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【Ao Pig 】A thorough examination of the potential for a second season of the TV series! The movie is doing well and there’s no blind spot!

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We thoroughly examine the possibility of a second TV season of the “Seishun Buta Bastard” series, aka “Ao-buta”, which aired in the fall of 2018 and will be released in a movie in 2019.
Based on the reputation of the first season and the movie, as well as the stock status of the original, I’m predicting a possible second season and a possible air date!

The duo’s new masterpiece, “Sakura-so”

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The “Seishun Buta Bastard” series is a light novel that began to be published by Dengeki Bunko in April 2014.
The author is Kazu Kamoshida and the illustrator is Mizoguchi Cage.
They’re both familiar to lanobe fans from Sakura-so’s Pet na Kanojo, too.

Released between January 2010 and March 2014, Sakura-so was a popular lanobe that sold a total of 1.88 million copies of the series in 10 volumes plus three short stories.
A TV anime was also broadcast from October 2012 to March 2013.
Aobuta is a new work that started just a month after the release of volume 10.5, the last volume of this Sakura-so! It was.

It’s rare for an author and illustrator who created a hit novel to team up with a hit author and illustrator afterward. Instead, Fushimi Tsukasa and Kanzaki Hiro of “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai” (My Sister Isn’t This Cute), and “Low Ki Buuuuut! of” Aoyama Sag-sensei & Tinkuru-sensei are known as a great duo.
Naturally, a duo with a proven track record of hits will be noticed by fans of their previous work, and the media has picked up on it in a big way, so the first volume of Aobuta, “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t See Bunny Girl Senpai’s Dream” was released with great anticipation.

Since the title contains “bunny girl” and the heroine Mai Sakurajima actually appears in a bunny girl outfit from the beginning of the book, it seems that more than a few readers were expecting a sexy romantic comedy at first, but in reality it is a SF romantic comedy with a rather heavy setting that deals with a fictional disease called “adolescent syndrome”.
By the time the second volume, “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t See Petit Devil Junior’s Dream” was released, its style had also become popular among romance fans, and it was starting out strong, coming in third place in the Light Novel Twitter Cup for the first half of 2014.

The reason why the Aobuta series became one of the most popular works is probably because of the fifth volume, “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t See the Dreams of His Sister Orusuban”.
The secret of Kaede Azsagawa, the younger sister of the main character Sakuta Azsagawa, was revealed, and this volume, which depicted a happy but sad farewell, was well received by the fans of light novels and sales increased.

Furthermore, the stories of the subsequent volumes 6 and 7, “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t Dream the Dream of the Girl Who Dreams” and “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t Dream the Dream of the Girl Who Dreams the Dream of the Girl Who Dreams the Dream”, were so highly acclaimed that a TV anime adaptation was decided in 2018.
Moreover, the movie adaptation was announced before it aired, which was an unusual development.

The total number of copies of this series will be 1.5 million as of 2019.
If it continues to grow steadily, it is expected to become a hit, even surpassing Sakura-so.

Revenge is a success! Both the first season and the movie were hits

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In fact, there is one factor that Aobuta has already surpassed Sakura-so in terms of sales.
This is the sales of the anime on Blu-ray and DVD (discs).

Sakura-so was a popular romantic comedy that was well-liked by many people, and the anime received a lot of positive feedback right from the start of its broadcast, and was steadily gaining fans.
However, an incident broke out in the sixth episode that was broadcasted in November 2012.
What was “simple porridge” in the original story was changed to “samgyetang” in the anime, which caused a firestorm and even led to a boycott of the show.

This led to Sakura-so being stingy in a way that had nothing to do with the content of the work, and the average number of discs released afterwards was only about 3,000, and a second season was never produced.

Fortunately, Aobuta ended up on the air without any flames.
It was supported by many anime fans from the air, and it became an impressive hit, selling about 8,000 discs per volume and averaging about 7,000 copies for all volumes, giving Sakura-So its revenge.

Furthermore, the theatrical version of “Seishun Buta Bastard Doesn’t Dream the Dream Girl’s Dream”, which will be released in 2019, was initially released on a relatively small scale on 31 screens, but due to its popularity, the number of screens eventually increased to 95.
It was a huge hit, earning over 500 million yen at the box office and selling over 30,000 discs.

With such good numbers, a second season is a certainty, but in reality, we can’t be that optimistic.
There is a tendency for anime based on Dengeki Bunko to not get a second season produced.

In 2017, Eromanga Sensei sold well enough to slightly outperform this Aobuta, but three years later, we haven’t heard of a second season.
This isn’t a recent trend, but rather the fact that Dengeki works have always taken a long time to decide on a second season, and “Magic High School’s Inferior Students”, which sold over 10,000 discs, will finally have a second season in 2020, 6 years after the first season.
Since it is a Dengeki Bunko production, strong sales do not necessarily mean that a second season will be produced immediately.

On the other hand, while it may take some time, there is data that shows a high probability of a second season coming.
In most cases, the new TV anime series is broadcasted after the movie version has been produced.

The five Dengeki Bunko original anime that were produced after the release of the movie version are “Kino’s Journey”, “Shakugan no Shana”, “To Aru Majutsu no Index”, “Sword Art Online”, and “Puella Magica High School’s Inferior Students”.
In contrast, the only anime that hasn’t been heard from since it was made into a movie is “Accel World”.
It can be said that works that have been made into movies are the ones that have been viewed in the long run.

Therefore, it can be said that Aobuta is a title that the label is putting a lot of effort into, and the probability of a second season being produced is quite high.



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