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Will Parts 6 and 7 of [JoJo] really be made into an anime? Verification summary

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The fifth part of the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, which aired for three seasons, was also very popular, but it is unknown if the sixth and seventh parts will be made into an anime.
So we’ve done a thorough review of the possibility of parts 6 and 7 being made into an anime!

Disc sales trended downward, but remained at a high level

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is known as a work that took a long time to be made into a TV anime.

The series started in 1986 and reached its primary peak of popularity around 1990 when it was serialized in the third part of the series, “Stardust Crusaders”, but at the time it was not made into a TV anime at all.
At that time, the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump had countless mega-hits including “Dragon Ball” and JoJo wasn’t the main attraction, and most of the animations at that time were broadcasted on Golden Screen for children, so it was hard to say that JoJo was aimed at children in terms of content and artwork.
After that, one-off OVAs and movie versions were produced, but the TV anime adaptation was never made, and it wasn’t until 2012, 26 years after the series started, that it was finally realized.

As mentioned above, at the time JoJo was not a major work in JUMP and was somewhat of a minor work, but in the 2000s, with the spread of the Internet, “JoJo standing” and unique phrases became popular on the Internet, and it was picked up by TV and became a revival hit.
The paperback editions of the past series continue to sell millions of copies every year, and the 7-part series, which was serialized at the time, has been steadily increasing in popularity, and it seems that the timing of the anime adaptation was realized at this time because it showed that the anime was even more popular than the first peak.

With the same momentum, the first season of the TV anime, in which the first and second parts were made into films, was a huge hit with young anime fans as well.
It was later made into a series, and then the third, fourth and fifth parts were made into an anime for TV.

But basically, the longer an anime goes on, the more its disc sales are doomed to drop.
JoJo is no exception, and it’s on the decline compared to its initial days.

Average sales of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” on Blu-ray and DVD

1st term 20,000 copies (1 and 2 copies)
2nd term 11,000 copies (3 copies)
Third fiscal year: 0.7K (4 copies)
4 periods 0.5 thousand copies (5 copies, average through volume 5)

Nevertheless, the good news is that it’s still holding around 5,000 copies at part 5, well within the sequel production line.
In this day and age where the disc sales of late-night anime are declining year after year, there aren’t many anime that sell this well, so the chances of the sixth part being adapted into an anime are quite high.

Part 5 is high quality and well received.

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Although the fifth part of the film is lower than the fourth part in terms of disc sales, it has been well received.
The quality of the artwork is also overwhelmingly high, surpassing the fourth part in terms of fan appreciation and buzz.
The reaction on the internet was especially noticeable, with high-profile episodes such as the Avacha episode, Proshoot Brother episode, Under the Sky about to fall, King Crimson vs Metallica, Useless Rush episode, and other high-profile episodes always dominating the trend rankings and attracting attention from non-fans as well.

The reason why the 5-part anime has received such high praise is because the love for the work of the production team is so palpable.
The fifth part is equivalent to 17 book episodes, and it must have been tough to produce this in 3 cool episodes, but there are almost no major omissions or cuts, and I get the impression that they carefully chose parts that wouldn’t be a problem even if they were trimmed down and kept them in scale.
On top of that, original elements were added to show the utmost respect for the deaths of Hugo and Abacchio as they left the scene, and there were also some playful touches such as featuring gang dancing, which can only be seen in the anime.

Fans were sensitive to the enthusiasm of these staff members, and many of them seemed to have a better impression of them than they did in the fourth part of the show, which was a bit rushed and rough around the edges.

The good reputation of Part 5 is evident on the sales side as well, hovering around 5,000 copies without dropping much from Volume 1 sales.
It’s proof that it’s grabbing the hearts of the fans, which will also be a strong factor in pushing the anime adaptation from part 6 onwards.

Slightly unfamiliar, but there’s a lot to see and do in six parts

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Due to the above reasons, it is unlikely that the JoJo anime adaptation will end after 5 parts, and it is expected that the anime development will continue in the future.
That would naturally mean that the next anime adaptation would be the sixth part… This sixth part is notorious for being particularly divided among fans.

First of all, this is the first time in the series that it has a female protagonist.
The protagonist of the sixth part is Jorin Kuujo, the daughter of Jotaro Kuujo, who was the protagonist of the third part and has appeared since then.
The six-part storyline is that she goes to prison for an innocent crime and in the process of escaping from there, she turns against Father Pucci and fights Pucci’s gang while gaining friends and growing up, but there are pros and cons to Xulan before she grows up in the early part of the story.

No single female character in JoJo is the type to flirt with the opposite sex (or the reader), but this Xu-Lun is a particularly intense character.
It’s quite tender, with many provocative remarks and obscene lines.
He is not a villain, in fact, he is the purest and most beautiful of Jojo’s protagonists, but due to misunderstandings, he has a strong rebellion against his father, Jotaro, which makes Jotaro fans and other fans who have feelings for the third part of the series have mixed feelings about him.

Also, one of JoJo’s main attractions, Stand Battle, has become more complex, which has been noticeable since the middle of Part 5.
The abilities of the stands and how to apply them are difficult to understand on first viewing, and many of the stands are still rated differently, as they are difficult to understand on first viewing, and many of them are not fully understood even when the abilities are explained in the work.

And it’s the last battle and what happens afterwards that makes Part 6 the most controversial.
Perhaps the most famous and popular character in JoJo, Jotaro, dies in a daze, and the main character, Xurin, is also completely defeated and killed by Father Pucci, which is extremely unique, not only in the past JoJo, but also in shonen manga as a whole, and the end of the story, where the world comes full circle and the story so far becomes something from another world, is also shocking and many people see it as a bad ending.
While it’s only controversial because it’s JoJo, it would be a hell of a firestorm if an episode and ending like this were depicted in a normal long-running series.

For the above reasons, part 6 is a somewhat less accessible story than the other parts.
However, that makes it more worthy of consideration than the other parts, and the story that continues from the first part, the resolution of the fate of “JOJO and DIO” and the story that most strongly reflects the “human anthem” portrayed throughout the series, is sad and beautiful, and there are more than a few fans who have voted this part a masterpiece.

The characters are also quite unique, led by Xulun, and some of them are hot and popular while being made into stories, such as Elmaez’s brother and Anasui.
The picture has become more complex to match the content, so there’s some hope that the animated version will be reevaluated as the visuals are cleaned up.

At 17 books, the episodes are almost as long as the five parts, so if it is adapted into a TV anime, it will probably be a three-course series.



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