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Examine the appeal of My Hero Academia No. 2 Hero Hawks [the new most popular new hero]!

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The new hero, Hawks, was introduced in the Pro Hero Arc.
He is such a popular character that he took 4th place in a popularity poll when he first appeared. He is also a character that has been promoted by the officials, and even before he appeared in the anime, his gusu was sold. This is an exceptional treatment in “My Hero Academia” where there are many characters.
With glimpses of him in the anime and plans for him to appear in the movie, we get a closer look at the appeal of Hawks, the official favorite too fast guy.

[The No. 2 hero hawks finally revealed]

Boku no Hero Academia” is a story about the main character, Deku Midoriya Izuhisa, who entered a prestigious hero training high school and aims to become the best hero.
Such an aspirant of a hero, Deku’s dream is to be a professional hero, and many professional heroes have appeared in the story.

The first one to appear in the story is All Might, the unsung hero who chose Deku as his successor.
Other members of the team included the flame-wielding No. 2 hero Endeavour, the father of Deku’s classmate Todoroki Jiaoji, and the No. 4 hero Best Genist, who was active in the kidnapping of Deku’s childhood friend, Bakugo Katsumi, and they are all strong and diverse.

However, at the start of the story, the third hero, the top hero who would become No. 2 after All Might’s retirement, remained unknown for a long time.
Fans wondered if the character had already appeared, or if there were circumstances that prevented him from appearing, such as death or hostility, but he finally appeared in volume 20 as the story progressed.

That’s Wing Hero Hawks.
At the age of 18, he started his own hero office, and while still in his teens, he made it to the top ten on the Hero Build Board chart, which is a ranking based on the number of cases solved, contributions to society, and the level of support from the public.
Now 22 years old, Hawks is quite young compared to other heroes.
He has earned the nickname “Too Fast” because of his youthful rise to the No. 2 position and his quick work as a hero.

Despite his greatness, Hawks is a bit of a child, with an average face.
His hero suit doesn’t stand out compared to the rest of his outfit, which looks like a flight jacket and his goggles.

Despite this, Hawks has a pretty prominent appearance. That’s because he has a pair of giant red wings on his back.

What’s a strong personality called “rigid wings”?

The Hawks’ individuality is called ‘rigid wings’.
Not only can they be used to help the Hawkes fly as wings, but each feather can be moved independently.
It’s easy to understand if you think of them like the funnels that appear in Mobile Suit Gundam.
Even with just one feather, it has considerable offensive power, and also has a search ability that can detect vibrations.
In the movie, it was used to instantly detect the location of over 50 people in a collapsing building and rescue them all at once by floating them with its wings.
In addition, the hardness of the feathers can be changed, so the larger feathers can be used like a sword.
In addition, it can also be used to listen in on people using vibration detection.
He says he’s not very good at pushing, but with his ability to fly and his personality, he can be a very high level hero.

[Looks like an irreverent young man, but his true colors are quite devoted]

出典 :

Hawks’ first appearance in the comic was on the stage where the hero build board chart was being done.
That’s where he said, “People who haven’t achieved as much as me, what are you doing cutting cheap pies! He encouraged the heroes who had previously commented on him by saying, “I’m the No. 1 guy under me,” and to the next person who commented on Endeavor, he said, “I’m the No. 1 guy under me.

However, in his hometown of Fukuoka, he showed that he has the fan service and is well-liked by the people of the city.
He also smiles and tells Endeavor that he wants to create a society where “heroes don’t have time to waste” as a result of stable public safety and a decrease in crime, which is a far cry from his initial strong words and actions.
He led Endeavour to victory with his dedicated support in the battle against Brainless, an improved artificial life form with multiple personalities, commonly known as High End’s.
In fact, at a young age, Hawkes was impressed by Endeavour’s effort and persistence to surpass All Might, and despite the extreme statements he made at their first meeting, he admired Endeavour.

Also, when the Heroic Public Safety Committee instructed him to incorporate him into the enemy organization, the Villain Coalition, as a spy, he thought that if he could get himself dirty and everyone would be at peace, he would do so.

Hawks accepted the spy with such dedication, but his attitude was irreverent at the time.
He later contacted the Villain Coalition as instructed, and he remains bullish even after infiltrating the Paranormal Liberation Front, a new organization created by the merger of the Villain Coalition and other dangerous thought organizations and the Xenophobic Liberation Army.
He appears to be the same as he was in the Hero Build Board Chart, a capable but bullish and irreverent young man.
But deep down, he is a man who is willing to sacrifice himself and is determined to dedicate himself to the cause of peace.

Hawkes’ office was also the work experience and internship site for the protagonist Deku’s classmate, Tokuyami Tohin.
Tokoyami won the top prize at the athletic festival and was invited by a number of hero agencies, but Hawkes didn’t give him a good deal of guidance, saying he picked him because he wanted to know more about the story of the attack on his school’s Yueyong High School in his “bird friends”.
However, when Hawkes saw him trying to take a bite out of it, he said he wasn’t interested in nurturing younger players, but he gave them advice and seemed to be somewhat caring.
The gap between the youthful attitude of today and his dedicated and kind inner life is a fascinating character.



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