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【Dropout Idol Fruit Tart】Is Midori Hemo the craziest psycho-korez in Kirara history? A Thorough Examination

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From the Kirara anime “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart,” which will be aired in the fall of 2020, we have a big feature on Midori Hemo, a member of Fruit Tart!
Some fans have called her “the most evil character in the history of Kirara,” and we’re going to take an in-depth look at her front and back!

Midori Hemo Character Overview

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A female character who appears in “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart”.

She wears her black hair in twin-tails with a red ribbon tied in a bow at the top of her head.
Her most distinctive feature is that she has hearts in her eyes.
In the original work, the heart is shown quite often, but in the anime, the heart is always shown.

She is in her third year of junior high school and wears a white one-piece uniform.
During live performances, she wears a yellow-green & kiwi patterned outfit.

Originally, she was a new idol belonging to the major production company CatPro, but when she came to observe the live of the senior unit “Cream Anmitsu”, she met the members of the new unit “Fruit Tart” belonging to Rat Production through the introduction of the producer Riri Higashi. When she met one of the members, Sakura Ino, she moved to Rat Production.
Since then, she has been living in Rat Production’s fourth dormitory, known as “Mouse Manor,” and has been working as an idol as a member of Fruit Tart, together with Roko Sekino, an unsuccessful former child actress, Hayu Nukui, an aspiring rock girl, Nina Maehara, an unsuccessful model, and Ino. She is 145cm tall and weighs 37kg.

She is 145cm tall and weighs 37kg.
Her bust size is C-cup, and although she is the youngest, she is the middle size in the unit, surpassing Rocco and Hayu.
She is not good with men.

Her voice actress is Moriya Kyoka.

Front: Younger sister idol who makes you want to protect her

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When Hemo first appeared, she was a cute girl who made everyone want to protect her.

Holding in her hands a stuffed animal that resembled a ragged hamster, a character called “Boromster” that was popular in the old days, she talked softly while keeping herself small behind Lili, giving off the vibe of a small animal sister idol.
When Ino, who used to like Boromster, took a bite of the stuffed animal and leaned forward to talk to her, she was so nervous that she couldn’t stand it and ran away.

The reason why Hemo wanted to become an idol was because she believed that she could change herself through it.
It was a career she had dreamed of since she was a child.

She joined CatPro because she won first place in the audition “Find the best black-haired twin-tailed girl in the whole country,” which was initiated by her producer, Lili.
Although she did not win first place based on her overall reputation as an idol, and although she is not very good at singing and is still in the process of developing, she is a girl with such potential appeal as an idol that a major agency has high expectations for her.

Although she was nervous when we first met her, she was actually not that shy and got used to Mouse Manor rather quickly.
Even after moving to the new house, she continues to have a good relationship with Chiko Sekino, Roco’s sister and the leader of Cream Anmitsu, and her communication skills are not low.

The name “Hemo” is unusual, but this is because Ochifuru’s character’s name is taken from the first letter of “Iroha ni hoheto chirinuru wo” (Iroha is the name of the city of Koganei), and the name must begin with “he”. (The surname comes from the name of a town in Koganei City.
This is a plus for idols whose name is important to be remembered.

This is a plus for an idol, whose name is important to be remembered. Based on these facts, I can say that Hemo is an idol with a bright future.
As long as nothing happens to her.



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