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【Super Nintendo Entertainment System Masterpiece】Top-notch content and graphics! SFC Masterpiece Collection!

It’s been a long time since the Super Nintendo (SNES), a home video game console that created a generation, was classified as a retro game, but there’s still a lot of software available today that is as fun as the current games.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Super Nintendo games, including content and graphics, that are still as enjoyable as the current games.

The strongest presentation and graphics in the history of SFC! Final Fantasy 6

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This is the sixth game in the hugely popular RPG “Final Fantasy” series and the last FF series for the Super Nintendo.
It was a masterpiece among masterpieces developed using the most advanced technology at the time, including graphics, BGM, and scenario, and appeared as a game that contained all the previous Final Fantasy games.
The storyline also changed from the previous theme of “crystals” to a “fusion of machines and fantasy”, which also influenced the worldview of Final Fantasy 7, which was later released.
Since it was released in the late stages of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), the doodling technology is also very good, and the worldview expressed by it allows players to enjoy the game with a quality that, in a sense, surpasses that of the Super Nintendo hardware.
The speed of the battles, the exhilaration of the flying boats, and the gorgeous event scenes are all so perfect that even if this game had been released for the next generation of games, such as the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, it would not feel out of place.

Pioneer of MMORPGs! Secret of Mana2

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It is a sequel to “Seiken Densetsu”, a precursor to the Action RPG released for the Game Boy, and it is no exaggeration to say that this game is a pioneer of multiplayer and MMORPGs, with three players playing simultaneously in cooperation and cooperation among players.
It is an action RPG that matches the game’s worldview with Square’s signature doodling technology, and offers a rich and epic storyline with active real-time battles that can be enjoyed in a variety of scenes.
Recently, The Legend of the Secret of Mana 1 to 3 was released on the Nintendo Switch as a complete game collection, and is attracting attention again.

In a way, the original social game! Far East of Eden Zero

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The first game from Hudson’s popular RPG series “Tengai Makyo” to be released on Nintendo hardware, this is the first game to feature the “Personal Live Gauge System” that links in-game time with real-world time.
The software’s built-in hand clock links in-game time with real-world time, allowing players to experience time-limited events and time sales at tool and weapon stores.
In addition to the clock, the game also has a built-in calendar, which is also linked to the real world, which generates monthly events and so on, which will require at least a full year of time to complete the game.
The game is, in a way, a pioneer of modern social gaming, as it is highly dependent on the real-life calendar and time.

An enduring classic with a variety of elements to enjoy! actraser

出典 : © Nintendo : 任天堂ホームページ

It is an action RPG released by Enix, known for the Dracula series, and the game is divided into two parts: an action part that scrolls sideways and a creation part where you lead people to build a town.
The game has been supported by many users since the time of its release and is still introduced in various media as a masterpiece of the Super Famicom (SNES), as it offers many different elements, including action, RPG, and simulation elements, all in one game.
Although it is an action RPG, it is a creative game that has been compared to simulation games such as SimCity and Populous, which were released around the same time, and although its simulation range is narrower than that of SimCity and Populous, it is a highly acclaimed game.

Remake makes a classic even more of a classic! Dragon Quest 3

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This is a complete remake of Dragon Quest 3, which is regarded as one of the strongest classics among the many Famicom games, and has been reincarnated for the Super Famicom (SNES) while retaining its rich and epic scenario.
A fun game that has become a social phenomenon has been given the most advanced graphics and background music of its time, as well as a host of additional elements and scenarios, so it’s no wonder that the game has been so highly praised.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest 3 is a masterpiece among the many remakes that have been released.

Japanese style world and never-ending fun! Mystery Dungeon 2: Siren of the Wind Wanderer

出典 : © Nintendo : 任天堂ホームページ

This is the second game in the Mystery Dungeon series, which established a new game genre as a dungeon exploration type RPG, and it is a masterpiece that boasts of its deep-rooted popularity with the concept of “an RPG that can be played a thousand times” intact.
It is now a popular roguelike game series, but at the time of its release, the graphics and volume of the game were top-notch, and its asking price at the time was over 10,000 yen, making it a symbol of software inflation.
The framework of its predecessor, The Mysterious Dungeon: Tornado’s Big Adventure, was kept intact, but the graphics, background music, controls, and game system evolved, making this game the culmination of the Mysterious Dungeon series.

Dragon Ball Z: The Legend of Super Saiya

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This RPG is based on the popular anime “Dragon Ball Z”, and the scenario of the game takes place from the attack of the Saiyan Raditz to the defeat of Freeza.
The familiar Dragon Ball game card battles from the Famicom era continue to be used, but from this game, the map movement is now based on the count system.
The release of this game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) has greatly improved the graphics performance, and the battle scenes and event scenes are much more faithful to the original anime than they were in the SNES era.
Although the game was sometimes negatively evaluated for its bugs and poor gameplay tempo, many users regarded it as a masterpiece because of the increased volume and improved performance compared to the NES era, which made it possible to play for longer.

Full-fledged fishing RPG! Nushi Fishing of the Sea 2

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A popular series of fishing games with RPG elements, this is a full-fledged fishing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in which the goal is to catch fish called “Nushi” while moving around the field and fishing.
In addition to the authentic fishing experience, players can sell their catches to fishmongers to make money for their war chest and battle wildlife such as brown bears, wasps, and pit vipers for survival.

A pioneer in strategy! Half-Ripe Hero ~ Oh, world, be half-ripe! ~Oh, world, please!

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It is a sequel to “Hanjuku Hero” released for the Famicom (NES), with power-ups in the direction, scenario, game system, and comedy elements that are the best part of “Hanjuku Hero”, which is Square’s specialty, and is the game that spread the name of “Hanjuku Hero” to the world.
The game was titled “Real Time Simulation RPG” as a game genre, and it has elements close to the modern “Strategy Simulation RPG”.
The mainstream of simulation RPGs at that time was the turn-based battle with mass movement, so “Hanjuku Hero”, which adopted the “Real Time Simulation RPG”, is a pioneer of the modern strategy.
The game’s content is rich in parody elements, which is unusual for Square, and the the theatrical event part of the game is like a comedy featuring Square characters.
With a game system that fits the times and laughs, Hanjuku Hero – Oh, World, Hanjuku ni nai…! is undoubtedly one of the Super Nintendo classics.

epic voyage, Koei’s masterpiece! The Age of Discovery 2

出典 : © Nintendo : 任天堂ホームページ

This is Koei’s flagship nautical simulation game set in the Age of Discovery in early 16th century Europe.
It is a masterpiece that has gained the support of many users for its high degree of freedom and the ability to enjoy a variety of elements such as pure sailing, various types of trade, and naval battles with pirates.
The series boasts a deep-rooted popularity, but The Age of Exploration 2, in particular, has been released for a variety of hardware, including PC, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PS, and Sega Saturn, which is a testament to its popularity.



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