams who moved to Tokyo to become an idol, and at the same time, she’s a bit of a jerk who loves cute girls!

 Ino Sakura Character Overview

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A female character who appears in Dropout Idol Fruit Tart.
She has long, waist-length hair tied into two knots, and wears a flower-shaped hair ornament given to her by her mother.
She wears thick black tights and a pink and peach patterned costume during live performances.

She was born in Okayama Prefecture and moved to Tokyo by herself at the age of 15 after she passed an audition to become an idol and passed as a substitute.
She is a first-year high school student who has moved into the fourth dormitory of Rat Production, known as “Mouse-so,” and is attending Koganei Private Academy.

At the suggestion of her manager, Hoho Kajino, she forms an idol unit called “Fruit Tart” with Roko Sekino, Hayu Nukui, and Nina Maehara, who live in the same dormitory.
Later, Midori Hemo joined the group, and they made their debut as a five-member group.

She is 155cm tall and weighs 47kg.
She is 155cm tall and weighs 47kg, and her bust size is D, which is the second largest in Fruit Tart.
Her parents are farmers, so she is good at farming, and she also enjoys cooking.

Although she is not prone to aggression, she seems to have a constitution that makes her nervous.

Her voice actress is Hiyori Nitta.

Table: A naive girl who came to Tokyo to become an idol

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Not all the members of the Fruit Tart unit necessarily wanted to be idols, but from the beginning, Ino was a girl who came to Tokyo to become an idol.
She has loved idols and celebrities since she was a child, and she wanted to be on the same stage as those people she admired, so she auditioned.

The reason why Ino was invited to Mouse Manor was because of Hoho’s plan to form a new idol group and start a new TV show (a late-night five-minute variety show called “Ochikore Fruit Tart”).
Therefore, she was the trigger for the formation of Fruit Tart, and was the first to convince each member to suddenly change course to become an idol, even though they were confused.
She also doesn’t seem to have any particular solo aspirations.

However, if you ask her if she is the most suitable idol among the members, ……, she is actually quite sensitive.

As stated in the character summary, ino is 155cm tall and weighs 47kg.
The national average for 15 year old girls is 157cm tall and 51-52kg, so she is indeed thinner than that, but she is a bit heavy for an idol character.
She is also described as “a little bit thick” in the manga, and her thighs and stomach seem to be particularly fleshy, and Hoho even says that she would be popular with maniacs.

BMI of major idol characters

19.56 Ino Sakura(Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)

19.03 Nina Maehara(Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
18.43 Haruka Amami( Idol Master)
18.43 Sakura Minamoto(Zombie Land Saga)
17.86 Roko Sekino(Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
17.80 Mayu Shimada(Wake Up, Girls!)
17.78 Hayu Nukui(Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
17.60 Hemo Midori(Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
17.40 Uzuki Shimamura(Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)
17.26 Ranka Lee(Macross F)
17.26 Mirai Kasuga(Idolmaster Million Live!)
17.04 Natuki Hoshina(Idol Incidents)

Compared to Sakura Minamoto, another thigh whipping idol, Kinno’s BMI is more than 1 higher.
Since there are many different types of idols in the iM@S series, some of them are over 20, but the average is usually between 17 and 18.
Korino’s 19.56 is quite high for an idol character.

She is quite concerned about this and has no intention of becoming a chubby idol. She is trying her best to lose weight, focusing on her lower body, but it doesn’t seem to be going well as her …… hard work ethic has taken its toll and she is training too much and is gaining muscle.
She used to help a farmer’s family and work in the fields on a daily basis, so it’s not that she’s fat because of fat, and according to Hayu, she’s “sturdy and not fat.
Her reputation among the members as an idol is also rather low, with Roko saying that she doesn’t sing that well and that she has a childish face.

However, she possesses the most essential element for an idol.
It is the ability to attract people.

When she was assigned to hand out flyers as a test of her abilities as an idol, she smiled and thanked each passerby as she handed them out, finishing before anyone else.
This is the root of her desire to “bring smiles to people’s faces,” which is the most important driving force in her idol activities.
From the very beginning, she possesses what is most necessary for an idol.

However, that power seems to work excessively strongly on certain people. ……



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